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Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod
Hey. If you could wait a moment. I appreciate the help, but I have a certain order its going to go in, si can you please wait for me to finish the group tomorrow?

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod
I'm sorry!!! I didn't have internet when I was going to work on, it. Could you add topical like you had before here for the clans, I'm trying just give me a day or so.

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Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod

Deputy: Mistflame-Deborah

Medicine Cat: Dawnrose-Deborah


Apprentices: Adderpaw~Wingstar




Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod
Nvm. Sorry, doing this on my phone. My phone makes up random words.

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod
Just ignore it. I've got it controlled now. Was it Dawnrose that was the med cat?

Wingstar~sama (Dreamline) | 82 comments Mod
Mates: (afur is btail's mate)

Apprentices to Warriors: (ex: expaw is the apprentice of xetail)

Kits: (xkit is kit of yfur and zclaw)

(Can also be included in charries profile)

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