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New York Review Books | 212 comments Mod
We seem to have decided that we should read a short book in May and could then catch up and discuss The Book of Ebenezer le Page, our longish pick for April.

I'm going to suggest some of our titles that are all under 200 pages. Feel free to discuss which ones you are interested in, and then I'll do a poll.


message 2: by Declan (new)

Declan | 89 comments Quite a few of us have been enthusiastic about Mikki's review of The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes so I would like to suggest we read that book.

New York Review Books | 212 comments Mod
And also people were talking about Amsterdam Stories. Also an opportunity to do some Georges Simenon books: The Engagement or The Widow or Monsieur Monde Vanishes. There are some short recently published books we could do like The Pilgrim Hawk or The Letter Killers Club. Or, we could try some poetry.


message 4: by Mikki (new)

Mikki | 123 comments Thanks, Declan. The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes was really a fun book.

I am interested in all that you named, Nick and will also add Journey Into the Past.

New York Review Books | 212 comments Mod
So any more? I want to put up a poll tomorrow. There are more I could suggest (I've come up with a list of our books under 100 pages), but don't want to be talking at people rather than hearing suggestions. However I'm happy to do a poll of the titles mentioned already, I don't think we need to add heaps and heaps of books.


message 6: by Mikki (new)

Mikki | 123 comments Nick.

If possible, could you either post or send me a copy of the list that you mentioned?

There's also The Unknown Masterpiece which I guess is really made up of two (longish) short stories.

message 7: by Ann (new)

Ann | 4 comments Letter Killers Club or Amsterdam Stories, I say.

New York Review Books | 212 comments Mod
Okay, I'm made a bookshelf called "short NYRB Classics" which is on my own (I mean the New York Review Books) Goodreads page, in the bookshelf folder obviously. I'll give it a day before starting the poll just in case anyone has an epiphany looking at the list. But if not I'll definitely include all the books we've mentioned so far. And some good ones I think.


message 9: by Mikki (new)

Mikki | 123 comments There are many many good choices. I'd like to also add Guy de Maupassant's travel book, Afloat.

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