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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Here *hands over ticket* - quickly! The train is about to depart!! It's time for another year at the magical school of Hogwarts!!


Make up a character:

- Name
- Type (Muggle, Half-Blood, Pure-blood)
- Pet (if you want one)
- (OPTIONAL) Your connection to the Potter world (e.g. Harry's niece, Hermione's cousin, etc.)

Here's mine:

Name: Silvia Longbottom
Pet: An owl named Petra
Type: Pure-blood
Connection: Is Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom's daughter

Lucinda Name: Beatrice Helena claire Black (or Beatrice H. C Black)
Type: Pureblood
Pet: none
Connection to Potterworld: Niece to Regulus Black & Sirius Black and Cousin of Belatrix Lestrange.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Name: Cedrella Malfoy
Type: Pure-Blood
Pet: Toad named Bump
Connection: Daughter of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass, and twin sister of Scorpius

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments ((So are we all first years and are going to be sorted into Houses or can we be any year and any House?))

Lucinda I would love to try on the sorting hat...! Xx

message 6: by Sue (new)

Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Name: Elizabeth Johnson Weasley
Type: Pure blood
Pet: Owl called Beauty
Connection: Is George and Angelina's daughter

(My HP knowledge is very weak. Sorry, if my imagination is wrong.)

Lucinda Rimpy wrote: "Name: Elizabeth Johnson Weasley
Type: Pure blood
Pet: Owl called Beauty
Connection: Is George and Angelina's daughter

(My HP knowledge is very weak. Sorry, if my imagination is wrong.)"

Dear Rimpy,
(hi, how are you & how's your reading going?). Concidering that you say you don't know Harry Potter very well, i think that your character sounds really great!
Lucinda Xx

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

"Mum ," she sighed in exasperation. "I am not bringing a copy of the Quibbler with me!"
"Why not?" Mrs Longbottom's eyes are wide behind her Spectraspecs, which she has insisted upon wearing. But behind her wide-eyed innocence was a wise look, for she knew her daughter too well.

"Because..." Silvia trailed off. She loved her mother. Really. It was just that she would have liked to have gotten through the first five minutes (or was that too long a stretch of time to ask for?) of the school year without being ridiculed. It only made matters worse that her father was the Herbology teacher, which was sure to add to her loser status.

"Silvia!" Silvia turned around and grinned when she saw Albus Potter waving. "Come on! Before all the compartments are taken up!" She turned back to her mother, opening her mouth to explain about the Quibbler, but to her surprise her mother simply hugged her tightly.

"Be good, Silvia." Mrs Longbottom, reached a hand into her bright pink jacket, fishing around for something. That something, when she drew her hand out again, was a necklace - a collection of brightly coloured stones and wispy feathers. "Keep it for luck, dear. Ok? And say hi to Daddy when you get a chance."

"I will." Grasping the necklace tightly in one hand, after leaning up for a quick peck on the cheek, Silvia raced off towards the Hogwarts Express, eager for whatever awaited.

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Zohal | 1418 comments Mod
Ok, don't laugh at my actual name for my character since I made this up before I read the 7th book so I had no idea there was even an actual character with this name.

P.S Even though the last name is Potter I am not related to Harry Potter

Name: Lily Luna Potter
Pet: Cat
Type: Pure Blood
Connection: (I hope this counts) Descendant of Salazar Slytherin

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

*wanders behind Scorpius, waving at her parents*

"Scorpius, wait up!" *she runs to catch up with him, her robe flying behind her, and they enter the train. They wander along until they find an empty compartment and sit down. Cedrella stares out the window at all the people on the platform*

message 11: by Sue (new)

Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Lucinda wrote: "Rimpy wrote: "Name: Elizabeth Johnson Weasley
Type: Pure blood
Pet: Owl called Beauty
Connection: Is George and Angelina's daughter

(My HP knowledge is very weak. Sorry, if my imagination is ..."

(I'm good. And my reading's better. I'm reading a new book that I got yesterday called Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. What about you? How are you? And did you get your new house? How's the reading going?)
Thanks. :) I was way worried about the character because it totally came out of my mind and that was the main reason I was worried!*scared*

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod

- Silvia Longbottom (On the Hogwarts Express)
- Cedrella Malfoy (With Scorpius in their compartment as the train pulls off)
- Lily Luna Potter (?)
- Beatrice H. C Black (?)
- Elizabeth Johnson Weasley (?)

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Booknut wrote: "Update:

- Silvia Longbottom (On the Hogwarts Express)
- Cedrella Malfoy (With Scorpius in their compartment as the train pulls off)
- Lily Luna Potter (?)
- Beatrice H. C Black (?)
- Elizabet..."

(LOL - Everyone else is left behind on the platform 9 and 3/4!)

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Claire wrote: "Booknut wrote: "Update:

- Silvia Longbottom (On the Hogwarts Express)
- Cedrella Malfoy (With Scorpius in their compartment as the train pulls off)
- Lily Luna Potter (?)
- Beatrice H. C Black..."

*laughs* They can take the flying car!

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments OH OF COURSE! *face palm* How silly of me to forget!

message 16: by Sue (new)

Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

"Where's Beauty?", she asked her mother as she scuttled through the crowd of Platform 9 3/4. "Oh don't worry dear, your father's bringing her", Angeline said, walking alongwith her daughter. Elizabeth suddenly stopped in the tracks and practically shouted, "What?! Dad's bringing Beauty?! Mom my train's going to leave in no time and Dad's always late! This is an important day for me!". "Its important for me too", George said. Both of them turned around to find him standing behind them with Beauty in one hand. Elizabeth raced to her father and took her pet from him. "And you thought I wouldn't get in time", George said with a crooked smile. His daughter looked up at him and said, "You sure got me scared!" and she broke into a smile.
The train whistled and all of them gave a glance at the train. Angelina hugged her daughter, "Be good, dear". She hugged back and muttered, "I promise I will". George knelt down in front of his daughter and gave her a piece of paper. "What's this?", Elizabeth asked, startled. "Its a special map", George said, "Your uncle Fred and I found it when we were at Hogwarts. Keep it with you always, and you'll never be lost." "Thanks Dad.", said Elizabeth with a smile and hugged her father. The train whistled again. She raced with her luggage and Beauty in one hand. She turned back and waved her parents goodbye. "I wish it'll be a good year", she said softly and climbed the train.

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments (( Did we decide whether we are all first years or what? I don't know if I really want to be 12 :/ ))

message 18: by Sue (new)

Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Claire wrote: "(( Did we decide whether we are all first years or what? I don't know if I really want to be 12 :/ ))"

I think we are..

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments (( OKAY! )) Cedrella Malfoy

*Cedrella sits and watches Scorpius waving his wand around aimlessly*

"Scorpius, stop that or you're going to hurt someone and it will probably be me! Plus no-one is going to want to sit with us if your being dangerous"

*she gets up and peeks out the compartment door, seeing Albus Potter in the distance. She waves at him and then sits back down*

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

"Silvia!" Albus Potter gives her a hand up, helping her onto the train. He has already changed into his robes, unlike Silvia who is still wearing Muggle clothes (a pink knit sweater and jeans). "Come on! James said he was getting a compartment, but I wouldn't put it past him to not save a spot for us!"

Silvia nodded, a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of students crammed into the space of the train.

Lucinda What has been happening with everyone whilst i have been away?? *looking confused*

Rimpy - reading; no time! Moving house; not yet! stress levels; high!

Okay so my HP character is Beatric H C Black and you are all getting on the Hogwarts train, okay i am getitng it now...

(Beatrice arrives on platform 9 3/4 in the middle of all the chaos and hustle and bustle. There are children running around, animals scuttling under peoples feet, parents wishing their children well and saying goodbye and a genralised chaos and carnage that surrounds the bright red train of the Hogwarts Express that is clouding the platform with thick white smoke. Beatrice looks behind her and notices her distant relation of Draco Malfoy & his wife with thier child, who is boarding the train).

"Right, i need to find a carriage" Beatrice muttered to herself, trying to walk in between the clusters of people.
She finally comes to a window that presents an empty carriage within the train and so opens the door and lets herself in. Turning around and taking one last look at the platform that is completely invisable due to the vast number of people that are congrgating on it & the dense smoke.
"Here i come Hogwarts!"

Beatrice then makes herself comfortable within the empty carriage, looking out the window at all the families and wishing that there was someone who would see her off. Whilst deep in thought her carriage door is slid open and Elizabeth Weasley enters the compartment...

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

*she stares out the window and thinks about what the year ahead will be like. Will she be sorted into Slytherin like her father? Will she be in a separate house to Scorpius? But most importantly, will anyone want to be her friend*

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

"Zee!", Hugo shouted. Elizabeth turned back to find Hugo Weasley calling out to her in the middle of the students. He cut through the mob and hold her wrist and dragged through the compartment. "Come on! I saved a seat for you!", he told her and pulled her to their cabin. They got to their compartment and settled down. Elizabeth placed Beauty on the seat across her and plopped to her seat beside Hugo.

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

She noticed a girl sitting across her, and found her admiring Beauty. "Hello!", she exclaims to her. The girl looks up and gives her a warm smile. "Hello, I'm Beatrice Black", she says. "I'm Elizabeth Weasley and this is my cousin, Hugo", said Elizabeth. Hugo glances up at her, and then turns his head away in disgust. Elizabeth knew the reason behind such an act of Hugo, but she kept quiet and glanced back at Beatrice with an apologetic smile.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

Finally, after much ducking under owl cages (as well as manipulating her own, which held a very agitated and cross Petra), squeezing between groups of chatting students and trying not to lose Albus in the crowd, Silvia was relieved to see the lanky figure of James in the compartment at the end of the section she and Albus had entered.

*Albus slides open the compartment door* "Hey James." His tone is more subdued with his brother. Silvia, having spent many a holiday time with the Potter family, knows that they do not get along - which is mainly James' fault.
*James smirks* "Seeing snakes yet, Al? Any weird sounds coming out your mouth yet?" *he grins when Albus begins to grow pale*

"Stop that!" demands Silvia, tugging Albus down into the seat across from James and sitting down beside Albus. "What have snakes got to do with anything anyhow?"
*James raises an eyebrow when he finally spots her* "Woah ho! Look what the cat dragged in! If it isn't Silly Silvia."
"If it isn't Juvenile James," she smugly replied, knowing full well that though James Potter was one year her senior, his vocabulary left much to be desired and he hated when she used words he did not understand.

"As for the snakes," James grinned and Silvia couldn't help admiring how the whole mussed hair, tie undone, robes in perfect disarray and wicked smile look worked for him. "Dear Al is afraid he'll end up in dear old Slytherin."

"That won't happen!" Silvia adamantly protested. She looked to Albus for reassurance but he was too busy staring at his hands, his face pinched and eyes glassy. " WON'T end up in Slytherin if you do not want to. No matter what Dung-Head over here may think."

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

*Cedrella watches as Scorpius talks to his best friend Fred Weasley and decides to go for a walk. She heads out of the compartment and heads towards the way she had seen Albus go. When she see's him through the carriage doors, she knocks and then pokes her head in*

"Hey guys! Mind if I join you? I'm really bored back in my compartment!"

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

*Stairing at the young boy oposite her who is refusing to look her in the eye. The owl that the girl placed on the seat is now flapping around and squwarking loudly and Beatrice has to sho it off of her lap several times.
*The owl Beauty hits its head on the window not noticing the glass and falls backwards, a look of horror apears on Lizzie Weasley's face.

"Beauty, you silly owl i am all in a fluster!"
*Hugo rolls his eyes heavenwards.

"Well that was a hoot!" He exclaims "Can we eat now?" He then questions Elizabth who is stroking her bird's wings...

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

Stroking her owl's wings, Elizabeth gives a fowl look at Hugo. Hugo stares back and says, "What? I'm hungry!". Elizabeth puts the cage to her side and looks at Hugo, saying, "Help yourself!". Hugo knows about the main reason behind Elizabeth's ignorance. He sighs and says, "Zee, I'm sorry. I'll behave. Now will you please get me something to eat? I'm starving!". He gives one of his innocent smiles to her. But Elizabeth was a hard nut to crack. She raises an eyebrow and looks at him, her eyes boring his. Meanwhile, Beatrice felt a bit uncomfortable by their conversation. She was about to get up and excuse them, when Elizabeth got up. She turned to face her and asked Beatrice, "Do you want something to eat?"...

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

(Beatrice looks at Elizabeth in astonishment that not only did she speak to her but that she also was trying to be sociable, and Beatrice was hence not sure how to react to such a gesture as she was used to her relatives the Malfoy's who were much less cival).
*Seeming flustered
"Oh, that is er very kind but i am okay thanks"

(Beatrice glaces over at Hugo who is stuffing himself with a Pumkin Pasy and is holding out to Elizabeth a Liquish wand)...

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

She blushes when none of the boys bother to get up, so she stands and motions Cedrella in. "Of course!! Come in - it's just me and the boys," she adds, aiming a glare at the two of them that goes unnoticed.

Lucinda (apologies my spelling is DREADFUL i have just noticed loads of mistakes above...i am too reliant on the computer spellchecker!) Xx

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

"Thanks" she says as she takes a seat "My brother and his friend were talking about Quidditch, and as usual I wasn't included!"

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Zohal | 1418 comments Mod
(sorry forget about my other post I didn't understand what we were doing, so I get it now I will start.

Lily Luna Potter

As I get onto the Hogwarts Express I am immediately aware that people are whispering about me from what I can tell.
Just great. I thought.
As I wandered through the hallway looking for a free compartment. I realised all of them were full except for one where 5 people were sitting so there was one spare seat.
'Um, hi can I join you all the other compartments are full' I asked and immediately I regret asking them.

'Your a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, so why should we let you join us. We don't want to be around you. Especially Albus, he's scared of Slytherin.' I was shocked. Who did he think he was judging me just like that.
'What's your name," I asked him showing him a face which was completely passive.
' If you must know my name is James Sirius Potter. I assume you know who my dad is.' James stated.
Wow, a show off I thought.
' Yeah I know who your dad is, so anyways why is Albus here,' I started steering my head towards the boy across from James 'scared of Slytherin' I said.
' Because he doesn't want to be in Slytherin, he's afraid he'll like go bad in Slytherin,'
' Not all Slytherin's are bad, take Regulus Black, he had some morals in the end and Severus Snape he practically helped defeat You-Know-Who. '

'You know she has a point.' A girl most probably Rose I was guessing spoke up from the corner of the compartment. She was sitting next to the window so she had a clear view of the surroundings..........

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

Elizabeth could understand Beatrice's reaction to her. She allowed a warm smile and said, "Its okay. We're friends. Just say what you want to eat. We're still quite far from Hogwarts and though we're wizards, we do feel hungry". Beatrice loosens up a bit and smiles. "Good", she winked. She glanced back at Hugo and said, "You can have that. I'm going to get something from the cart". Hugo, who is way busy eating, murmurs a "Mmm-hmm". Elizabeth glanced back at Beatrice and asked, "Hey, you can come along with me." Beatrice smiled back and got up. When she slided the door open, Hugo called out to Elizabeth. "Hey Zee!", he said, mouthful of food, "Could you bring some chocolates for me?". "Sure", said Elizabeth and they left...

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Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

(Looking more fondly upon the image of Elizabeth who just left the compartment. She smiles to herself.)
"I think that i am going to like Hogwarts"
*Beatrice mutters to herself.
(Meanwhile an old lady pushing a trolly down the corridor is shouting "anything from the trolly dears?", it is full of the most colourful and strange sweets that anyone has ever seen; with bertie botts every flavour beans to chocolate frogs and drewballs)...Hugo looking excited oposite her, his face lights up...

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

*laughs* "Trust me, I know the feeling! These two," she waves a hand in the general direction of the Potter boys, "are constantly at each others throats, so I normally have to entertain myself."
"Which you do a brilliant job of, Sil," commented James lazily. "Keep up the good work."

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

"So what type of wands have you all got?" she says, pulling hers out of her robe, very excited

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

*pulls hers out* "Mine is 12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring" (for wand test - it's so cool!!). "What's yours?"

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

(Beatrice is hoping that Elizabeth will be back soon as Hugo is getting on her nerves a little bit now, by asking "are we there yet?" twice. She then gets her wand out of her robes and starts causally tapping on the window pane as she is bored).
*Elizabeth enters the carriage and glances over at Beatrice with her eyebrows raised at the sight of her wand...

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

"Oh wow! Mine is the same! A 12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring"

((Woo for the quiz right LOL))

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

Elizabeth first decides to go to the compartment to meet the Potters, but on her way she bumps into Scorpius Malfoy. "Hey! Watch where you're going!", she told him with a look of disgust. She stands up and clears off the dirt from her robe. Scorpius says, "Where am I going?! You should be looking first!". His friend, Fred, helped him get up. "This is the problem with you Malfoys," says Elizabeth, "You people keep blaming others for your own mistakes! You're a born idiot!". She turns around, her dark brown hair flipping across her shoulders. Scorpius flew into a rage and exclaimed, "And you Weasleys stay out of my way!". Elizabeth turned around and said with a sweet, innocent smile, "We Weasleys have no intention of getting in your way of idiocy!" nad left.
She never got the chance to see her cousins because of Scorpius, as she has to go past him to their compartment. Already a bit angered by Scorpius she stormed back to her compartment, forgetting everything about the food and Hugo's chocolates. She slides open the door to find Hugo busy with a Hogwarts comic book and Beatrice tapping her wand against the window. Beatrice turns around and gave her a "Thank God" smile. But she also notices Elizabeth's eyebrows raised at the sight of her wand.
Elizabeth asks "Are you trying to do any magic?"...

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

"Nope, why would you like to see some?"
(she questions Elizabeth a look of childish glee upon her distinctive features and her eyes seem to light up at the thought of a challenge.)...

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

A bit excited by Beatrice's question, she plopped into the seat beside her. "Sure!", she exclaimed. "Then I can show some of mine! Dad has been teaching me quite a few spells before going to Hogwarts.", she continues. Seeming a bit aware of their conversation, Hugo sits up. "You don't have to show any magic!", he practically shouts, looking straight into Beatrice's eyes. Feeling ashamed of Hugo's behaviour, she turns to him and says in an icy cold voice, "Behave.". Hugo stares back at her with a mixture of fear and apology, heat radiating from his face. Beatrice noticed a fierce black gleam in Elizabeth's dark eyes...

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

(takes up her wand in front of her and grabs a water bottle that is perched next to the window ledge. There is utter silence as Hugo and Elizabeth's eyes are fixed on Beatrice, not blinking or flinching an inch.)
*Beatrice concentrates and stairs into the depths of the murky water.

"wingardium leviosa!"
(the water bottle then hovers in the air above Beatrice's lap as if it is being pulled by invisable strings. Hugo's eyes widen and Elizabeth smiles, as Beatrice guides the bottle higher into the air.)

*Suddenly the compartment door is pulled open and a girl screams
(She booms at Beatrice who looses her concentration and the waterbottle then crashes to the floor, bursting the lid off and spraying water over everyone within the carriage compartment).

"Now look what you have canot use magic until we get to Hogwarts...Prefects orders!"
*The girl who is now covered in water glares at the three of them who are now soaking wet and storms from the compartment, slamming the door behind her. Hugo and Elizabeth look most startled, and Beatrice is most upset & displeased that her spell was interrupted just as it was going so well.

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

Elizabeth never heard of this rule before. Water is dripping from her robes and she is totally wet. Hugo has already rushed off to the bathroom to change, holding Beatrice responsible for him getting wet. Elizabeth stared at him once, and he got away. She turned to face Beatrice, partially wet, her eyes glossy. She places her hand on her shoulder and says, "Hey, it isn't your fault. She came out of nowhere. I never knew about such a rule. I would'nt have told you to do magic if I knew about this. And you'll be a great wizard, trust me. Maybe you'll be the best, who knows! It doesn't which family you come from, how your descendants were, all that matters is what kind of a person you are. So, ignore Hugo. He's like that. He'll be good to you as soon as he gets to know you."
Beatrice looks up, her eyes still glossy. Elizabeth gives her a soft, warm smile. A teardrop escapes her eyes and she hugs Elizabeth tightly...

Lucinda Beatrice Helena Claire Black

(She wipes her eyes on her robes that are now sore and red, feeling silly for acting so foolish infront of Elizabeth and Hugo. After regaining her composure she then sits back into the seat and turns to face Elizabeth who is looking most concerned).
"It is because of my relatives that people ASSUME things about me, such as because i am related to the Malfoys or the lestranges"
*Beatrice sighs
"I am a pure-blood and one cannot change that, but i will let my character decide my fate at Hogwarts and not my family".

(Beatrice's confidence returns and so does Hugo who has changed into his robes. The train journey is almost 3/4 of the way done to Hogwarts and Beatrice looks out of the window longingly as it begins to turn dark)...

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Sue (shylove06) | 512 comments Elizabeth Johnson Weasley

Leaving behind a confident Beatrice and a dry Hugo, Elizabeth leaves the compartment and goes to the girl's washroom to change into her dress. On her way, he saw Scorpius talking to his friend. Ready to be insulted, she decided to go past him. When she came up to him, Scorpius turned around and stood blank. She said, "Oh come on, spit it out already!" and went past him. He stood watching her, thinking he never saw someone that beautiful in his entire life. Elizabeth changed into her new robes. She reached her compartment and found Beatrice looking outside the window and Hugo stuffing his head in his bag, searching for something.
"What are you looking for?", she said to Hugo.
"Did you see my torch lights anywhere?", said Hugo.
"Your torch lights? Why do you need them?", she asked.
"Its dark outside and I'm no way sleeping without them.", Hugo said, his head still stuck in the bag.
"Hugo, no one will be coming to get you! Just relax!", said Elizabeth, knowing her cousin brother was afraid of the dark.
"Aha! I got them!", remarked Hugo.
Beatrice let out a little laugh on Hugo's sudden excitement on getting his torch...

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

*fiddles with her wand, looking over at Albus* "Do you know any spells, Albus?"
Albus sighs, running a hand through his hair. "A few basic ones. Aunt Hermione was trying to teach us during the holidays so we could help her with the Christmas decorations and housework." The colour was coming back to his face and he turned to Cedrella. "Do you know any spells?"

Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Cedrella Malfoy

"Daddy only taught me a few basic ones. I think he was secretly teaching Scorpius more, but he won't tell me"
*she pouts slightly at the thought*

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Silvia Longbottom

*leans back in her seat* "At least you have a sibling. I just have Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb over here to spend time with. I've always wanted siblings."

*James snorted and crossed his arms over his chest* "Trust me," he said, rolling his eyes, "It isn't a Quidditch match nor a trip to Hogsmead. Sometimes it's a pain in the-"
Silvia interrupts him. "Perhaps I better go change into my robes."
"Are they fluro pink?" asked James, grinning.
*she sticks her tongue out at him* "No."

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