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message 1: by Whitney (new)

Whitney K.E. (WhitneyK-E) | 7 comments Hi everyone,
I've just started a blog last month and am trying to some interesting post out there. But I need your help.
Have you ever had a question you've always wanted answered?
Perhaps, your a reader and your just curious as to wether Elosia James like tea or coffee? Maybe your a writer and you want to know how your readers feel about ebooks or stereotypes.
If you've got a question, I want it. Each week, I will (for the mean time) take on one question. I will do my research, contact those authors and get those answers.
So tell me, What have you always wanted to know?

message 2: by Kelly (last edited May 22, 2012 12:40PM) (new)

Kelly (KellySantina) | 8 comments I have a question...hopefully it's cool I post here.

Can someone please explain to me what Fanfic is? I feel stupid for asking, but I have read descriptions and just don't get it. For example, how is Gabriel's Inferno a Twilight Fanfic?

Please & thank you!
- Kelly

message 3: by D.G. (new)

D.G. As far as I understand, a fan fiction is when you get inspired by the characters in a book and you create another story based on those characters. Like Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues is fanfic of P&P.

I haven't read Gabriel's Inferno but maybe the relationship is similar to that of Edward & Bella?

message 4: by Wendy F (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) Usually a 'fanfic' takes the specific characters or world and create a story, which is why they are in that gray copyright law area.

With Gabriel's Inferno, Poughkeepsie, and Fifty Shades of Gray they were able to get them published by changing the names, however the original manuscripts were fanfics with the actual characters from Twilight. Or so the rumors say.

message 5: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (KellySantina) | 8 comments Ok..very interesting. Thank you DG and Wendy. I guess I can kind of see similarities in the characters. I am assuming they were changed a bit more before being published in their own novel/story.

message 6: by Whitney (new)

Whitney K.E. (WhitneyK-E) | 7 comments hahaha. Well there goes my question lol. I can still answer it if you want more, perhaps an interview with a FF writer. OR you can ask another question :)

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