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Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
Title: Splitting Adam
Author: John R. Ford
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Christian Fantasy
Pages: 312 (Paperback/Kindle)

Ever wonder what would happen if Frank Capra had directed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Find out in Splitting Adam!

After a soul-crushing thirtieth birthday party, Pastor Adam Tyler, the hopelessly single son of a single mom, is given a chance to see what the world would be like without him. But surprisingly, rather than just an Adam-less world, he finds instead that he has been replaced by two others, each man his ″half-self.″ One, the child of his mother, is a wealthy and successful businessman. The other, the child of the father Adam has never known, is a movie-quoting, streetwise con man. It seems the only things these two have in common are Adam’s DNA, and that both are on a collision course for Deep Trouble. With a hand from his crusty guardian angel, it’s up to Adam to rescue them. But is he up to the task? And can he find his way home again?

This hilarious journey of half-self-discovery is the lovechild of Kurt Vonnegut and Anne Lamott, and is sure to delight all who enjoy a trip into the magical land of "what if?"

The first 20 people to sign up leaving their preferred format (PDF,Epub,or Mobi)and email address will receive this free ebook!

Review Due Date: May 1,2012

Sandra- (Epub)
Heather- (Epub)
Ryan- (Epub)
Jennifer C.- (Epub)
Annie- (Epub)
Kayden- (Epub)
Maryann- (Mobi)
HeatherB- (Mobi)
Andrew- (Mobi)
Quiana- (Mobi)
Leah- (PDF)

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
Don't forget to leave me your preferred format and email. :)

Sandra Marie (sandramarie90) | 13 comments Ohhhh. Sign me up!

Epub please. <3

Heather | 39 comments

Looks good!

Ryan Sand (Ryan925) | 20 comments
Thank you!

Maryann | 41 comments
mobi please

Heather Boustead (ReflectionsofaBookWorm) | 283 comments

Any format - Heather B.

Quiana | 21 comments
mobi please
Thank you.

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
14 copies left.

Jennifer C. | 50 comments I would like one please. Epub version

Mary (Booksaremychocolate) | 4 comments Sign me up for PDF please

Annie (AngelAnnie) sounds fun!
epub please

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
Mary wrote: "Sign me up for PDF please"

whats your email?

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
11 copies left.

Kayden Lee (KaydenLee) | 38 comments Would love to have you sign me up! epub.

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
10 copies left and everyone should have an email from me. :)

Leah | 7 comments
PDF please :)

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Sharon | 184 comments Mobi please :-)

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
Leah wrote: "
PDF please :)"

Its saying something is wrong with your email address?

Leah | 7 comments Theres no capital

Tt (Never Ending Stories Book Blog) (books101) | 3770 comments Mod
Leah wrote: "Theres no capital"

K, thanks!

Quiana | 21 comments Here's my review.

Splitting Adam Review


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Sheri | 8653 comments Mod
Featured book on the Shut Up & Read blog!

Lilly Jean Bastian (LillyGene) Am I too late for this one? if I'm not. I have a NOOK, so I think any format works with that. Thanks either way, this is a really cool system!

Jennifer C. | 50 comments Here's my review. I really liked it!

Kayden Lee (KaydenLee) | 38 comments Thanks for the opportunity to read this book - I enjoyed it very much.

Andrew Mellusco (Andrew_Mellusco) | 32 comments My review... it was a joy to read

Maryann | 41 comments My review ~ thanks for the opportunity to read it! Cute story!

Ryan Sand (Ryan925) | 20 comments Here is my review. Thanks for letting me read it.

John Ford | 2 comments Thanks for all the nice reviews, everybody!

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