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The Iron Duke > What did Mina look like? Why was she so recognized as Horde?

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Rosa Folgar (Lunarmouse) | 4 comments I'm not sure I understood why Mina was so recognizable as having Horde blood. Did they describe her and did I miss it? (I do that sometimes in favor of picturing characters how I like). My guess, because of the Horde history and origin is that she is vaguely Asian looking, but it kept bugging me that she kept saying that she was abused for being mistaken for Horde.

Tegan (joggiwagga) | 276 comments Horde was referring to "Mongolian Horde," she was "branded" by her father's being Mongolian in an otherwise WASPy England.

Manteltje | 4 comments Ok so she wasn't described then? Thought I missed that to but apperently no Mina discribtion in the book?

In my mind she lookes half Asian

Marjorie (MEQuinn915) | 114 comments I must admit I'm kinda in the same boat. I can't double check because I already returned the book to the library.
If she was I don't recall any certain feature being pointed out as specifically Horde looking.

Shasta Lantz (shastahun) | 12 comments In my mind I pictured her as half Asian as well, since the book did say something about that.

Helen Jones (tinyType) | 14 comments At one point, her inner thought dialogue included something about newspaper pictures of her while working being altered slightly so that her eyes were more rounded and something else that I can't remember..

Vicky (vnorthw) | 490 comments Mod
The only description I remember was that she had black hair. I think that "half-horde" was supposed to be the main description of her appearance.

Like Teagan said, in an otherwise WASPy England even the most subdued Asian features would single her out. Especially when people are so anti-Horde.

Monique | 11 comments I also pictured her with Asian features. Which as both Teagan and Vicky pointed out, would definitely stand out.

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Neb (nebutron) | 15 comments At some point there's mention of her "broad" nose, but other than that we're left to infer Mongolian blood.

Meghan Hildreth (meghan_hildreth) | 1 comments I ran into the same issue (What does she looks like?) I ended up picturing Lucy Liu, based on her half-asian character in Kill Bill.

Tricia (triciamonster) | 3 comments Same deal here! I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out as well. I had to look up Mongolian people to try and make a match for her - they mentioned broad cheeks, and her dark hair, and derogatory comment to her eyes. I finally landed on someone with a bit wider face, in the cheekbone area... like this photo:

Michelle ♣ Ndayeni (Ndayeni) | 64 comments I found myself having to remind myself that Mina was Asian-looking. I kept wanting to picture someone much more WASP-ish, though with black hair.

Now that I think about it a little, I'm kind of liking the idea of Amy Okuda (Tink from The Guild) as Mina. Her looks are right for the part I think, and I think she could probably do justice to both Mina's haughty self-assurance at the beginning, and her vulnerability at times in the middle/middle-end.

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Rosa Folgar (Lunarmouse) | 4 comments Even after all these comments, I couldn't picture Mina with Asian features. Now thanks to the comparison to Tink from Guild, I can. She totally fits!!! Thanks!!

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