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Grell: DEATH! I'm really gonna enjoy this one! for once I'll make you look handsome! *slices through Itachi's heart* your cinematic record has to be better than any other human's *smirks*

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"ahhhhhh" screams Itachi and dissapears

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Grell: hey! I'm not done making you handsome yet! *runs after him*
Eric: that bastard! *follws Grell*
Ronald: guys wait! *also follows*
William T. Spears: honestly...*goes after them*
Alan: uh...am I the only person not going after him?

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" ow he cut me with his sword and it's to deep of a wound to heal" sakura said

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Alan: are you going to be okay?

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"idk"* coughing blood*

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Alan: *begins panicking* uh...well what can I do? should I put pressure on the wound-no! that'll only make it worse *becomes frantic* I'M SO SORRY MISS SAKURA I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

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" where is willam t spears when u need him" said sakura

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Alan: *running around frantically* I'm so sorry Miss Sakura!
William T. Spears: someone has summoned me?

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" yes I did the wound is to deep for me to heal idk what to do" Sakura said *coughing up blood*

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William T. Spears: simple...get yourself to a doctor...you won't die from this wound....

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" ok I'm going Alan help me up please" Sakura said

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William T. Spears: Alan Humphries does not have enough muscular strength to help someone up
Alan: yes William-san...
William T. Spears: at any rate I shall assist you, just try not to stain my suit with your blood, nor my death scythe...

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"ok thank you Willam T. Spears and I will not get blood on u suit" said Sakura

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William T. Spears: *is silent* if Ronald Knox should ever see this he would be rather upset...I suggest we do not mention this to him...

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"ok will-kun" sakura said smiling

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William T. Spears: not you as well...are the grim reapers the only people I can trust to call me by my proper name? never mind...
Alan: and maybe you shouldn't be so harsh all the time...especially with Ronald...
William T. Spears: maybe so...

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" your sometimes to harsh on people lighten up a little ok will-kun?" said sakura *touches his face lightly*

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William T. Spears: please do not touch my face you ridiculous human...as for you Alan Humphries...I'll take your suggestion into consideration...but that is for another time in our eternal life-span...

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" i'm sorrry Willam gosh chill out!" said sakura *get down from his arms* I think I can walk on my own and i need to find my love like u would care!" yelled sakura goes runing off

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William T. Spears: honestly...that girl's drama never ends...she should realize that reapers aren't meant to have emotions...and yet we manage to fall in love, feel despair and even know what to be happy is like...your relationship with Eric Slingby is a rather fine example of that *looks at Alan*
Alan: well-uh... .///////.

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Sakura: naruto where are u omg Naruto!
* grabbs naruto and fleas past the boys

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Sakura: Naruto don't die on me come on live daamnit!

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Alan: all of a sudden I seem to have a headache...I need to lie down...
William T. Spears: do as you please...but you shall have overtime tonight...

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Sakura: no Naruto please don't die *healing him wiyth all of her heart*

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William T. Spears: this isn't right...you are not scheduled to die now...you shall simply live after this...
Alan: but William-san..what if he...
William T. Spears: our superiors do not make mistakes...this boy is not going to die...however...we reapers cannot assist with affecting the outcome of his injuries, my sincerest apologize Sakura Haruno...
Alan: Miss Sakura...I'm so sorry but I'm supposed to follow his lead...

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Sakura: ok *healing him*
Naruto: ugh Ssaukra Chan?
Naruto: ugh sakura chan it hurts
Sakura: ik i does lets get you home

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Alan: yeah...I need to get home as well...my head hurts a lot...I guess my whole body does...
William T. Spears: *scoffs* Eric Slingby has told you to not stress yourself out...you don't seem to follow his instruction...
Alan: I'm sorry William-san
William T. Spears: I demand you take time off until you are completely fine Alan Humphries
Eric: yeah...I gotta agree with William...
Alan: Eric-kun .///////.

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Did u guys ever get him and sasuke
Asked sakura

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Eric: well...this is embarrassing...but Iwas too worried about my Alan here *hugs Alan* to see if Grell and Ronald caught them *chuckles nervously*
Alan: .////////.

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Awwwww where are they anyways

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Ronald: *is exhausted and bleeding-voice is weak and leaning on death scythe/lawn mower* W-William-san!
William T. Spears: Ronald Knox, what the devil happened to you!?
Ronald: t-that bastard got ahold of my death scythe and ran it across my arm...its nothing to serious-AH! *doubles over in pain*
William T. Spears: Ronald! *kneels by him*
Ronald: *is laughing* thats the first time you've called me by only my first name *smiles*
William T. Spears: *clears throat and tries not to blush* um...well...you must be healed! I shall tend to your wounds, but I must ask...where is Grell Sutcliff?
Ronald: don't know...I ran off as soon as I got my arm sliced...
Alan: oh Ronald...
Eric: Ron's a fighter...he'll be fine *wraps arm around Alan*
Alan: .////////.

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I'm the best medical nijia in the leaf village said sakura
Naruto: it's true she has saved many lives even an enemies lves
Naruto-kun stop it
U know its ture sakura chan

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William T. Spears: honestly...don't you remember the accident with Eric Slingby? you're healing would never work! Ronald...I mean Ronald Knox will heal on his own...see? the wound has stopped bleeding and is smaller than before! *shows her the wound*
Ronald: and here I thought you were going to starting calling me just Ronald...
Eric: deep-down, you know you love Ronald William-san *smirks and winks at Will*
William T. Spears: honestly...emotions are useless...I simply care for Ronald Knox more than I do for the rest of you...
Alan: aww! I guess I'll have to teach Ronald to blush now
Eric: only if I can do this *kisses Alan*
Alan: .///////.
Ronald: *laughs and smiles* gee thanks Alan, you're a real pal...

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Sakura: you guys are funny rofl
Naruto: we should get home sakura- chan it's getting dark and i don't know if sasuke or itachi is here or not i wil grell would kill one of the bastards
a voice: what did u just call me Mr. Nine-tailed fox!
Sakura: who is there show urself bastard!

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Ronald: WE ARE NOT FUNNY-AH! *doubles over in pain*
William T. Spears: Ronald...please don't move too much, but who are you? reveal your full name and your life shall be spared...
Eric: *puts Alan behind him and pulls out death scythe/saw*
Alan: .//////.

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Voice: Sakura-chan shuold now me I was her ex bf
Sakura: no it can't be you I though i killed you 6yrs ago
Naruto: so ur the one how caused her pain for 6yrs!
Voice: good job foxie boy
Sakura: go away Zero!
Zero: now thats's not nice to say to ur ex bf

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Eric: WHAT THE HELL?! WHO'S THIS BASTARD? *protects Alan*
Alan: *panics and pulls out death scythe/japanese slasher*
William T. Spears: your name has not been on the to-die list...he could've never died in the first place *pulls out death scythe/pruning pole*
Ronald: I'd fight but...I can't...*gets sleepy*

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He was my ex and wanted to change me into a vampire and I broke up with him he has been trying to find me for 6 yrs
Go away zero I have naruto kun in my life now!

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Eric: and we're willing to defend her...and our significant others...*meaning Alan*
Alan: this isn't the time to make me blush Eric, a threat to Miss Sakura is a threat to me!
William T. Spears: my suit is ruined, I might as well endure a blood-bath, your name can simply appear in the books...the higher-ups wouldn't mind if I killed a few people accidentally...*meaning the higher ups want him to kill somebody whose not meant to die*
Ronald: *is asleep*

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Idk I want her to be mine forever!
Ggggeeeettttt aaaawwwaaayyyy fdfrrroooommm member uuuuu mmmmoonnsstteerr!
Ahhhhhhh help me! Sakura chan!

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Eric: forget this...Alan's more important to me than Sakura, you guys protect her if you want, but I'm going to protect the person I love and care for most in the world...*picks up Alan bridal style*
Alan: E-Eric-kun...was that really necessary?
Eric: yup
Alan: .//////.
William T. Spears: I must agree with Eric Slingby...I cannot fight knowing Ronald Knox is suffering...
Ronald: *wakes up* W-William-san...help me-please...

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Go away zero!
Sasuke kun ur alive!

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Grell: Sakura...you really ARE a wench aren't you? *smirks* I wanna make him the most handsome man ever! *pulls out death scythe/chain-saw*
Eric: yeah whatever *walks off with Alan*
Alan: uh...well, you see... ./////////.
William T. Spears: Ronald Knox, we're leaving...
Ronald: okay...I guess

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Kill zero not me!
Sasuke look out!

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U look tastey Sakura
* charges at her*

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Grell: not on my watch! *pulls out death scythe/chainsaw*

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* tries to bite her and gets her arm* ahhhhh zero nooooo gahhh stop it hurts!

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Eric: the drama for you never stops...this is getting boring *pulls out death scythe/saw* you're definitely not worth the overtime...*yawns*
Alan: Miss Sakura, you honestly need to find a better way to keep your Ex's from trying to kill you/make you their wife...its just not right and or logical...
Ronald: I'm gonna go with Alan on this one...I almost lost a limb simply because you couldn't keep this bastard away while we were around
William T. Spears: honestly...Ronald has a point
Ronald: y-you called me Ronald just now *tries to blush but can't*

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