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Elena | 25991 comments Atton walked in with Charity, swinging his arm around her lazily, his eyes roaming around the room.

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"Any idea what you want?" Charity asked, looking around the place before seeing what drinks they had.

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Elena | 25991 comments "are you an option?"Atton asked.

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Charity looked at him, "Maybe..." She said teasingly before going up to the bar.

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Elena | 25991 comments Atton smirked and followed behind her."fair enough."he said waving over a waitress.

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"Black sheep ale," Charity told the waitress, then looked at Shia, waiting for him to place his order before continuing in conversation.

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Elena | 25991 comments "give me your best shot sweetheart ."shia said winking at the girl.

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The waitress giggled, nodded, and walked off to get them drinks.

"So what have you been doing since our last encounter?" Charity looked at him suspiciously.

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Elena | 25991 comments "umm...."atton said looking around the room."hey a jukebox. lets play it."he said getting up.

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Charity arched an eyebrow, shaking her head as she followed him. "You pick first."

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 6448 comments Mod
((El, psst~))

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Elena | 25991 comments "how about some jazz."he said flipping through songs

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"Sure," Charity nodded, moving to his other side.

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Elena | 25991 comments (( slow. Cause I'm eating ()

Atton pressed one at random and started to whistle loudly, getting in the swing.

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((no worries, i'm watching horrible histories ;) new series started today ^-^ ))

Charity grinned as she watched him, swaying her hips in time to the music.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((cool! History is super interesting))

He twirled her around."so what have you been doing?"

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((i think we know about my feelings on history ;)
so i'll remain silent... *zips mouth shut*))

"Not much," Charity shrugged as she danced with him. "Trying to stop Feagan, but so far with little success."

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Elena | 25991 comments ((lol!))

"who is that again?" Atton asked.

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"Some guy that wants to turn the world to chaos and pain," Charity answered.

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Elena | 25991 comments "my kind of guy."he said smiling.he dipped her back.

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"Yeah... Except he wants you all dead," Charity nodded.

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Elena | 25991 comments "all. As in me and you?" he asked

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"Me, because I want to stop him. You, because of your family," Charity nodded again. "It's a bit of a long story..."

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Elena | 25991 comments "well he can kill them if he wants, it'll actually help me."Atton said darkly.

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"Only if you managed to stay alive," Charity pointed out.

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Elena | 25991 comments "oh I know I can."he said."how does he plan on killing them? We have the dangers."

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"Hybrids, his demon minions," Charity shrugged. "But he's no fool, you may need to beware of his wit."

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Elena | 25991 comments "whatever, he needs to be careful of mine."Atton said winking.

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((ELENA!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
how are you?? better i hope :) ))

"Whatever you say," Charity smirked, shaking her head.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((TARLAR!!!!' on break finally u?
Grrr I can't see ur post..))

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((for god's sake!! GR STOP SCREWING WITH MAH POSTS!!!!!!! *giant squid of anger*
when you say on break, do you mean like on holiday?? cos i swear you just had one or something?? (i really don't know how term times work in America >.< )
i'm okay, died several times yesterday in filming, and then my great-aunt died today :'( but in general well-being i'm okay :) just hungry... ))

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((it did it again!!
i'm okay, thanks :)
died several times yesterday in filming, then my great-aunt died today :'( but i'm okay in well-being, just hungry...))

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Elena | 25991 comments ((ima freaking strangle something.. Gah sorry.
Blah I'm going to this interview thing may ghost but.. *hugs*))

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((okay, good luck *hugs back*))

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Elena | 25991 comments Atton smiled and dipped her back, his lips dangerously close to hers.

((I MADE IT!))

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Charity let him, not sure of what else she could do, and just smiled.

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Elena | 25991 comments He grinned, pulling her back up. He spun her out and let go, walking back to the counter.

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((well done!!!! ^_^ *hugs*
what was it for?? :) ))

Charity span to a stop, tilting her head slightly as she followed him with her eyes, before shrugging and going to sit down.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((to get... Dont laugh... Into barbazon. This modeling agency..

Atton was flirting with the waitress."charity, love. Why so far away?"

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((you hear me laughing?? O_o
that's really cool!! :D i think it's the sort of thing that can be really good, especially for self esteem :)
but i will say that i don't like it when it makes the models become anerexic/belimic and makes people super unhappy about themselves. i think it would be really fun to be a model though ^-^
i don't think i'd ever get it, maybe my height would work, but i'm literally straight up and down all over. although i do like my legs, they're really long))

"Because, Shia dear, I think Kyra was right," Charity replied going over to him.

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Elena | 25991 comments (( they don't believe in dieting and I'll get beauty advice.. I'm mainly doing this for money lol.
Aww I wish I was taller! From that one pic you looked pretty!))

"what does that mean?" he asked

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((thanks :) although now my hair's shorter ;)
trust me, being tall can be annoying. trees attack you with their branches, and when filming it got to one point where i just went to stand with the boys to be with people the same height as me. on the plus side, i can always reach the shelves my mum can't when i go shopping with her :P
can i ask about how much you get??))

"It means that I probably should stop trying to punish myself," Charity answered knowingly.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((yeahhhh but you get nice legs to show off! lol I mean I am pretty slim and I have long hair but....grrr I want to reach those fucking shelves!
depends on what job I do but I first need to take the classes gahhh kill me now! but you could get 1-2 thousand for like 4 hours of photos))

"what's that suppose to mean? is this torture for you?"he said smirking.

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((wow, wish i could get that kinda money for a few photos ;)
You can do so much with long hair, I love plaiting it, well my friends))

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"Give the guy a medal," Charity rolled her eyes. "For the past fifteen years I've tried to punish myself for what I am by going for jerks like you. But now, no more. See ya, Shia," she said, walking out.

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Elena | 25991 comments (hahaa yeah,.. maybe it'll be worth it.. but I'm more of a tom boy sooo
lol yeah my friends do that tooXP))

Atton jumped up and flitted in front of her."hey hey, I thought we were having fun?"he said his brow furrowing.

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((i don't really know what i am. i'm not really a girly girl, but i don't think i'm really a tom boy either :s ))

"Well you're deffinitely having fun," Charity commented, nodding back towards the waitress.

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Elena | 25991 comments ((hmm yeah same here ^^))

"aww come on."Atton said." are you jealous?"he said raising an eyebrow.

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((good day?? :) ))

"No, not particularly," Charity shrugged. "I just know someone with better standards than you."

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