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RP ⬇

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan walked in and sat down on his bed. Stretching out he shut his eyes and tried to ignore some of his siblings as they ran in and out hurriedly grabbing medical equipment and then racing back off to treat their patient.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper walked in with a smile, seeing his eyes closed she quietly and nearly motionlessly climbed onto the bed next to him before basically straddling his waist with her knees. Harper kissed his forehead "Wakey wakey" she whispered

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan opened his eyes and raised a brow he smiled seeing her and reached up. Touching the side of her face lightly he traced the outline of the bruise that was beginning to appear and healed it. He knew his magic was warm and would feel as though the sun itself were glowing through her. It was warm and caused an incredible sense of contentment. "Xavier, okay?" he asked curiously.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper relaxed at the feeling of him healing her, she smiled and nodded "Yeah, he excepted that I'm his kid sister" she laughed "I think my rehab is working!" Harper laid down next to him "Doesn't healing tire you out?"

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan shrugged, "It's fine." he said not really answering her question. "Doesn't killing yourself tire you out?" he asked teasing her and chuckling. "Xavier is bad news. I wish you wouldn't be friends with someone like him." he sighed and shook his head. "But you don't listen to me."

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper smiled "Of course! I'm never going to listen to you Ethan" she smirked and kissed his cheek. "And again, does it tire you out Ethan?"

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan smiled, "You really should listen to me. I tend to have your best intrest in mind you know." he chuckled and shook his head, "I feel fine." he said and smiled at her easily.

[haha love how you waltz into the group and take claim on every single one of my males]

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [hahaha because I'm picky at role playing and you are good at it XD]

Harper watched him slowly as if thinking about it. "Hmmmm..." she smiled brightly "I want to play doctor!" Harper laughed "So either I can be the doctor or you can!"

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [haha more like i'm easy to manipulate into your twisted plot lines]

Ethan groaned and put his arm over his eyes, "You be the doctor. I'm sick of being the doctor." he muttered having spent all night at the Infirmary working on healing a girl who had fallen off the climbing wall and snapped her ankle. She had been up all night complaining of the pain and if her ankle would be disfigured.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [yessssssssss hahaha XD but u love me right?]

Harper laughed and kissed his cheek "Where's your medical equipment?" she asked with a smile, her short blonde hair a big curly in different directions.

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Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [*sighs* I suppose xD]

Ethan gestured with his other arm towards a black doctor's bag on the nightstand. "There.....I think." he said as he realized that one of his siblings might have taken it or used it. Ethan lifted his arm and looked over to make sure it was still there, seeing that it was he put his arm back over his eyes.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [yup! and DON'T GO!!!!]

Harper smiled and grabbed the black bag, reaching in, Harper pulled out a stethoscope. Harper put the ear buds in her ears before pressing the end to his stomach....thinking that was where his heartbeat was.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) (i had to)

Ethan pulled his arm away and looked at her, "What are you doing?" he asked he shook his head, "Listening to me digest stuff?" he askdd thinking it an odd thing to listen to.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [awwwhhhh!!! hahah YAY your back!]

Harper laughed "i'm trying to listen to your heartbeat Ethan!" She smiled and moved the stethoscope around on his stomach in search of his heartbeat.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) (only for 20 minutes)

Ethan rolled his eyes, "Do you sleep in school?" he asked and took her hand, guiding it up his stomach and on his upper chest. Focusing it over his heartbeat he watched her carefully, "Hear it?"

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [uggg]

Harper's eyes widened and she smiled brightly "Yes! yes I hear it!" Harper nodded "it sounds very very pretty" she smirked "And yes, to answer your question I DID sleep in school" she laughed

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan shook his head, "What am I to do with you?" he asked and fake groaned, as though he were irritated or stumped but in truth he knew exactly how to takd care of Harper and what to do with her. "Guess I have to teach you all those missed health lessons."

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper laughed and kissed his nose with a smile "and why would you need to do that Mr. Ethan?" She smirked and tucked her head in the crook of his neck

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) "Because someday you might need to help someone and i want you to be fully prepared." Ethan said softly anf stretched. Wrapping his arm around her he shut his eyes, "But that can happen tomorrow." he mumbled sleepily.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper smirked "I knew healing people made you tired" She pressed before curling into his hold further with a smile "I bet your little sibling followers are gossiping about us" she whispered with a laugh before kissing his neck.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan nodded, "Mmmhmmm, I bet." he said softly and pulled her against his chest, he wrapped his arms around her tightly and inhaled the scent of her hair. "Mmmmm" he mumbled keeping his eyes shut.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper chuckled "go to sleep Ethan" she kissed his hand with a smile before closing her eyes as well....she was tired

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan nodded slightly and was out before she had even finished her sentance. He was that exhausted, of course he'd never complain about the shifts or the work or healing people. He never complained about anything. Especially not when it came to healing.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper smiled and sat up, Harper ran her fingers through his hair and thought of how nothing could get much better. About how she loved him, how she found someone so caring and selfless.... Harper smiled and kissed his forehead. "Oh Ethan..." she whispered. Harper loved him and that was evident in her eyes.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan hearing his name stirred slightly and mumbled something about being there in a few minutes. He was so used to always being needed for some sort of medical issue that the idea of someone saying his name for anything else just didn't come to his unconsious mind. Rolling onto his side he pulled Harper against his chest tightly, keeping her pressed to him like she was a giant teddy bear.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper chuckled and laid her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "Ethan, you probably don't know what I've done....what I've caused" she whispered "My brother..." Harper shook her head and tears ran down her face. Harper hid her face in Ethan's chest and held back sobs. She would not cry...

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan just held her, he was still lost to his dreams but as if he could sense her sadness he spoke mumbled words. "S'okay....s'all okay..." he said in his sleep as he dreamed about talking to a paitient.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper laughed, being Psyche's daughter, she could sense emotion in general around her. Knowing Ethan was unconscious Harper shook her head; she knew that Ethan worked to much and needed rest. It worried her.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [ff?]

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Ethan woke up a few hours later and yawned. Stretching he arched his back and his shirt rode up on his stomach a bit. Laying back down he looked around for Harper remembering that she had been with him when he fell asleep.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) Harper was sitting at a chair by the window just numbly looking out. While she moved around it seemed like he was going to wake up so she had moved to the window. Harper was completely zoned out and wasn't moving--she hadn't slept in days.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [did you know you can order signed copies of Cassandra Clare books?]

Ethan stood and walked over to her. He bent down and frowned, "Harper? when was the last time you got some sleep?" he asked gently he could see the weariness near her eyes now. The lines of sleep deprevation.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [really? wow....didn't know that. ps. you should send Nic back to Dionysus later on and realize that Leyna isn't there]

Harper looked up and smiled at him "About a week" she admitted before kissing him gently on the lips "I'm alright Ethan, don't worry about it" Harper shrugged and kissed him once more to distract him.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [haha I know. I just got bored with his character for a bit]

Ethan frowned and pulled away, "You know that the human body can only last up to 16 days without sleep before it will die. Correct?" he asked his eyes serious as he slipped into Medical Ethan. "Harper, this is a serious issue. Insomnia can be treated."

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [hahaha i understand XD i do that all the time!]

Harper shook her head and smiled at Ethan "it is no big deal Ethan" she kissed his cheek "I get sleep, just not at night" Harper shrugged and sat back against the chair and smiled "and I slept through health class remember?"

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [omigod I freaking love Micheal Grant *dies*]

Ethan shook his head and frowned, stepping away he walked off towards his dresser and peeled off his shirt. Changing into a new one, this time an old Killers concert t-shirt he spoke to her. "Sometimes I could kill you Harper. You're always on everyone else about every little thing but when it comes to yourself you could be lying in a bed bleeding out and a second away from death and you would just tell everyone you're fine and wouldn't do anything to save yourself."

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [hahaha Micheal who?]

Harper smiled gently and watched him change his shirt. "That's why I have you Ethan" she laughed "You know as well as I do that you are the only doctor I ever allow to touch me" she shrugged remembering how they met. Harper had been taken to the infirmary due to a knife in her side. Harper hadn't let any of the apollo children touch her until one boy came over and gently asked if he could help her. Harper had let only Ethan touch her since.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [Michael Grant. He's the most amazing author I've ever come across. His books are so intresting! I love them xD there's hardly any romance in them and yet they are incredibly addicting. I seriously suggest you read them]

Ethan shook his head and sighed, "Yeah. I know and since that day you've become my responsibilty." He ran a hand through his hair and shook his head slightly. Walking over to a fridge he pulled out a pepsi and cracked it open. Taking a drink he sighed, "And when you die for some dumb kid I'll blame myself."

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [ooooooooooo hahaha I'll have to see XD]

Harper bit her lip and looked down at her hands "Ethan, Xavier isn't the reason I haven't been sleeping..." she muttered under her breath. Dark shadows were underneath Harper's eyes from the lack of sleep.

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Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [ I just love him xD look at what he wrote about his series. His whole motivation to write the sereis was this======> (view spoiler)]

Ethan shook his head, "I didn't say Xavier. I just said some dumb kid. You're the one who thought of Xavier." he sighed, "I just know that one day some kid is going to be walking in the forest and some monster will attack them and you'll jump in front to save the kid and die. Or you'll walk into a trap because someone told you to. Or you won't use your inhaler because you want to make a point. It's just a matter of time Harper. It's why we can't enter any relationship." he said and met her eyes finally getting to the point of his little speech.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [lol that's epic XD]

Harper winced and her eyes filled with hurt before she looked down at her hands and nodded "Yeah, yeah I understand" she whispered before standing up and running a hand through her hair "Yeah, um, I'll see you later Ethan" Harper put on a fake smile. Harper practically ran to her cabin as tears ran down her face.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [right! Omigod I love this dude xD]

Ethan sighed and leaned against his dresser. Sinking to the ground he put his head in his hands and propped his elbows on his knees. It was horrible what he had just done. It killed him and yet he knew it was necassary. He couldn't just get involved with her and then loose her. He lost so many people already, injured demi-gods. People he took care of and he couldn't stand to see Harper fade away too.

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [lol he should go after her....]

Laying by the bed was Harper's inhaler, she had left it at the cabin on accident while telling Ethan the story of her brother while he slept....the one thing he didn't know.

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [i'd send him but then it would negate his purpose of trying to stay away from her.]

Ɔαρтʋяɛ∂ βɛαʋтʏ (01BandGeek) [hmmmmmmmm hahaha so she's going to die? or what?]

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) [yes xD hmmm I could send Elliot?]

Jayla (◉◡◉✿) (Ravenclaw17) Xavier walked in and raised a brow down at April, "Which bunk is yours?" he asked as he adjusted to the brightness of the cabin. Almost everything seemed to glow or reflect the sun in some way shape or form. It was blinding and hurt him but at the same time it comforted him.

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