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Siege of Fowl Manor (Artemis Fowl, Book 1)

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message 1: by Michaela, Shelby (Elf, on Retrieval Squad 1) (last edited Apr 15, 2012 10:55AM) (new)

Michaela | 11 comments Mod
Okay, so everyone - where are you in the siege of Fowl Manor and who's side are you on? Or are you only on your own side?

Report in

message 2: by Michaela, Shelby (Elf, on Retrieval Squad 1) (new)

Michaela | 11 comments Mod
Twelve year old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl has abducted the LEPrecon captain, Holly Short. Commander Root has organized a siege and the technical advisor Foaly is setting up the time-stopping equipment.

(okay, so i'll start :D)

Retrieval 1, reporting in. I thought I saw something moving in the trees, but it turned out to be a swear toad and I had a job getting it out of here. I'd like to add I'm not accustomed to such language and hope that Internal Affairs will make an investigation into controlling those things. Anyway, we're missing Corporal Grub and I'm wondering if anyone's seen him? Over.

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Keerthana Batchu (keerbat) | 6 comments So what do i do? Do I just continue what you have said, or do I develop something on my character?

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Keerthana Batchu (keerbat) | 6 comments That case:

Artemis's security room, Fowl Manor, Ireland:
Holly Short is still locked up downstairs, but she is starting to dig through the concrete. Must be a elf thing. I knew that there is no way she can break out, or dig under the manor, but I decided to bring the feed of the living room to Priority Number 4 on the control panel, just so that 'Arty' doesn't give me a hard time.

I felt my cheeks grow hot as I thought about him. He was no older than I was, and yet, he treated me as if I was nothing more than the waiters he continually spits on. It wouldn't matter though, I need the gold, and I need his help for that.

Something moved on Priority Number 1. I zoomed in, and I saw a large, bulbous toad hopping around, croaking loudly. I zoomed in a little more to watch the ugly toad jump around, but that's when I saw the shimmer. There was a slight haze right behind the trees, which promptly disappeared a few moments later.

I swiveled around and said "Artemis, come see this. There is a haze here that keeps flitting in and out. Commander Root must be finally carrying out his threat to retrieve his little elven agent. What should we do?"

message 5: by Michaela, Shelby (Elf, on Retrieval Squad 1) (last edited Apr 25, 2012 09:44AM) (new)

Michaela | 11 comments Mod
(awesome, you're doing great :D)

Fowl Manor Grounds, Ireland:
I found Trouble Kelp crumpled in the bushes by the front door. Not good. I turned around and saw a man mountain moving out into the darkness toward my waiting retrieval squad. Well. It's not like he could see them. Right?
I decided to let them handle it and started creeping about the house, shielded of course. I peeked in a window and saw Artemis conversing imperiously with some girl. "D'Arvit," I swore quietly. "Not two!"
I turned on my mike. "Commander, there appears to be another child genius in there."
I heard some colorful language over the intercom. "A whole family of Sherlock Holms'."
I heard Foaly in the background, trying to correct him, and broke in. "Sir, with all respect, I don't think so. There's no likeness between them, and he looks at her like she's an ant on the wall. I"m wondering, has Foaly fed that loop into his system yet?"
"Get back to work, Captain," Root ordered. "We're still waiting for the convict to come up."
It was at that moment I heard a series of blows, and turned around to find Retrieval's finest on the ground in various stages of unconsciousness. the man mountain was heading back toward the house.

message 6: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie reporting in for the first time:
when i saw the Retrieval's finest on the ground i quickly decided that we weren't dealing with just any human. at first i didnt believe what people said but now i do.
i was in my post and awaiting orders. everything is clear from this end, no disturbances that i can tell, yet.

message 7: by Michaela, Shelby (Elf, on Retrieval Squad 1) (last edited Apr 25, 2012 02:37PM) (new)

Michaela | 11 comments Mod
(Hey, Ellie! :D)

I was heading back to the outskirts, just waving at Ellie, when a shuttle suddenly roared at me, and I realized the Mulch had arrived - with his guards, of course. Ellie had fallen over because the shuttle grazed her side, and I rushed over. "Are you okay?"

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Keerthana Batchu (keerbat) | 6 comments "I hope your goggles work Artemis, because otherwise, Butler would be going in blind", I spat at him.

Artemis had a curious look in his eyes, as if he was sizing me up. 'That's right, I have spunk too Fowl.'I thought. The look was gone almost immediately. "Butler can take care of a bunch of fairies on his own. Need I remind you that he is very accomplished?"

I smiled at him. Poor, deluded Artemis. He seems to have forgotten that I have helped him in his search for Holly, unearthing the location of several mentions of the small, magical folk. He might have had his hands on that tiny Bible they carry around, but I was the one who had helped him. Doesn't matter, all I needed was the gold.

"Quit your patronizing. I'm going to check on Holly, she has been quite annoying with her digging. Perhaps, I might be able to prompt her into stopping." I said.

Artemis acknowledged me with a nod of his hood and pulled up a feed on Priority Number 2, the basement. I took a quick glance and saw nothing down there. Yet.

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Emily :) | 37 comments "I think i will be fine," i said to Shelby. she was fussing over my side where the shuttle had caught me. it was bleeding badly and it hurt like crap, but we had much more important problems right now.
"We should go check on Mulch," i said. she nodded and she helped me up. we ran across the lawn as fast as i could. Shelby had to practically carry me most of the way.

Aiyana, A PotterWhoLockian I watched Ellie fall from the sidelines, and saw Shelby run after her, and then run towards Mulch carrying her. I smirked idiot. she should be healed, not toted around running after dwarves. she thought. I was hidden in the shadows, and not willing to come out after i saw the mountain man take out Retrievals finest.

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Keerthana Batchu (keerbat) | 6 comments I walked downstairs. Will she quit her scraping? That sound is beginning to annoy my bones. But I didn't let that annoy me too much. I was still feeling good about Artemis's tiny acknowledgement, and then I shook my head. What the hell was I thinking? He is nothing more than a pain I have to endure to get what I want.

Suddenly I stopped in my tracks. There was a hole in the ground and no Holly. I reached the cage and peered trough. Out of nowhere, I got a punch square in my jaw. I reeled back and looked around. That thing has its magic now. It's probably invisible. And that means that what we are seeing is a video loop!

I ran back up the stairs, not before I tripped over an unseen foot. When I opened the door, Artemis whipped his head back and both of us exclaimed at the same time, "The video is a loop!"

message 12: by Christine (new)

Christine | 3 comments I sat hidden in the foliage of the trees, observing the spectacle from above. I chuckled softly to myself. And now the fun begins. I hoped that the odious elf, Holly, would get what she deserved. Especially after what she did to me.

I was going through the garbage bins, desperately trying to salvage whatever food I could find before the LEP would find me. Some would be disgusted at the prospect of digging through food remains, but I was at the end of my rope. There! I spotted a half-eaten hamburger from Spud's Emporium. I crammed it into my mouth, chewing furiously. Just then, I felt something cold and metallic press into the back of my head. I froze.

"Get up, elf," said a cold and steely voice, "By the order of the LEP, you are under arrest."

I slowly stood, and faced the fairy. To my surprise, she was a girl. My astonishment must've shown on my face because she said, "Yeah, I'm a girl. You got a problem with that?"

I shook myself. Girl or no, LEP Traffic were all the same. Still, though...

"Please, er...officer, I was so hungry..."

A flicker of pity showed on her face before it was again an icy mask of indifference.

"The name's Holly Short, and pleading is going to do you no good in a jail cell. Now follow me."

She clipped a set of handcuffs on, and just like that, my freedom was taken away from me.

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Kyra (Nikara) I stood by Artemis's shoulder as he leapt from his chair and turned to the other girl in the room. Good, I thought. By now it may be too late for them.
It's not that I wanted to betray Artemis the way I was, even if he could be quite a snob sometimes. But I couldn't believe that even he could go through with this scheme, and not feel bad. He is twelve years old and still doesn't feel a thing towards the fairy he has abducted. Or, if he does, he doesn't show it.

message 14: by Claire (new)

Claire Claire reporting in, Holly is making fun of Artemis mulch is dead timestop is almost done anything else going on Ellie?

message 15: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Cherrington | 2 comments who dose atriums meet in fowl manner

message 16: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Cherrington | 2 comments plz help me

on my homework

message 17: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments "Claire I can't see anything."I couldn't hear anything over my headset and I was still a little confused from my wound. I had no idea what was happening in the house but I hoped things were going well because it sure didn't look like it out here. We needed to know what was happening to Holly in the house. Was she safe or was the boy doing something bad to her? Was are plan working or did we need to figure out another plan? "Claire we need to figure out what's happening in that house," I said already on my feet.

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "This is Captain Lucy Dirtrout. I'm the newest member of retrieval. I see something. It looks like a mud man, but it could be an agile mountain. Identification?" Lucy waited for an answer. What was that thing? she wondered.
"Hello?" Lucy was a bit frightened for a moment when no one replied. "Hello?"

message 19: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments "Hello Lucy," i said to the new voice on my headset, "This is Ellie and i am so glad to hear the reinforcements have shone up. We needed you." I started running towards the house but stopped when i remembered what Lucy had said over my headset. "Wait, what did you see?"

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "I said 'I see something, it looks like a mud man, but it could be an agile mountain.' Do you have any idea what that could be?" Lucy had heard mud men were big, but that big? She waited eagerly for an answer, when the giant turned round the corner and stooped right by the bush where Lucy was hiding! "AIEEE!" screamed Lucy. "Help! Help!"

message 21: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments i yanked the headset from my ear before i became depth. i hardly needed it. i could hear the yelling from my cover without it. it was across the yard. the fastest way there was straight through the open field. The scream came again. i cussed outright. "Here goes nothing," i muttered and then shot across the yard as fast as i could.

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Edgar | 2 comments I have a feeling, that if George R.R Martin( who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire)- wrote Artemis Fowl that
Artemis would turn to be a lot like Joffrey and I would hate him. Also if George R.R Martin wrote Artemis Fowl, Holly would some how end up getting raped.
So.... it's a good thing that Artemis Fowl is written by Eion Colfer, in the first book everyone hates Artemis. In the last book it's sad how Artemis dies- BUT at least he was smart and left Holly DNA for a clone. Artemis Fowl is awesome

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Lucy started running as fast as she could, blond braids flapping. Lucy tripped on a rock and hit her head. through the helmet the hit wasn't fatal, but enough to knock her out for a few minutes.

message 24: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 2 comments Noellekoala wrote: "Lucy started running as fast as she could, blond braids flapping. Lucy tripped on a rock and hit her head. through the helmet the hit wasn't fatal, but enough to knock her out for a few minutes."

message 25: by Running-With-Schisms (last edited Apr 28, 2013 05:12AM) (new)

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Yasmin wrote: "Noellekoala wrote:

Yasmin, we're playing this role-playing game. We make up a character and who's side we are on, and we pretend we are at the siege of Fowl manor. My character is Lucy, she's a sprite who was hurt in a firefight and can no longer fly. Lucy is now running away from a giant mud man (Butler)because he found her hiding place. Who (and what?) is your character?

message 26: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments I was almost to where I had heard the scream when Lucy rushed into the open. I skidded to a stop and was about to follow when I saw what was chasing her. If I had been even partially sane I would have turned around and run back the way I had come. As it was, I wasn't completely sane so I ended up running nex

message 27: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments T to Lucy.

Sorry about the two messages I accidentally hit send

message 28: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments (Oh and btw Noellekoala it's great to see you. I hope you understand what we are doing now. I can't wait to see you in the story. :) I'm Ellie the elf)

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Lucy looked up to see a figure above her. Is it the mud man? Lucy thought. The figure was the wrong size. And she (Lucy was fairly certain it was a she) had pointy ears. "Are you Ellie?"

message 30: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments "Hey great to see you," I replied somewhat out of breath. Lucy seemed to take that as a good answer.
"I was coming over here to help but..." I looked behind me to see the mud man running after us. He was huge. I ran a little faster. "Change of plans". I veered off around the house and Lucy followed.

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Lucy jogged after Ellie, wondering how the mudman had gotten so huge. He must've eaten his spinach and drank his milk, as the mudmen did to get tall. "Ellie?" Lucy asked. "Are you a Corporal? The symbol on your helmet implies that you are."

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Emily :) | 37 comments "Um yeah," Ellie replied panting.

(Hey I am going to start writing in third person to avoid confusion)

She glanced back at Lucy and could see the symbol on her helmet but she couldn't quite make out what it was. She ducked into the trees and crouched down to watch the madman look for her. It had been close
"So what rank are you Lucy?" She asked not turning round.

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "I just got promoted to Captain." Then Lucy giggled as the mudman look up high, into the trees and in the sky. "There aren't any sprites on retrieval." Lucy's lip quivered. "Anymore."

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Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie didn't reply until the mudman had given up and walked away. She turned to Lucy.
"We can't worry about that now, we need to get into the house and get Holly out," Ellie explained. Lucy nodded and after a moment they set out again.

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "Y'know," said Lucy thoughtfully. "Retrieval would be a whole lot easier if we had some more sprites. It was so easy before" Lucy paused, then opened her mouth to finish, then closed it again. "Never mind."

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Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie looked at her for awhile then placed a hand on her shoulder.
"I know its different but we can do this now," she saiid. Lucy nodded but didnt reply. "C'mon we dont have much time"

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Lucy shook herself. "Yeah." she said. "We've got to save Holly." Lucy paused. "Do you know Holly? I do. She's my best friend. We're both something. She was the first girl, and i'm the youngest officer in the entire LEP. I met her my first day on traffic. She's nice, and funny too. She even saved my life once, so I want to help save her life."

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Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie started walking again and listened to Lucy's chatter. She knew the young sprite's nerves were running a little high so she didnt stop her. Ellie didnt know Holly personally but she knew the Elf's reputation and admired Holly for it.
"Alright," she said cutting Lucy off. they were standing next to the house. "What next?"

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Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "Hmmmm," Lucy said. "Well, i could fl-" Lucy stopped and grabbed her head. "AGH!" she yelled. "I can't hold it anymore! I used to be a sprite!" Lucy doubled over and started crying. As she did so, the two bumps on her back were clearly visible.

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Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie leaned over Lucy and placed a hand comfortingly on her shoulder.
"Lucy," she said softly. she could tell the young sprite as having a troubled time. Ellie personally tried to avoid looking at the bumps on the girls back that used to be wings. "We will find a way to get in and you wouldnt even have had to leave the ground."

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments "Okay." Lucy stopped sniffling. she brightened. "Sorry i cry all the time. I'm the youngest fairy on the ranks. I've only been LEP for a year or two, and i'm still getting used to it. By the way, you don't have to worry abut me or my loss of sprite-ness, they're working on some pros... prothetic... fake ones for me." Lucy shivered and turned her eyes to Fowl Manor. "Now let's rescue Holly."

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Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie straightened up and looked at the Fowl Manor with a new eye. How in the world would you get into that fortress undetected? Especially passed a mudman that is expecting you.
"Any ideas," Lucy asked. Ellie shook her head and grinned.
"We'll we always could walk through the front door."

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments Lucy frowned. "We can't do that. We'll start throwing up and we'll be one offense closer to losing magic." Lucy stopped. "I guess I could sacrifice magic. For Holly. Could you?" Lucy looked at Ellie expectantly, big blue eyes, penetrating, staring...

message 44: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments Ellie sighed. she had forgotten about the effects of entering the house. She wanted to say that she would gladly give up some power for Holly but reckless behavoir in the past had left her with already small amounts. She shook herself.
"Do you have any other ideas," she asked lucy hopefully already prepared for the anwser.

message 45: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments (i'm sorry if that doesnt make much sense, mainly Ellie doesnt have very strong magic and she doesnt want to lose it. it sounded better in my head)

Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments (That makes total sense. It sounds good in my head, too!:)

Lucy thrust her bottom lip out, as if she was going to cry. Then she stuck it back in and said simply and firmly: "Nope." Then she added: "I have an ommitool, a shield amplifier, and a security cloak. We could get in there fairly easily." Lucy turned away from Ellie.

message 47: by Emily :) (new)

Emily :) | 37 comments (okay just to let you know it has been awhile sense i read these books and i have no idea what an ommitool is :))

"alright so we are going in," Ellie muttered more to herself then to Lucy, Lucy nodded anyways.
"Ok so what's the plan?" Ellie asked hoping that Lucy had one that would get them in and out in somewhat one piece.

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Running-With-Schisms (NoelleTheAwesome) | 54 comments (An omnitool unlocks any lock you put past it)

"We-el," began Lucy, drawing out the word. "While you were pondering stuff, i drew up a digital diagram. I am sending it to your helmet, Corporal. Foaly taught me how to do that." said the sprite. "Ten and a half seconds is a new record." Lucy explained the diagram while Ellie pulled up the digital file and read it.

"First, we take two pairs of mechanical wings, and fly up to the roof." The picture showed two stick figures with wings in the air next to a building. "Second, I laser a hole in the roof. From blueprints of the building Foaly stole, i know exactly where to make a hole right over the guest bedroom, where no one ever is. Next, we jump in. We will be suffering throwing up, so i suggest we go to the guest bathroom." Lucy's drawing showed the stick figures barfing in a toilet next to the guest room.

"Fourthly, we creep down the stairs. We wont be able to shield yet, cause we were just throwing up and everything, so we will just have to creep and use our camoflauge suits till we get to the dumbwaiter. Fifthly, we climb in, and we use a gun or some thing to push the 'basement' button." The picture was two figures in a little box. "Once we get to the basement we use the omnitool to open the cell door, then we rescue Holly. Any questions?"

message 49: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 4 comments "Um..... Well what if we're caught that Fowl always seems two steps ahead of us," asked Lucy

message 50: by Bryan (new)

Bryan | 4 comments "Even with the tech?"

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