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Here's an idea, Rachel and Al...
Jill Jill Apr 09, 2012 03:27PM
What do you think about this as a possible romantic entanglement? Al has grown throughout the books and gone from scary demon to a really interesting character with depth. What if he and Rachel got together? There is chemistry and sexual tension. (Haters, I'm all for Rachel and Trent, so don't kill me for bringing this up!) Now that would be an interesting twist, discuss...

I think Al and Rachel would be a mistake, because then Newt would fry him but also they are not right for each other, i think the outcome will be Rachel either dead or with Trent. Al is hot and all with is personality but he is still cruel

I think Rachel and Al would be a better fit than R and Trent. I was getting a bit worried about Rachel's libido...I mean, I appreciate a hot guy when I see one, but she seems to get turned on at the most inapproprate times! I was actually kind of relieved when she "came out" as a demon. (And has anyone else wanted to smack her for her "It's not fair!" mantra?)

I definitely think the Rachel+ Al thing would make for some heated reading. In fact, I can almost hear him whispering to her in the dark..calling her his "itchy witch". LOL

My only wondering is if Rachel can get past wondering what he might actually look like. I recall the one time he thought her sleeping and was trying to decide what he looked like himself. (jumping from shape to shape). If I remember correctly she was kinda skeeved out. Not to mention I think she saw his genitalia once, and freaked, and not in a good way! ROFL

I'm totally for Rachel/Al.
I just can't see Rachel with Trent since he always tried to kill her and is like a needy child. Al would be dangerous enough to hold Rachel's interest and they would definitely make for some hot scenes, also Rachel could probably stop Newt from frying him to ashes.

I think my vote would have to be for Rachel and Al. Trent just comes across as too weak and dependent on other people for his protection and power.

Al, on the other hand, is one that could stand toe to toe with Rachel and give as good as he got. He would challenge Rachel constantly and keep just enough secrets to keep the runner in Rachel always hunting for information - to figure out what he's hiding.

I feel like Rachel would get bored of Trent in a few weeks. He's just not dangerous enough.

I do like Al...he is hilarious and very protective of Rachel, but I dont think Rachel will ever go there, she would hate herself....

Rachel/ Trent or Rachel/ Al? Both Trent and Al has treated Rachel badly in the early books which has only changed in the later. Trent/ Rachel on off relationships in the past feels more like that of siblings. I think it would be extremely fun if Rachel and Al got together for a while and have really hot scenes, and Rachel got pregnant and they had a child. Though Newt would probably kill Al - which would be very sad since he is really a very good character - and Harrison has proved with Kisten that no one is safe. Maybe Trent's daughter and Rachels child could grow up together. And if Newt killed Al then Rachel could end up with Trent in the end. But I'll hope for an Al/Rachel ;)

I don't think Newt would fry Al, she seems to like Rachel and I think she does want what's best for the demons. Which is to have a woman who can have full day walking demon babies. Al has done a lot of things, but he is literally thousands of years old and has a completely different set of morals. As far as the demons are concerned humans don't really matter other than property, with modern times and ideals he could learn to think differently. And he did seem to genuinely care for circe in his own way too. I think he loves Rachel, he just can't tell her because she would freak. But i mean Trent kept her in a cage as a ferrit!

Jill wrote: "What do you think about this as a possible romantic entanglement? Al has grown throughout the books and gone from scary demon to a really interesting character with depth. What if he and Rachel g..."

I'm still not sure why Al isn't more hated than he is. Let's not all forget what he did to Ceri and for how long he did it! I was hoping his new familiar would kill him but Rach stopped it.. oh well.. I want Rach and Trent together!

Jill wrote: "What do you think about this as a possible romantic entanglement? Al has grown throughout the books and gone from scary demon to a really interesting character with depth. What if he and Rachel g..."
I have began to think from a few books back that I think Rachel and Al should become an item! I am thrilled to hear I am not alone in this vision! I think they work well together and the chemistry is certainly there!

I'm not the only one! YAY! LOL

I've had this debate with myself often enough... LOL
Al has his qualities, and despite being a demon, I've always liked him.....

But I still lean more toward Rachel and Trent....
If they could just learn to communicate with each other better... :-)

I was heartbroken when Kisten died!! :-(

F 25x33
Julie I was totally thinking of Kisten yesterday and totally sad about him too! Then I thought that maybe I should get out a little more!
Dec 10, 2013 03:27PM

I like Al a lot but if he had sex with Rachel Newt would fry him and dance on his ashes.

I have too many memories of Al beating Rachel up. Besides Al has stated he is not the one that will complete Rachel.
Trent and Rachel may be the match to end the war with the demons and the elves.

umm..trent is constantly try to kill rachel.. hello she stole something from his house he try to kill her with hounds..then he released that day walking demon who almost killed her but everybody is pretending trent is a good guy..he's worst then the demons..at least Al needs her and trying to teach her stuff.. I much prefer Al with her

I was heartbroken when Kisten died, too...I actually cried. As for Al and Rachel...I'm not sure. Yes, Al has evolved into an interesting character and there definitely is some chemistry there between him and Rachel. But I still want to see something develop between Rachel and Trent.

I'm coming to love Goodreads. I don't think any of my real world friends would be interested in such a discussion, but here I find out I'm not the only one who had a bit of a sniffle when Kisten died :-)

The idea of Rachel and Al is an intriguing one and it does seem like the story is being guided in that direction. I'd like to see some unrequited love for Rachel from Al beforehand I think. Make him suffer a bit as repentance for treating her so poorly.

Al is by far my favourite character, I was secretly disappointed that A Perfect Blood had so little scenes with him. I'm saving Ever After for my holiday and keeping my fingers crossed that Al makes a glorious comeback. He deserves someone who can appreciate his evil genious-ness and Rachel is not quite there yet.

Trent is a slimeball and lately also a sad one at that. And the baby? Come on, NOT hot.

Teresa B. So trent can take her head and bash it against rocks ..sick hounds on her and remember his slaves negotiated there fate..trent just kills when it meet ...more
Jul 02, 2013 02:33PM

I have been keen from the beginning to see some sort of connection between the two. I reckon it would be steamy. But may lead to Rachel going down the wrong path. I am still a lover of Trent( because i can't have kisten).

Rachel and Al woudl have some really hot scenes. I kind of like Al.

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