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Fatoshleo | 5 comments Mod

How would you feel if you were trapped inside a ship in space?

Godwin | 3 comments eh, none? Because of that would be the case, then I would already be under the influence of the Phydus.

Emily | 3 comments If I were Amy(a person off Phydus) I would freak out and try and find every nook and cranny so I had as much space as possible. I would not want to be trapped so I would have to find something to live for.

message 4: by Gia (new) - rated it 4 stars

Gia (theatrethief) I would probably get that "space madness" astronauts talk about. Or at least their psychiatrists talk about (the astronauts sometimes never speak again).

I'm one of those people who don't fear heights or swimming or vegetables (sorry, moment of randomness). However, I am seriously claustrophobic. I don't mind group hugs but I can't stand loud, packed-liked-sardines crowds. I just can't.

So, to answer your question directly, NO, I would not be able to survive in a giant metal vessel floating through an endless universe where I couldn't breathe fresh Earth air and no one could hear me scream.


Sarah Swan | 3 comments I think it would be fun for a bit (if we weren't drugged by a cloned leader) but I wouldn't want to live my whole life on a ship.

Hatsunekai Aribal | 5 comments That would be an interesting situation. If I were off Phydus and was stuck in that ship, I'd be unpredictable. I can't seem to foresee how I'll adapt to being in that ship. But I might be a little more like Amy. I'd feel claustrophobic and every time I look up I'd be disappointed because I would miss seeing a real sky.

Melissa  Joy (melissared) | 2 comments Godwin wrote: "eh, none? Because of that would be the case, then I would already be under the influence of the Phydus."


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