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Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23203 comments There's a new feature at GR that lets you add videos to a group's page. Just click the video link in the upper right-hand corner and follow the directions. Thought it might be fun to post book trailers, favorite horror movie clips, or whatever strikes your fancy. The videos appear at the bottom of HA's main page. For practice I posted a favorite short story recommended a few years ago by a previous mod here at HA.

Aloha | 5370 comments Cool! Thanks, Tressa.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23203 comments Now, remember, Aloha. No XXX videos.

Aloha | 5370 comments Dang! Did you know I learned that you can post GIFS from the PNR ladies posting a sexual position to analyze? I recently visited the forum, and they've mellowed. I guess the novelty's worn off.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23203 comments That spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. I guess you can only talk smut for so long.

Aloha | 5370 comments It was only a small group that was into that, anyway. We had given them an area to go wild in. The rest of the ladies only wanted to read PNR. Bobbie's the true lover of PNR books. Me....I don't know what I am. I know I love House of Leaves. LOL.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23203 comments We all know you love House of Leaves. You'll never love just one genre because your mind aches to move on and explore something else.

Aloha | 5370 comments Well, you know how it is when I'm enthusiastic about something until I grow bored and move on.

Tressa  (MoanaLisa) | 23203 comments Haha. I know you well.

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