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First Person or Third Person?
Charlotte Charlotte Apr 04, 2012 06:57AM
I just wonder if people prefer stories written in first person or third person? :)

Both are good for different reasons. First person narrative novels obviously prove a challenge for film adaptations - I think they did a darn good job considering so much of the Huger Games was Katniss's internal monologue. It was very clever how they got round a lot of that by adding the little scenes between Seneca Crane and President Snow - sets up the next film nicely too.

I prefer first person because it's so much easier to see yourself as the heroine and to relate. But sometimes it's not as great being limited to the character's POV.
My brother read HG and, even though he liked them, he said it felt like things felt too vague because all we have is what Katniss sees, feels, hears, etc. And Katniss doesn't experience everything that's going on.
I kind of have to agree on the part with Prim at the end. Because since Katniss was disoriented, so were we. I didn't have a clue for a while, if what I'd just read really happened or if she was hallucinating or something.
That's one aspect that I loved about the movie. Even though I loved the book, I felt like you got so much more, opening the view up past what Katniss experienced.
But yeah, generally, I prefer 1st person.

Definitely 1st person.
I think you get a better insight of the main character.
As if you can actually put yourself in their shoes.

And sometimes, I don't want to read about what every other character is doing/thinking.

I like the first person pov better. IMO the feeling would be alot stronger if its in the 1st person. I empathize with the characters better..

I prefer first person I feel as though I relate to the characters more that way. It makes the emotion behind the words more real for me.

I prefer first person I feel as though I relate to the characters more that way. It makes the emotion behind the words more real for me.

I prefer first person. Sometimes third person gets a little too confusing for me! But that's just me

I agree with Kat. I typically don't care for 1st person POV, but it does have its merits.

It is especially implemental here in Hunger games because it draws you into the depth of Katniss's character. It submerges you in her train of thought, and therefore, you are able to empathize. It makes it easier to imagine what you would do in Katniss's place etc. It is more thought involving than just going along with whatever the story is saying, so you get more emotionally involved.

These were fantastic books, well written even in 1st person! A pleasant surprise.

depends on the story. the thing I usually don't like is present tense, but I got used to it in this book.

I usually forget what person its written in whilst I'm reading unless its really badly written. So i don't mind.

can't decide both are ok

I'm actually not comfortable reading books written in the first person POV. (Except for The Hunger Games trilogy: it was so well written I didn't mind at all.)

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