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What Pack Would You Most Likely Join Nightshade Or Bane

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Cynthia Wong I would totally join Nightshade. It sounds like the "funner" pack to be in. (I know funner is not a word, but it works in this sentence.)

Marisa Nightshade

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood NIGHTSHADE ALL THE WAY!!! i would join because the people seem nicer as were the Bane's seem not to nice about anything and the only nice people in there is Ren and Dax and someone else that i forgot there name. NOOOOOOOO!!!

Kate Haldias pack. A mix of the youngsters from each pack, the best of both

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Em Nightshade because I love the ones in the pack.

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