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Jackie Robinson

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message 1: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn Wada | 3 comments I am always--upset, is probably the word--when I run into people (neighbors, co-workers)who have never heard of Jackie Robinson. Meaning they have never even heard the name, that they can remember. When I explain (inadequately, probably) who he was, they will usually say, "oh, I don't follow baseball."

I think that Jackie Robinson's story should be known as an essential part of "American history" and that Americans should be familiar with it whether they "follow baseball" or not. What are your thoughts, Frank?

message 2: by Frank (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 258 comments Mod
Well Carolyn, I agree. Jackie Robinson's "breaking the color barrier" was a watershed moment in American History as well as baseball. He was most instrumental in forging a new sensibility as far as "colored folks" are concerned. He should be honored by baseball fans and non baseball fans alike. His importance in our history is the reason why I included him in my sequel to "The Legend of Mickey Tussler," "Sophomore Campaign." Thanks for sharing!

message 3: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (HaroldTitus) I've been out of teaching for almost 16 years now. I have to wonder whether the civil rights movement is taught at some point in time in the public schools now. I included a unit on the subject when I taught 8th grade American history. (Never though to include Jackie Robinson, though) But nobody at our school was required to. When you teach our country's history in one year, you have to choose what to include and what to skip.

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 258 comments Mod
True Harold, but I think Jackie Robinson falls under the umbrella of basic "cultural history" that is learned outside of the classroom. It is sad that at some juncture, young folks do not read about or are not at least told about Jackie Robinson.

message 5: by Harold (new)

Harold Titus (HaroldTitus) Totally agree.

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