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A Lot Like A Lady
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Kay Springsteen (KaySpringsteen) | 1 comments Ladies’ maid, Juliet Baines has gotten herself into a pickle by agreeing to go to London and taking the place of her mistress and best friend, Annabella Price, stepsister to the Duke of Wyndham. After all, what does a servant know about being a lady? But Juliet soon finds that pretending to be a lady isn’t nearly as hard as guarding her heart against the folly of wanting a man who’s completely out of reach.

Graeme "Grey" Roland Dominick Markwythe, Sixth Duke of Wyndham, approaches his duties as a nobleman with great dedication and meticulous care. And he’s a man who is not easily fooled...except when he tries to convince himself he's not utterly and madly in love with the beautiful imposter who has turned his life upside down. Will society and his responsibilities to his noble status keep him from opening his heart to the woman he loves?
Before she realized his intent, he eased the necklace around her neck and clasped it at the front in nearly the same fashion he’d done before her first ball. His eyes held her enthralled. With a jolt of surprise, she recognized he’d opened all of himself to let her in.
Finally, he lowered his head to trail kisses along her neck. “What is it your Shakespeare says about a rose? No matter the name, it still has the sweetest smell? You were always you, Juliet, even when you tried not to be.”
He caught her mouth in a passionate kiss. The hungry way his mouth devoured hers ignited a burning desire that spread through her body and heightened her senses. Grey trailed his lips down her neck, sinking lower until he rested on his knees. $2.99

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