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message 1: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
Finally, a chance for a decent discussion. I know most of you who read the book really enjoyed it. I, however, didn't. I will more than likely never read another book in the series.
I would love to hear what it was about the book that everyone is drawn to. Did I miss something essential while reading it, or was did it simply lose its charm being interrupted repeatedly by my children?

message 2: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith | 141 comments I decided to pick this one up from the library on the audio format - I was stuck for a book to listen to and didn't have much choice. I can honestly say that it was probably the best choice for this book. The narrator was fantastic and she really made the characters come alive. I loved them strictly on how she sounded. It was like she intrinsically understood them and could get it across so well.

As far as the basic detective story, it was certainly not at a pace - nor of the content - of most of the books we read and expect. But it seemed to fit with the pace of the story as well and I enjoyed it regardless! Enough so that I've continued to listen to the series up to the 7th book.

I can honestly say that it's probably worth picking up the audio to re-read the first book. And probably with fewer interruptions! Unfortunately probably a tall order when you have small kids! I usually find that's a book killer for me. Once it's been put down a certain amount of times, its - 'who cares?!"

I think I really liked the gentleness of the characters and that just seemed to come through the way the story was told - and narrated. I haven't read one for a while but I find when I go back to it, I always enjoy them.

message 3: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
My family and I recently took a long drive for a camping trip, and while we were in the car, I suggested to the hubby that I should have brought a book on tape. He rolled his eyes, and asked "Why?"
I tried to explain that driving was simply time wasted, when I could be reading, but I don't think I got through to him...
He bluntly refused to read my book to me while I did all the driving.

message 4: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith | 141 comments Hahahah!!!! I actually got mine to listen to a mystery a couple of years ago on our way home from Winnipeg! He didn't mind it but it wasn't his first choice of entertainment. We did get through the story though!! I always listen to books to and from work.

message 5: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
Out of curiosity, did the narrator have an African accent? Often when I read I hear it in my head with an accent. (I admit... I get a little too much into my stories.) But I would never have been able to listen to this without the accent.

message 6: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
PS Do you come to Winnipeg often? If I've never mentioned it, I live there/here.

message 7: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith | 141 comments Yes the narrator had an African accent and I honestly think that's why I enjoyed it so much and got into the characters. She did an excellent job.

I don't come to Winnipeg too often - once in awhile for family stuff. My parents hale from there and we have lots of family there. I was actually born there and went to U of M !! Small world!!

message 8: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
I also went to U of M, but mostly for convenience. I often regret not going away to university. Now I've got kids, and I'm destined to be tied here for decades to come. *sigh* I've got the travel bug.

message 9: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith | 141 comments Sometimes it's for the cost factor too - it's expensive to be at another University. But the experience is great. My son is attending Concordia in Montreal but my daughter is here in Calgary. I think she wants to continue her education at another University though .... somewhere not close to home!! She also has the travel bug. But it will have to wait til the end of next year when her program is completed.

I was reading what I wrote before on the narrator. She didn't 'have' an accent - she read with the accents. I know what I meant to say!!!

message 10: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
So she read the dialogue with an accent, but the regular narration without? Or she's American, but spoke with an African accent? I can't remember, was the book in first person or third?

message 11: by Sue (new)

Sue Smith | 141 comments Hahha!!! She read with an accent when the people spoke. I believe she's from South Africa herself so she has a slight accent. Anyways - I'm totally screwing this up - the voice of Mma Ramotswe and the other characters are said with a Botswana accent .... the basic book narration is said without it, but with the narrator's slight personal accent.

If I recall correctly, the story is told by Mma Ramotswe. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Its been a while!

message 12: by Lindsay, Moderator (new)

Lindsay (ltg584) | 478 comments Mod
I was fairly sure it was told by Mma Ramotswe, but then it didn't make sense to me that the whole book wouldn't be spoken with an accent.
I admit I've never tried out a book on tape (or CD, or MP3, or whatever file they come as now that tapes are non existent), and I keep thinking about trying one, but I'm too addicted to reading. It's at my own pace; I can flip pages easily if I want to reread something; and I can't get that episode of Seinfeld out of my head, where George gets a book on tape because his own voice is too annoying, but the narrator's voice is identical? Tell me you've seen it!

message 13: by M.L. Roberts (last edited May 21, 2012 08:08PM) (new)

M.L. Roberts I like the honest simplicity of the stories, and the way the author really lets the stories tell themselves. The location is wonderful, Botswana, and the harmony and vastness of Africa - feel like I'm on a vacation :) Humorous too, Mma Ramotswe, a business woman, an entrepreneur who found a niche to explore and hung out her shingle.

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