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the playroom song - Spem in Alium

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Stephanie Found that track on Spotify -
Spem in Alium - The Sixteen/Harry Christophers

The song that Ana listened to on the ipod while she was blindfolded and strapped in the playroom towards the end of the book. The angelic voices she was hearing. I listened to it while reading this part of the book. Pretty intense.

If you check out the author's website. She has a soundtrack listed of all the songs spoken of, including the sad piano song, which is also on Spotify.

Kimberlee Thanks cannot wait to check it out.

Paris        (kerbytejas) the best version is done by the Tallis Scholars on the album Spem In Alium......They are a fantastic coral group....and if you listen carefully you will realize there are no instruments... its all just voice
very enjoyable

Stephanie yes, I love that there aren't any instruments. I've played it several times, trying to find every single element of sound. Pretty impressive. I'll look for that version you mentioned.

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