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Leilani | 44 comments Name: Layla Connors
Gender: Girl
Godly Parent:Aphrodite

Personality: kind loves kids but its hard for her to trust anyone after dad and "mom" (not real mom but dad is married to her ) divorced
Godly Powers: can do love magic, make anyone fall in love
Preferred Weapon: knife
History: ran away at age 9
Years at Camp Half Blood: 0 (so far)
Summer or year-round camper: year round
Crush: Dylan Son Of Zeus

Leilani | 44 comments Name: Missy
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Godly Parent: Athena

Personality: Brave, Smart Funny , ( most people say she's beautiful)
Godly Powers: Is good with weapons
Preferred Weapon: Sword
Other Skills: Is great at sparring
History: Doesn't usually tell people
Years at Camp Half Blood: 7
Summer or year-round camper: year round
Crush: hasn't meet the right guy yet
Other: hopes to meet the perfect guy at camp

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