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Pimmy♥S. | 6 comments Yeah, right. Totally agree with you guys. He shouldn't die for his family's sake. It was really fast and sadness overflew me.
But yeah, that's life.

(Ambz) ~|*The Angelic Vampire*|~ (AmbzTheAngelicVampire) | 102 comments Well, that's war for you. I don't think that Finnick's death was unnecessary, but I agree it was sad. It kind of goes to show that you can't always keep those that you love.

Sara | 33 comments I strongly agree with you Katherine! Now Annie has no husband and the child will have no father growing up.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments oh yeah, thats true.

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Mairead | 275 comments Don't you think she made Annie pregnant to make it more tragic?
Or possibly so Finnick could live on through his son.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments I think Suzanne Collins could have possibly spared Finnicks life, since there was a baby on the way

Katherine2020 | 85 comments Wrote it to late

Katherine2020 | 85 comments If I did I'm sorry.

Mairead | 275 comments No, not me. Someone on a website blatantly put it in caps the day after the book was released, and right after I had found a copy. :( I wasn't happy.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments Did I spoil it for u?

Mairead | 275 comments Prim;s death is ironic, but at the same time, the shock of it happening at the end would have been so much better if someone hadn't spoiled it for me.
Finnick's death was rushed, but I think there's meaning in that itself. Life waits for no man. Even if it is Finnick Odair :(

Katherine2020 | 85 comments Prim's didn't surprise me either because Prim was the one thing Katniss loved, so it was sort of obvious that her sister would get taken away from her at some part. Same with Peeta except they got him back.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments Good to know. Thanks. I guess it is better to not spoil the name in the post unless it's book one. Everyone on the this post should have at least read book one. My opinion.

Stacia (out of inspiration) (Stacia_R) If there was one person who I wish hadn't have died, it would have been Finnick because of Annie and baby needing him. Prim's death didn't bother me as much. If anything, her death was ironic because of how the whole thing started. It's an interesting plot twist.

Stacia (out of inspiration) (Stacia_R) Mods can always change thread titles as well if they decide it's an issue.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments I changed the name

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I don't think it was necessary either.

Mairead | 275 comments Oh, god. The Prim thing, especially should not be spoiled.

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Stacia (out of inspiration) (Stacia_R) I was just about to post the same thing. Although, there's also a post title in the group about what happened to Prim as well. Guess spoilers are sort of hit and miss.

There have been people joining the group after seeing the movie who haven't read up to Mockingjay yet, so it's probably a nice courtesy to title the topic something like Finnick (spoilers) or something similar.

Mairead | 275 comments Change the name of the post, so you don't spoil people.
He's a casualty of war. War creates great loss, in all circumstances.

Katherine2020 | 85 comments Someone PLEASE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine2020 | 85 comments I don't think it was really necessary for Finnick to die, especially since Annie was pregnant- and crazy without him

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