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Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1)
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Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
I haven't read this book in at least 4 years. So I'm excited to reread it. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Shelley (darkangel1667) | 3 comments It's been a while since I read it too, Luckily the series is one I can read over and over again. :D

Susan Have to say that out of the three books I have read with the group so far this is looking to be my favourite. Next months choices look really good too.

message 4: by Aiesha (new)

Aiesha (BigTexasAJ) | 29 comments Susan wrote: "Have to say that out of the three books I have read with the group so far this is looking to be my favourite. Next months choices look really good too."

Totally agree!!

Susan I have read next months book, but years ago, so I can't really remember it. I know the Jack the Ripper one got a lot of criticism, but will still be interesting to read. I don't think anyone can ever claim, "case closed" on the Ripper case though.

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
The first chapter is quite interesting. A body dumped in an old churchyard...

Lauren (LaurenLove) | 17 comments Is it just me or does this book start out slow?

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
It does start slow. I think it's because it's the first book of the series. I've always found the first book slow. But I appreciate the detail that is in the book. It really brings what's being described to life. Considering how excellent the middle and end of the bones books are I'm totally cool with a slow start because they make up for it. So don't let the slow start totally tick you off.

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
It's quite interesting to learn that Dr. Brennan is a recovering alcoholic.

Lauren (LaurenLove) | 17 comments Yeah I was beginning to get annoyed but I don't give up on books and now I'm about 30% through it and now I'm starting to see the hype because it's getting good and I also enjoy the descriptions is definitely puts things into perspective.

Susan I agree the first book in a series is often slow, as the author is setting the scene, but I like the main character so far.

Lauren (LaurenLove) | 17 comments I just finished the book and I must say I'm glad I stuck through it very good! I love Tempe's character she is so stubborn and I love it!!

Susan I thought this was a good start to the series. Tempe was a good character and I don't want to give the plot away, but Gabby never really worked for me. However, it was a promising start to a series and I would read more in the series, which is always the test really, isn't it?

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
Very true Susan. I've had a few friends like Gabby in the past. I think Tempe was far more patient in regards to her than I could ever have been. That condo/kitchen scene was pretty insane/intense tho. My favorite part was Claudel's note at the end to Tempe. :)

Susan Yes, it was a shame that Claudel was not in it more - I guess he will be in later books. If we had warmed more to Tempe those scenes would have meant more, but somehow she was too on the fringes and then you just knew the daughter would turn up at the wrong moment! Saying that, the book had a lot of positives. Have you read, "Want to play?" I think that is my fave novel (so far) in this kind of more gritty mystery, as opposed to the cosy type.

Lauren (LaurenLove) | 17 comments I couldn't stand Gabby! I'm glad I'm not the only one, I felt bad for being annoyed by her. It was definitely a good start to the series

Susan Oh good, I wasn't alone then! :)

message 18: by Sharon (new) - added it

Sharon Denton | 5 comments I haven't given up on this book, yet but I just can't get interested.

Lauren (LaurenLove) | 17 comments Give it some time. It starts out very slow and the french can be annoying.

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
I don't like the french either. Not every book in the series takes place north of the border tho. The ones that take place stateside have no french. So something to look forward too.

Susan I didn't find the French annoying particularly. I did think more could have been made of Claudel - is that a relationship which continues in future books?

message 22: by Pasta (last edited May 20, 2012 10:35PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
It does continue when a case lands in his jurisdiction. I didn't like the french because I don't speak french or understand it. Where I live everyone took spanish in school since it's as prevalent as english in the state I live in. It would be nice tho if there was a pronunciation key/translation of the french tho.

Susan Well, I did French at school for many years, but if you don't use a language you don't really remember it. Being English we usually do French or German at school. However, my son is pretty good at Latin, so if I am reading any Roman detective novels, that comes in handy!

message 24: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (lboyd5900attnet) | 19 comments Question, is the group reading the whole series???

Pasta (pasta26mc) | 338 comments Mod
Over time yes we will be...but not back to back. If you check the reading list, you'll see a few months ahead and that we are reading thru multiple series in monthly rotation. 9 series right now. I have at least the first from each listed. I try not to go too far out into the future, don't want to overwhelm anyone.

message 26: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (lboyd5900attnet) | 19 comments very cool, I need to check the reading list to see what else is coming. And I want to start reading this series as well - thanks for the info...

Susan I think the way you are organising the books is excellent. I rarely read a whole series back to back, or it gets boring. I usually read other books inbetween - I agree, it can be overwhelming otherwise.

message 28: by Kim (new)

Kim (catmommie) I got this from the library and will be reading it soon so I can be caught up for the second book.

Estelle Landry I love that book and the fact that French is my native language helps ;) I also love the fact that the action takes place in my hometown of Montreal

message 30: by Kim (new)

Kim (catmommie) I wasn't able to get into this. Maybe it was the graphic descriptions, which normally don't bother me, but for some reason, it was too much.

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