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message 1: by Marjorie (last edited Apr 13, 2012 10:27AM) (new)

Marjorie Friday Baldwin (marjoriefbaldwin) | 159 comments Okay, I finally have an author account here and have added the book from Smashwords but the cover's still not showing up :-( I'll get that straightened out before the official release date of Conditioned Response on Friday :-) April 20, 2012 (my late mother's birthday)

In advance of the release, I'd like to get "advance readers" to review it. This would be reading an UNPROOFED GALLEY VERSION (also known as an ARC or Advance Reader Copy) I'll happily comp a copy of this version of the book to anyone who wants to commit to read/review/upload AT LEAST 3 REVIEWS WITHIN 30 DAYS. You can upload one review to 3 or more sites--and you can copy the same review to every site on the list if you like! but you must agree to do so for at least 3 sites and you must commit to doing this by or before May 20th.

This offer for a comp copy of the eARC will expire on April 30, 2012.

I'll have the list of book pages where reviews can be uploaded after release (after April 20, 2012) and will provide the list of links by return email.

I'll send you the book in either MOBI or ePub format which should cover the bulk of eReader situations. Just send me an email at and put "CR REVIEW COPY" into the subject line of your email. Specify which format you want.

KINDLE READERS: If you're asking for the book in MOBI format and want me to send it directly to your Kindle (instead of email) please just add my address to your "approved sender list" and let me know the address of your kindle in your initial email message.

NOOK/iPAD/Other ePUB READERS: If you're looking for the ePUB, I'll email the file to you (or does Nook also do the mail-to addresses?) Please let me know what address you'd like the ePUB sent to in your intiial email message.

Again, you must read and post a review by May 20, 2012. This is a LONG book and that's a "short" time for some people so please think about how quickly you read and what your life is like for the next 4-6 weeks. I have a reason for the short notice: I'd like to be sure to have some reviews out there well in advance of Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend of May) in order to do my best promo/marketing work over the holiday weekend and before I have to find a new place to live in June.

Tricia and Cassie are starting to proofread the Galley Proof version this weekend and through next week so you can hound them for their opinion on the book's "enjoyability" factor.

I think it's a pretty good read even if you don't usually like SciFi but I'm biased (duh). It is CLASSIC SCIFI--no spaceships, no alien battles (though there are aliens and there are battles and there are even some flashing lights *haha*) There is also sex, violence, foul language and a VERY varied cast of characters. This book has an epic feel and is part of a series. You might risk becoming addicted to the series (you've been warned!)

message 2: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie Friday Baldwin (marjoriefbaldwin) | 159 comments Still taking submissions. Wanted to post another comment here just to refresh the thread since inactive threads sink down out of visibility ;-\ Got another 2 weeks to sign up for a free comp copy if you want to do a review of this Sexy SciFi Thriller!


message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments How about a synopsis? Readers have plenty of books - we shouldn't have to hunt down the basics of your story.

Release date:
Twitter Summary (140 chars or less):
Intended audience:

Then follow that with a one/two paragraph breakdown of the story

Only after that should you stipulate the rules/requirements of reading your novel.

message 4: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie Friday Baldwin (marjoriefbaldwin) | 159 comments Stephen wrote: "How about a synopsis? Readers have plenty of books - we shouldn't have to hunt down the basics of your story.

Release date:
Twitter Summary (140 chars or less):
Intended audience:

Then follow that with a one/two paragraph breakdown of the story

Only after that should you stipulate the rules/requirements of reading your novel. "

Wow, this is the first I've heard of there being "rules" for requesting reviewers who want to receive a complimentary copy of a book. AND I do believe in the year + I've been in the group, I think this is also the first I've ever SEEN of anyone making this kind of hostile demand in response to a request for reviewers. Interesting approach, Stephen.

In addition to this being totally out of the norm for this group, I've actually been posting all over the group for months and months. I delineated ALL of that stuff in the Beta Readers Wanted thread, feeling I was pouring out TMI before anyone even said they wanted to read for me, so I guess I didn't want to repeat myself for the sake of not wearing the group thin with my droning on about a book still "forthcoming." I posted to the Exciting news and reviews wanted folders and a few other conversations (big thread in The Attic), so I'm sorry if you missed all of my posts blathering on about this since last August.

Okay, let's see:

Release date: this Friday, Apr 20 (this is already given above in the original post of this thread btw)

Twitter Summary (140 chars or less): Sorry, I don't do Twitter-style summaries of books. Ever. I only do Twitter promos and I'm NOT promo'ing the book here--or was that what you thought this was? It definitely was NOT intended to be a promo.

You can have the short description off the Smashwords Page:

CONDITIONED RESPONSE is a fast-paced, science fiction technothriller set in a far-future dystopia on an alien world where humanity's last remnants have tried to make a home. Baldwin builds a vivid world peopled with complex characters who face unusual challenges.

Genre: see the subject line of this thread or are you looking for something else?

Intended audience: geesh, I definitely don't think I've ever heard a request for people to specify an "intended" audience. Uh, readers? Okay, how's about readers who like sexy scifi thriller mysteries since that's what this is? I'm not sure what your intention is asking this kind of question.

Violence: Oh yes, in abundance since it is, after all, a thriller

Sex: in excessive amounts I'm sure you'd say but several readers have commented that they could just kind of linger on the sexy parts (not necessarily the sex scenes of which there are more than one, including one that is "alien sex" and that's one I actually SNIPPETED in the folder Amy set up for "share some of your novel here")

Swearing: Definitely! Several of the Proctors and one of the female Councillors are quite fond of an expletive beginning with the letter "F" Now I wonder what that could be? :)

Gore: uhh, no, I think I shall claim there is not. There's quite a bit of damage done to people but it's as far from a "splatterpunk" novel as one coudl get. There is, in fact, little or no blood at all, despite a character insisting "There could be blood. I could draw blood. In fact, I might enjoy it!"

message 5: by Stephen (last edited Apr 16, 2012 04:16PM) (new)

Stephen Herfst (stephen_herfst) | 54 comments Thanks. That clarifies your story. This was not an attack on your promo. I was trying to be helpful to your plight on attracting reviewers.

Intended audience: Adult , I would guess :)

Twitter summary would be something like:
"Sexy dystopian steampunk scifi on plight to rebuild"

message 6: by Marjorie (last edited Apr 27, 2012 01:36PM) (new)

Marjorie Friday Baldwin (marjoriefbaldwin) | 159 comments Stephen wrote: "Thanks. That clarifies your story. This was not an attack on your promo. I was trying to be helpful to your plight on attracting reviewers.

Intended audience: Adult, I would guess :)

Twitter summ..."

It sure came off like an attack and a nasty one at that. Just FYI.

Also, I not only don't write steampunk, I dislike the genre enough I don't read it. Ever.

Sorry but thanks for trying to write a "promo" for me. I don't have a problem writing promos. Again, I was NOT promo'ing here. Just looking for reviewers.

I've got about 20 who signed up so I hope to see about 5 reviews (since 75% I'm sure will take the free book and never post a review - or that's the industry standard as of right now; actually that's a bit of a high expectation. I'm hoping the Goodreads filter helps improve the ROI)

I'm definitely STILL taking requests until April 30th. I will hope and trust that 100% will be good for their word--and I have zero intention of hunting anyone down to "demand" my review. I have 110% faith in my book. Anyone who reads to The End will WANT to write a review.

message 7: by Marjorie (new)

Marjorie Friday Baldwin (marjoriefbaldwin) | 159 comments I've got a couple of dozen (potential) reviewers who've requested the book so I suspect I'll have at least 5 or 6 reviews out of this (or is 25% follow-through too high an expectation?)

Anyone else want to read this book and review it? Last call. Offer for a free copy ends Monday!

Shayla didn't ask to be a Councillor. As a Phoenician, she shouldn't have to live among the humans, let alone take part in their world. But the Seven Chiefs ordered her to go with Raif, a Proctor from the world Outside. They said they had a Plan. Well, the Seven Chiefs always had a Plan, and Shayla had plans of her own after suffering 13 long years as a member of the humans' World Council.

Raif had never intended for things to go this far. A few months, maybe a year, and he could send the little Phoenician girl home again, back where she belonged. She's not a little girl anymore and now he finds himself in competition with his own progenitor for control over his Heir--and future. It's not a Councillor's job to protect a Proctor but that's just what Raif needs right now. Can Shayla save him before he loses his mind completely?

Baldwin hooks you into her world so deeply and completely, you'll wonder if you've been Adjusted yourself! You'll think about this book even when you're not reading it. You'll wonder if that was the Plan all along.

More of a mystery than a thriller, you'll still find yourself on the edge of your seat, dying to see what happens next--and dreading it as you turn the page, even when you see it coming 3 chapters ahead, clear as day. The only bad thing to say about this book is that it ends, but it's a series book so at least the story will continue--with or without Raif! Vote for Raif on the Goodreads list "Characters Whose Story You Wish Would Continue" to see Raif again (I have a Plan but need your endorsement to write it!)

(This book contains strong language, explicit sexual situations and some graphic violence; therefore, it may not be suitable for all audiences.)


Goodreads lists are a way to increase visibility so I entered the book on these lists and it sure has risen the ranks! This many voters can't all be wrong ((grin)) @Barb, don't read this list of lists. It'll only upset you LOL


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