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Joy Naitore i have read this book and when you reach the end you get what you did not expect....shock on me!

Khaled Zeidan a sweet 1

Maureen I agree the beginning was carefully and was a very slow read, then the book takes off and you cannot put it down. The ending was great. I also thought the film was very well done.

Neha it was a very good book, it argued both sides of the science/religion debate very well

Losen An absolutely wonderful example of a "mystery" genre style book that brought out the best of the science vs religion debates.

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Possibly one of the most inept novels I've ever read. The solution to the mystery was obvious from the outset (or rather from the copious clumsy exposition) and the climax of the novel amazingly illogical (how did Langdon survive the explosion and the fall?).

However, the alchemy of history and conspiracy is certainly attractive. In the hands of a better writer, this could have been a masterpiece.

Thus, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco fits the bill. To those that enjoyed this, they might want to read Eco's magnum opus.

Galen I thought that the book was very good. It was a very unique story although very similar to its sequel Da Vinci Code. Although predictable, the book was still interesting and fun to read. You would like this book if you are into mystery and suspense.

Edelweiss When I read a book, rather than thinking of something as an error, I think of it as an alternate world, which becomes more or less removed from current reality. (Perhaps I read too much SCIFI as a child) However, I can honestly say that this book, while certainly interesting, was one of the furthest from reality that I had ever read, despite the fact that it was masquerading as a current event. Certainly an interesting read, but don't trust it as truth.

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Joy Naitore the movie - epic!

Myrna Vega I agree with some readers, the book started slow but then it started getting really interesting and I couldn't put the book down.

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