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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Pittman (barefootdokusha) Amazon said I could mail in my Kindle and they will replace it with a refurbished one for $65. I have the Kindle Keyboard (1st? Generation - how do you tell?). I was looking in stores and see some for $79 that is a Kindle with Special Offers. Which is better? I like to be able to use the text-to-speech while I'm at work so I can continue with my book. Do they all have that?

message 2: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 507 comments The $79 Kindle doesn't have TTS. It doesn't even have speakers on it.

message 3: by Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave (last edited Apr 05, 2012 09:40AM) (new)

Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave (HarryDresdensLoveSlave) I don't think the Kindle Fire has text to speech options. But usually it depends on the book publisher and whether or not they've enabled that for the book. Personally I would spend the extra $15 and get a new one rather than one that someone returned or they fixed once already. I paid extra to get the Kindle Keyboard with 3g/Wireless so I can download books pretty much anywhere. I did get the Kindle Offers one and I love the special offers. They don't intrude on your reading at all and only show up as screensavers. Some of hte deals are pretty good. Almost every month there's a $1 book deal. Granted it's from a specific list but I've always found one I wanted for a $1. I got The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning for $1 from the special offer today. There's been get a $10 gift card for $5 deals, free audiobooks and other deals.

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Pittman (barefootdokusha) Does the Kindle Touch have speakers?

message 5: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 507 comments Kindle Touch has:

3.5 mm stereo audio jack, rear mounted speakers

And TTS.


message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben Guilfoy | 42 comments I love the Kindle Touch, for what that's worth to ya

message 7: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (Ben21) | 52 comments Yep, kindle touch is great!

message 8: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Pittman (barefootdokusha) So....I bought a Kindle Touch (with ads). I'm liking it so far but I have to remember that it doesn't scroll! I keep trying to tho! I use my phone, ipod, and ipad too much! :) I still plan on sending off my Kindle Keyboard next month.

message 9: by Ben (new)

Ben Guilfoy | 42 comments That took a little getting used to for me, too. But now I barely even notice.

message 10: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Pittman (barefootdokusha) Is there a way to change the setting on when it goes to sleep? With the keyboard it didn't take too long of non-use to go to sleep. The touch stayed awake for a while!

Mary: Harry Dresden's Love Slave (HarryDresdensLoveSlave) I have a Kindle Keyboard and it has speakers and will do the text to speech if the book allows it. At first I found the computerized text to speech voices too annoying but now I don't. Not as good as an audiobook but to read a few pages to me here and there while I do my hair or chop some veggies it's ok.

message 12: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Pittman (barefootdokusha) I loved my Kindle Keyboard. Next month I will send it back to get a replacement. When I first used the text to speech I also found it annoying but I got use to it. I would use it while I was at work, that way I could still get my book read, and I could pick up where I left off. I sometimes use audiobooks (I have a subscription to Audible). I tried using audiobooks and a print copy of the same book but found it too frustraiting trying to find where I was in the book after listening to the audiobook. Now I just get audiobooks that we don't carry at work (library) or on Overdrive.

message 13: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (gardenclc) | 8 comments Jennifer wrote: "Is there a way to change the setting on when it goes to sleep? With the keyboard it didn't take too long of non-use to go to sleep. The touch stayed awake for a while!"

Funny i now use the text to speech all the time ..i will use it when cooking, gettting ready in the am ,drive, but i now use it the most when i walk..i dont have alot of time to read at all it has allowed me to read more ..i get very frustrated when the text to speech is disabled..i just bought my mother the kindle fire...boy its going to be hard not to buy one for myself ..but i have kindle 1, kindle keyboard, and an ipad i dont really need anything else ..

message 14: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin (Ben21) | 52 comments Ouch no. Backlit tablets are terrible to read on for any extended length of time.

message 15: by *Kashi* (new)

*Kashi* | 6 comments My Kindle 3g just died. don't know how it happened but the screen doesn't respond. just a year and a half old and I'm extremely careful. what should I do? buy another device?

message 16: by Betsy (last edited Sep 16, 2012 09:14PM) (new)

Betsy Did you try resetting it? In any event, you might try calling Amazon customer service. They might have some solutions. I've heard that they're very helpful.

message 17: by *Kashi* (new)

*Kashi* | 6 comments yep they told me I have the option to upgrade/ Replace too. for half the price so seems fair in a way. Thank you!

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