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Nick (Whyzen) | 1206 comments

Scott's Google Plus Post:

Scott Sigler - 3:13 PM - Public
What-what-what? A sneak-preview of the +Veronica Belmont and +Tom Merritt show "Sword & Laser," a week before you can see the first episode? Awwwww yeah.

This scifi/horror/fantasy book show is part of the +Felicia Day-run network Geek & Sundry. The first episode features me, with a sneaky appearance by +Philip Plait

Micah (onemorebaker) | 1042 comments Looks like they had a good time shooting. Also looks like a lot of work. WOW. S&L is really big time now.

Zach Bechtel (zachbechtel) | 109 comments I have

"- Sword and Laser for the win"

in the tag lines of my texts


Jane Higginson | 160 comments awesome I love sneak peeks! especially as the 13th seems so far away!! cant wait!
thanks scott your awesome!

Napoez3 | 158 comments Sooo... what are you drinking today?

Jane Higginson | 160 comments id love to say I was drinking something cool right now like tom and veronica do but im on plain boring old good old tea lol...anyone drinking anything interesting ?!!
such a shame tom and veronica cant drink on set/on camera they must be gutted!!

Nick (Whyzen) | 1206 comments Looked like they were drinking dry ice.

terpkristin | 2602 comments S&L having video was featured in the GR April newsletter that came to my inbox earlier today.

terpkristin | 2602 comments Wow that was an insane studio. Didn't realize they'd be recording at the TWiT Cottage. Wow.

Micah (onemorebaker) | 1042 comments terpkristin wrote: "Wow that was an insane studio. Didn't realize they'd be recording at the TWiT Cottage. Wow."

That's what I was thinking too. I think they built it right next door if what I heard on TWiT last week was correct.

Kris (KVolk) | 750 comments That was cool...I am looking forward to seeing this show...

Tamahome | 4245 comments So what does Scott drink?

Sean (CaptHowdy) | 32 comments I'm saving my Winnipeg Jets Fan Brew for the premiere of this show... so hurry up!

Gord McLeod (mcleodg) | 345 comments Wow... Scott Sigler and Bad Astronomer? This is going to be a very memorable first episode!

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