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message 1: by Xandy *Mako's Scarf*, Flamey-o Hotman! (new)

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) | 192 comments Mod
Oh my gosh I can't wait!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I saw the first two episodes :D

message 3: by Xandy *Mako's Scarf*, Flamey-o Hotman! (new)

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) | 192 comments Mod
I hate you. haha JK

Tabitha (Tabby18) Its starts at 11:00am today.I can't wait.

The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments I also watched to fist two, do I have to wait like two weeks

Tabitha (Tabby18) hi Wang did you make a character?

The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments iut takes a while to make a person on an iPod

Tabitha (Tabby18) oh ok


The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments I'm waiting for episode 3


Sk8r Pieninja *Reborn* (Sk8rPieninja) | 8 comments The first episode wasn't as amazing as I thought...
But the second was better thanks to Mako and Bolin ^.^

The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments I HATED Tensen.. There is no way he's Aang's son

Sk8r Pieninja *Reborn* (Sk8rPieninja) | 8 comments Heh, he was alright... but yeah, way too serious

The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments he was mean to Korra :/

message 19: by The Evil Queen (last edited Apr 14, 2012 09:49AM) (new)

The Evil Queen (ReginaMills) | 35 comments go to Nickolodean ((?))

message 20: by Xandy *Mako's Scarf*, Flamey-o Hotman! (new)

Xandy *Mako's Scarf* (ninjastealthmaster) | 192 comments Mod
Dude, Tenzen took after Katara, big time lawl

message 21: by Ethan (last edited Apr 14, 2012 10:13AM) (new)

Ethan No, I see aang in tensen. He just has less of the fun in him that Aang and Katara had. Just the seriousness.

Mᴀʟxᴏx ♥ (Malxox) I like Mako ^^
My bestie watched the first two online before they actually were on tv and totally called that he'd be my favorite.

And Tension... Ya I see both Aang and Katara I'n him, though his children seemed to have more Aang then anything. He probably was a wild child like Aang, but he's not really that young anymore so ya *shrugs*

Overall it's not bad. But nothing can beat the old Avatar ^*

ku. [ semi-hiatus ] (s-t-o-k-e-d) I can't until episode 3. Mako and Bolin have to be my favorite.

Tenzen....he was too serious but his face expressions were hilarious in episode one.

When I saw Katara as an old person, I knew she was going to age alot. But sadly Sokka died. I was looking foward to seeing him as an old person.

I actually liked it alot. I want to see how the 4 seasons come out compared to the old Avatar's 4 seasons.

Copper  Black | 130 comments nothing,and i mean NOTHING can beat the old avatar,and katara looks EXACTLY like gran-gran,but katara was like 16 when Gran-gran looked like that.and her oldest granddaughter looks about 8,tenzen looks like aang but is nothing like him...or katara....well except for the easily angered part

Ethan yea, i kinda want to see tenzens son w/ sokkas boomerang

Copper  Black | 130 comments OMG LMAS!!!

Ethan wouldnt that be a great combo?

Copper  Black | 130 comments LOL i like how u Ethan!(and/or Alan!)

Ethan That sentence made so much sense. I think you were supposed to add "think" at the end

Copper  Black | 130 comments ya,REALLY CRAPPY PHONE SUCKS!!!!!!

LOL i like how you think Ethan!(and/or Alan!)

sorry...as stated above THE PALM______ IS A CRAPPY PHONE!!!!

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