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Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
These fantasy roleplays are extremely confusing to newcomers if they don't bother to read all the posts in each thread. So, here I shall relate what is happening right now. Others may add to what I post, but no off-topic posts.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Basically, everyone is currently after the Heart Stones, which are twin stones from the Tree of Life. If your charrie owns one of these stones, please say so.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 910 comments Ya I think my person has a stone...

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Ebony. Ebony owns a stone.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
As does Fianna.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
And apparently, Morique is to marry Jenna in the close future.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
I figured. You heard it right here at Parallelia News, everybody!

ღஐKendraღஐ | 910 comments And the plot thickens!!!!

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments Should I explain the Stones?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 910 comments I think you should for the people who don't know what it means.

message 13: by Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ (last edited Apr 27, 2012 07:33PM) (new)

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments Oui!

Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is the source of all life(especially in Parallelia). It fuels all minds and hearts and most things on this world where made by its leaves, petals, or fruit. It is now dead because a greedy king stole it's stones.

Greedy King
King Tarabarné. He was the reason of Parallelia's death. His Queen was an evil witch that manipulated him to go to war with the only other kingdom. He won, but at a cost. The King took the Twin Stones from the Tree of Life. When The Life Stone was taken away, Parallelia died and all it's people. When the Mind Stone was taken away, The King and Queen where driven insane and they killed themselves.

Twin Heart Stones
They keep the Tree of Life alive. They where originally wound together in the heart of the tree of life. Their names are Mind and Life, the yin and yang of the world. Mind is red and Life is green. When they where taken from their home in the heart of the tree, it died and so did everything else.
Mind, if not used correctly, can drive someone insane.
Life, if not used correctly, can drain someone's of theirs.
They pick someone worthy of keeping them safe until they are brought back to the tree. But they have to be returned together.
Life Stone: Fianna
Mind Stone: Ebony

Bam (bam_bam) Could my charrie find the Mind Stone? She's in Wanderer's woods so she's trying to find it but she could use some guidance..

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments Ebony has the mind stone *facepalms for own stupidity* sorry

Bam (bam_bam) Oh sorry! My bad..

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Morique has the Mind Stone. Run for your freaking lives, folks.

message 19: by Oddity (last edited May 04, 2012 08:41PM) (new)

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
We're having a drawing contest! You can draw your or somebody else's charrie, and/or a scene from the roleplay. Please ask permission before using somebody else's character. Contest ends May 30, 2012. Please post your entry in the Pictures thread, and tell us who or what the picture is of.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments As we speak I'm sketching Crow :3

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Mordecai and Ebony confessed their love. Morique is having Mordecai to meet Jenna. If you read the Clock Tower with a good sense of humor, the tension is d*mn funny.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Oh yeah! And Fianna is going to the Castle... and I believe she has the stone. Correct, Sammi?

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
This should be very amusing.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments My plans wrap intercity into the future like a spider's webs. Everything g that has to do with my charecters is always planned

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
...I used to do that, but people always knocked down my web and ruined my beautiful golden plot.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 910 comments I never plan I just go with the flow ;) My characters have there own minds and I just go with it.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Exactly. My characters are people, too. Their emotions frighten me sometimes.
Amma: Do I frighten you?


Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Only one day and two nights left for the drawing contest! You can still post drawings at any time, you just don't get a prize. Maybe praise or constructive criticism, but no prize.

Sam ~*DUBSTEPPIN TO THE BEAT*~ | 1436 comments What......
I didnt draw anything yet =.=

message 32: by Greece (last edited Jul 15, 2012 11:19AM) (new)

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) Hmmm, first off...What do we even have so far? I have not really kept up with this group much. -_-'

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Ah, I have to add more to this little summary. One second...

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) K~! And man lady? Would that make it a it?

Lime~ Lollibomb Lee (LollibombLee) YEAH...


It could have come from the web....

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) MEH! I HATE SPIDERS! THERE ARE SO CREEPY! But my fear of them has gotten better....GAH! FOCUS! Okay, wait, what web?

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Mordecai and Ebony announcedtheir love, Morique and Jenna had dinner with Mordecai (can somebody say awkward?), Mira died, we were introduced to the spirit of the Mind Stone, Ebony and Deer (the aforementioned spirit) were reunited, Mordecai is going back to the Clock Tower, there's a surprise waiting for him involving the carriage, Tarot is angry.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
No...the Web is something else. Sorry.

Lime~ Lollibomb Lee (LollibombLee) Oddity wrote: "No...the Web is something else. Sorry."

What is it then?

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
Teehee... THAT'S a surprise.

Lime~ Lollibomb Lee (LollibombLee) that's not a good excuse~

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) XD When is Tarot not angry? Hmmm, I got nothing. *Shrugs* Gimme a few minutes to think of random ideas...

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) So far I got an attempt assassination on Morique or Mordecai...Ya, that is not the best I have come up with.

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod


Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
I didn't really mean on the roleplay....I meant some sort of something we could do for them.


Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
But they're going to kill each other. We've already planned that. Plus, there's a lot of complicated stuff going on for both of them right now...

Greece Karpusi (Scotland) OOOOoooo, what exactly can we do for them? -_-?'

Oddity  (falinfreakster) | 1772 comments Mod
That's what I'm asking you two. I made this collage thingy..

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