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Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments You may begin discussing The Devil All the Time now. Just remember that there will be spoilers in this thread, so enter at your own risk.

Aloha | 5378 comments Will the corner of this book be able to reach the middle of the back for a good back scratch?

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments What the hay are you going on about now?

Aloha | 5378 comments My back itches!

Buddy | 21 comments I am so excited to read this book! I am glad I waited, because now I can share my thoughts with all of you about it :) I'll start it soon. Cheers!

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Buddy, let's pray the discussion has a little more depth than what Aloha has brought to it so far.

Aloha | 5378 comments Back scratching is universal! I like a universal theme about the condition of mankind.

message 8: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 1 comments I aven't read a good Horror in quite awhile. Looking forward to it!

Martin (MartinLastrapes) I actually read it a few months ago. I'll join in with my thoughts as other folks start to get into it.

Midnyte Reader (Midnyte) | 21 comments I hope to be able to participate this time. I just ordered the book.

The Haunted Reading Room 2017 - Year of Lovecraft (TheHauntedReadingRoom2017) | 120 comments A new novel, and new author, for me-good:)

Donald Armfield | 67 comments He has other books out as well Knockensmiff
Excuse my spelling on that. But this book is great can wait to share some thoughts

message 13: by Tressa (last edited Apr 23, 2012 09:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Glad you'll be able to participate, Midnyte and Mallory.

I'm more than halfway through it. The character development is wonderful, which is something I truly appreciate in a book. And I have no idea which direction each chapter—hell, which paragraph—will take me.

Alley (Alleycatfish) | 35 comments My local library actually has this. Looks like I'll be able to participate for once!

Donald Armfield | 67 comments Tressa wrote: "Glad you'll be able to participate, Midnyte and Mallory.

I'm more than halfway through it. The character development is wonderful, which is something I truly appreciate in a book. And I have no i..."

The ending is a great twist. I agree on characters developed nicely.

Kasia (Kasia_S) | 2792 comments Cant wait to read this one, I got the book last month on a recommendation :)

message 17: by Tressa (last edited Apr 23, 2012 10:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Oh, I need to stop coming to this thread till I finish the book. It's always a little safe earlier on in this thread because people are mainly coming here to post whether they'll be reading the book. Knowing a twist is coming is a spoiler to me, although it may not be for others. So I'm going to bow out of this thread so I don't read anything about Devil. And it's my fault, of course!

I do have to say that I sometimes read while eating, but this is one of those books I just can't do this with because the characters and their lifestyles are just so disgusting. Green furry teeth, STDs, pissed-on pants...blech!

Gertie (GertieBird) The Devil All the Time Yippee! I'm excited to see this is the group choice this month. It isn't like a lot of horror books, so we'll see how people respond to it.

What is interesting about his characters is that they aren't all that likable, but they are interesting. He seems to be especially good at writing about damaged people.

There are some pretty gross scenes with the place in the woods Alvin and his dad go to to pray. Eeek!

Seriously, no wonder Arvin had a few um, temper issues, later in life.

message 19: by Zuzana (last edited Apr 23, 2012 10:48AM) (new) - added it

Zuzana Urbanek | 529 comments Sounds cool (and not as a back scratcher...wth?). But I read the full description and it just sounds a bit too dark and violent for my current frame of mind. I'll read here what you all have to say about it and maybe fit it into my reading queue later on!

message 20: by Jolie (new)

Jolie Pre (Joliedupre) Terrific! Thanks for letting me know. I'll get started on it!

message 21: by Vittoria (new) - added it

Vittoria | 1 comments I can't stand the suspense!
Was the book a good medium for backscratching or not?
Good back scratching horror books are so hard to find!

message 22: by Gary (new)

Gary (glmoore) | 97 comments Just bought it for my Kindle, sounds very creepy. I may even participate in the discussion. BTW my Kindle scratches my back just fine A....GM

message 23: by Gary (new)

Gary (glmoore) | 97 comments Tressa wrote: "Green furry teeth, STDs, pissed-on pants."
How did a description of my ex wife's attorney get on this board?

message 24: by Brooke (last edited Apr 23, 2012 03:18PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Brooke | 35 comments I read this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Not all parts of the story, but his writing style. Classic Americana.

I'll discuss more as people get further in.

message 25: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom Mueller | 69 comments I had a hard time putting this one down. Not since Larry Brown have I read an author of this genre speak with such brutal honesty of the people he knows so well. Perhaps not so ironically, their backgrounds - blue collar folks - converge.
I believe this is his second published work that's widely available, Knockemstiff being his first. That one will be next on my list, looking forward to more of his work.
Finished, and it is all I hoped and more. I already crave more from Pollock; this really is one of the best I've read.

Gertie (GertieBird) Knockemstiff has a similar flavor to it, the same kind of people. Great book, although I enjoyed Devil more, partly because of having more time to get to know characters.

Donald Armfield | 67 comments Gertie wrote: "The Devil All the Time Yippee! I'm excited to see this is the group choice this month. It isn't like a lot of horror books, so we'll see how people respond to it.

What is interesting about his ch..."

That is rather creepy and he brings the police man there as well

message 28: by Gary (new)

Gary (glmoore) | 97 comments I started it last night, but had to work at work today and didn't get a lot of reading in. Stupid boss!gm

Gatorman | 9459 comments This is a terrific book, well worth the read. Not traditional horror but pretty intense.

Benjamin (Ben21) Yeah, just finished the first section. Great so far.


Just finished. Wow. What a fantastic, gritty read. I loved every minute of it. I really liked Arvin. Glad it ended the way it did. Hmm, will there be a second book to carry on Arvin's story? I kept waiting to see how Carla and Sandy would get their bloody comeuppance. Niiiice. Kind of liked Sandy's sheriff brother at first, but then he turned into another elected official lining his pockets (and taking a life when it suited his needs).

Willard was such a good father to Arvin at first I hated to see him turn so violent. I know he was crazy with despair from his wife's cancer, but that was her son too and she loved him a lot. I thought it was touching how Arvin took his dog off the cross and buried it after twelve years.

Benjamin (Ben21) LOL Tressa, least add where ya are in the book to the warning lol.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Benjamin, GET OUT! of this thread until you finish the book. You're supposed to come here after you've read it.

Benjamin (Ben21) hehe no worries. Im great at skimming, enough to know whether i want to know what they are saying or not. Learned to do it from books that want to spend pages giving nothing but descriptions of the country side lol.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Did you like my horror movie devil voice? GET OUUUUUUUTTTTT!

You know what I have a bad habit of doing now? When I turn a page in a book, I will scan the last few sentences of the right-hand page to see if anything juicy is reveled. How stupid is that? I really do it if the scene is tense and I'm wanting to know if my persons survives. *bites nails* Did it tonight at the end of Devil.

glenda (ayngelwing) | 1239 comments Aloha wrote: "Back scratching is universal! I like a universal theme about the condition of mankind."

Haha Well, Aloha, you do have a point! :O)

glenda (ayngelwing) | 1239 comments I have to find myself a copy of Devil yet...

glenda (ayngelwing) | 1239 comments Kindled it... ready to go.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Enjoy, Glenda!

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments When is Professor Aloha going to finish and come discuss? Or maybe she's exhausted herself from House of Leaves. A shame, really.

Aloha | 5378 comments No. The Recognitions is really making me fall off my high off of Leaves. This is one of the rare smart, well-written book that I barely care about. When I'm done with this, I'll be worshipping every word of Devil.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Giddy up.

Aloha | 5378 comments That's what I say in the bedroom.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments I've no doubt.

Donald Armfield | 67 comments Is this just the spoiler thread. The discussion will have its own come may

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments This is the discussion thread with a spoiler warning in the title of the thread.

message 47: by Gertie (last edited Apr 25, 2012 03:38PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gertie (GertieBird) I just found out this was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Awards.

Have any of you read some of the other books that were nominated?
The Devil All the Time, Donald Ray Pollock
The Dracula Papers, Book I: The Scholar's Tale, Reggie Oliver
Knock Knock, S. P. Miskowski
The Last Werewolf, Glen Duncan
Witches on the Road Tonight, Sheri Holman

I'm just wondering if we might like some of those too, since they are with The Devil All The Time. Some of them look pretty interesting.

Aloha | 5378 comments I'm starting Devil today. I finally finished that satirical tome, The Recognitions. Yay!

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23546 comments Thanks for the list, Gertie. Anything nominated for something called a Shirley Jackson Award is bound to be good.

Aloha | 5378 comments I usually do a book in both eBook and audio. If you can get an audio of this, I'd highly recommend it. I got mine from Audible. Mark Bramhall does a terrific job of narrating this. Really entertaining.

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