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Athena (Wisegoddess) | 6 comments Howdy folks,

I’m Athena, I write fantasy and romance.

My book ‘Murder of Crows’ is free for download for the next week in epub form off my goodreads page.

Fable Montgomery is the Muse of Story.

Fourteen years ago she gave up her memories, her lover and her world to prevent a new Dark Age. But when Fable’s aunt is murdered, the fate of two worlds rests on Fable’s ability to recover the memory she worked so hard to destroy.

In a surge of power she writes the Prophecy of Crows, a 240 page manuscript of the future. Yet before she can read it, all but thirteen pages are stolen. The remaining thirteen pages lead her through the story – but the last page foretells her death.

And if the Muse of Story dies, all stories die with her.

This book is a Fantasy with heavy romantic elements. It contains adult sexual content, language and graphic violence.

More information, videos and extras can be found at the book site

I’m so excited to be able to finally put this story out there!

Thank you for reading!

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