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Fernando E. Sobenes Buitrón (FernandoSobenes) | 41 comments Help me and I help you.
As you know, indie authors need to do all things necessary to be noticed in the world of literature (since we do not have an editor behind to support us) On the other hand to get our work reviewed always take a lot of time and it depends of the reviewer´s mood or time to do so. We are a lot of Indie authors who are seeking for someone to help us in order to get exposure and of course to sell our books. Why don´t we help to each other to get it?
If you have a blog, you can do it. Let´s publish a note about us and our books. I mean to exchange information with all the authors that share the idea.
For instance I have a blog (Spanish and English) http: where I help indie authors to present their works. In exchange they do the same for me. The idea is simple: Help me and I help you.
What information should be published?
• A book synopsis
• Book trailer
• Book cover
• Information on the novel (genre, format, etc.)
• A short author biography (no more than 8 lines)
• An author´s picture
• Links where the book is available.
If you agree to do it, please write me to sending the above information and I´ll send you mine.
Thanks for your kind attention

Fernando Sobenes

The Evil Visitor by Fernando Sobenes
El Visitante Maligno by Fernando Sobenes

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