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message 1: by Lizabeth (new)

Lizabeth | 618 comments Mod
I forgot to put this one up, but I had hoped the little rule thing that popped up would've stuck in peoples brains. I apoligize, my bad.

Sorry again. I know, rules sorta suck, but writing should not have to swear, have sex scenes or have rude people to be powerful, entertaining, and persuasive. Those are the rules:
1)No swearing. Please don't make us remind you a million times. If you do swear in a post and don't change it, I will be deleting that post.
2)No sex scenes, period. WE've got good people in this group. I'm pretty sure I don't have to put that rule up because eveyone in this group should know that I won't stand for it.
3)Be respectful. Don't use other characters with the real owners permission!
4)Have fun though! Rules aren't meant to be walls in writing. I hope we all countinue to enjoy this group and its roleplays. I'm going to try to get more of the disscussions working again. Sorry, it's been a busy year.

Any questions, please message me.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 66 comments Does the swearing rule encompass all curses or just the bad ones? Because I'm devoutly Mormon but even I have to acquiesce and say that it sometimes fits a character.

message 3: by Lizabeth (new)

Lizabeth | 618 comments Mod
Ditto being LDS, and I sometimes do the same thing, but, I dunno. I think we need to be careful with what we say....

message 4: by Kataury (last edited Apr 24, 2012 02:05PM) (new)

Kataury Hey, me too! Looks like this site is well Mormonized. Well, Scriptures use Damn, Hell, and Ass, so.... meh... whatever.

message 5: by Ethan (new)

Ethan | 182 comments I feel like the odd one out.....

message 6: by ♫Krista♫ (new)

♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) | 440 comments Ethan, it's okay. I'm not Mormon either. Just Christian. Although, a majority of my family is Mormon.

message 7: by Lizabeth (new)

Lizabeth | 618 comments Mod
I don't feel comfortable with it, but if you guys are ok swearing, I'll just ignore it.

message 8: by ♫Krista♫ (new)

♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) | 440 comments I think I'm going to stick with not swearing. It's not difficult plus if something like that needs to rise, I'll say 'cursed' or 'cursing' or something along the lines of that.

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