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Ashes of Victory (Honor Harrington, #9)
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The Honor Harrington series > ASHES OF VICTORY - RollCall/First Impressions *No Spoilers*

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Chris This is the place to state your intent, desire, beginnings etc for Ashes of Victory without spoilers.

message 2: by Stuart (new) - added it

Stuart (Asfus) | 135 comments I will read it at some point.

Kathi | 1925 comments Started it last night, basically picks up right where Echoes of Honor left off. So far, so good!

Marty (martyjm) | 310 comments I just started it.

message 5: by Jon (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 626 comments I meant to start it yesterday, but I got an e-mail from my library telling me one of the ebooks I placed a hold on was available to download. So I spent the afternoon reading The Help instead. I'll either start Ashes at lunch today or read myself to sleep with it tonight.

Lindsey | 272 comments Intend to read #9 soon-ish. Trying to get through the second anthology, although I'm thinking of skipping that re-read and going straight to this one.

Suzanne | 83 comments I'm going to read it.

Richard (ThinkingBlueCountingTwo) | 127 comments Just starting it now I'm afraid, after falling behind with Echoes. I hope to God that Weber's editor gets back on the job for this one, they seemed entirely absent, even for proof reading, in my free ebook version.
Oh well here goes, once more into the breach dear friends...

Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides (upsight) | 187 comments I hate to be a jerk, but it only gets worse, I'm afraid. (The latest book in the series was awful from that standpoint, just looking at tiny but irritating internal-to-the-book continuity errors that should've been caught.)

Nyssa Just started this late last night. So far, chapter 3 has been the best and worst chapter of the series. I cried!!

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