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Why THIS book?
Carole Bellacera Carole Apr 24, 2012 01:26PM
I'm being sincere here. I want to know why this book is so special that it stands out among the millions of erotica books being published today.


My honest opinion?

1. It had a fanbase before being published. Master of the Universe was a very popular fanfic, so it was already popular and had fan base before it was even off the publishers desk.

2. It's based on Twilight, and the characters are older, more mature version of those characters. And by mature I mean they have sex. The personalities are a lot alike. Christian is a lot of like Edward. He's dark, brooding, rich, has a dark secret and a tragic past, strong, secure, and powerful. He acts like Edward, and talks like Edward. He's just as angry, possessive, controlling, and protective as Edward. He is Edward. Edward has been established as a man who makes a lot of panties drop, even in "BDSM" mode. Ana is Bella, the everyday ordinary girl wanted by the strong controlling, rich, brooding guy.

3. A lot of the people who loves these books, from what I can tell by the ones I've spoken to, have never ever read a BDSM erotica book before. It's kinky and exciting and new and in some cases taboo. That makes it sexy to them.

I loved this series and to be honest it is the first bdsm or erotica series I have read but I fell in love with it straight away. It was an easy transition from the usual genre I read but I think I really fell in love with it because of the exact same reasons that Samountha stated above. Their relationship is so flawed but so appealing. I love the series

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This is just my opinion but the reason the books resonated so deeply with me, was because it had all my fantasies wrapped in a gorgeous package named Christian Grey. The possessiveness, the wealth, his intelligence, his domineering attitude. What woman doesn't like to feel needed by a smart, gorgeous man who is amazing in bed? Not only does it come down to financial security, but just security in general. An attractive, intelligent man wants you and ONLY you. His control-freakery, his possessiveness, his compulsion to want to keep her safe. It's primal and so damn sexy. For me, I don't like my men spineless. I like them opinionated, honest, domineering, possessive, angry, sexy, sad. Passionate. EL James does a great job telling a story about that one girl that was able to attain the man that women swoon after. Ana's capacity to love him knows no bounds and she has enough love to bring him out of the darkness he fears and hid so well under his controlling, cool facade. It's beautiful, really. I love reading about passionate love like that.

Sylvia Day does a good job with her book Bared To You as well.

Jackie (last edited Apr 28, 2012 08:33PM ) Apr 28, 2012 07:37PM   0 votes
I have read some erotica in the past, I usually veer away from the dom/sub relationships, but something made me pick up the first book. A few chapters into the first book I was hooked. It's been along time since I've become so wrapped up in both main characters. What women doesn't hope to be loved and cherished like Ana, and find that you can fix a few things that you maybe don't like. But over all I think the the main focus of this book is trust, and taking risks, stepping outside your comfort zone and I don't mean in the sexual relation aspect. If you have enough trust in yourself to take the risk of getting hurt it can change your whole life.
And besides this book is like Sex and the City meets Brigit Jones.

I've read similar books but I think why I like this series so much is because of a past relationship I had and the Christian reminds me so much of him. Err, minus the Red Room, ha ha! So I relate to Ana and the relationship. Hmmm, Twilight, really?? Never knew that.

Barbara Walters and a few other talk show presenters have posited that this book is popular because we've gotten to a point where women are turned on by the idea of a man taking over and relieving them of the burden of all the decision-making.

Henry Le Nav That was sort of the gist in an recent article in Newsweek, perhaps not actually take over but the fantasy of taking over.
Apr 28, 2012 08:07PM
Lady Turtles I think it has less to do with women wanting to be spanked and dominated and more with Christian going above and beyond to pleasure Ana. When they hav ...more
May 19, 2012 12:02PM

For me the, the book's concept is very relatable. Eventhough, its erotic in nature everyone can relate to the characters and their flaws. For me, it means overcoming obstacles to find true love. The characters are witty and strong willed. Nobody is prefect, yet happiness can happen for anyone.

I think deep down inside of all of us, there are Fifty Shades of something. Some dark, some light, but what makes each of us unique and to become who or what we allow of ourselves.

I totally agree with you, that most people who like this book probably have never read or seen any hard core erotic or sex movies. They like the romance of the book, and the author has cleverly marketed her book, with the movie. While in reality it's just another erotic novel, there are hundreds of them ,some more in-depth than others it all depends on the taste of the reader as to what appeals to you.

Soghr (last edited Apr 24, 2012 06:32PM ) Apr 24, 2012 06:31PM   0 votes
Still finishing book 3, but I have had a very similar experience as you Samountha so far. Each time I picked up my Kindle again to continue, I felt a little edgy like "oh crap, what's going to happen next" and I was afraid I'd start disliking the characters or something....but so far it has not happened. Totally correct on everything wrapped in a package!

I had posted a question about bdsm and I guess what I was curious about it why and how this book became so popular. In my younger days, I have had experiences around bdsm and groups, clubs into it - but it became boring and actually predictable. So I was never really interested in books with bdsm until this one. This book is going to stay with me for a while and now I am going to be more open to reading different types of erotica. Oh so envious of Ana!!!

The Fifty Shades trilogy has really taken the world by storm...I had no concept of what the books content was, that it had any relation to the Twilight saga at all, the reason I purchased Fifty shades of Grey was simply because I saw it as no1 in my local supermarket read the blurb and thought I would give it a go..
That was last week, I am now on the third and final book and dreading finishing it although that is sadly imminent..
I have never been a reader of eroticism, not because I am prudish but because its just never happened.
I have previously read Twilight, and can see basic similarities but read any book and if you look hard enough you will find another book with a very similar plot.
I think the reason that this trilogy has been so very popular is because despite the sex and the eroticism that goes with them , the underlying story that we can all relate to is that need or desire to be loved and adored by a beautiful, sensual man who despite being controlling and yes at times even abusive has found a place in the hearts of nearly all who have read them.
A highly addictive read, not to be over- thought but to be enjoyed for what they are..regardless of where the storyline came from or what genre they fit in to!

There have been many tragic and dark twisted tales of love , passion, lust told throughout history. Why we like them who can say? It's all apart of human nature to be attracted to the erotic ,forbidden look at ourselves. This book is attractive to people because what"s forbidden is erotic. Take Romeo and Julliet, written by William Shakespeare decades ago, probably the most dark and forbidden tale of all time, and yet it still appeals to many. It's been done over and over again in theater and movies countless of times. We all love a twisted look at ourselves.

The reason these books resonate so much for me is the overall security, strength, and courage Christian appears to have but deep down he's not that way despite his outward appearance. I love these books because the characters are flawed and far from perfect. I learned things about myself that I believe I would not have discovered otherwise. Read these books for yourself and see why alot of women love them is my advice.

After reading all three books 3 times (yes I know, obsessed much? lol) I realized that I relate to Ana. To me she seems indepentant in the beginning. College grad, Interviews at publishing houses, moving to a bigger city, etc. But after time goes on, she seems like she cannot live without Christian. I see myself in her in most areas of her life before, during and after meeting Christian.

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