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message 1: by Lisa Kay (last edited Apr 01, 2012 10:46PM) (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 4476 comments Companion “GoodReads How To...” to read before this one: Shelf Setting: visible columns .

A Printout! (From Shelf Setting) - or you can view the info on-line.

Thanks to Ben Babcock for this idea & Almeta for some of the words!

Let’s say I don’t have any nifty little electronic device that I can take with me to the bookstore or library. (So, I can’t use the GoodReads app and connect with goodreads.com to check out all my bookshelves.) All I want is to printout a list of books that I want to check-out, or buy – to use for, say, a specific challenge.

◈ Go to your books (My Books).

◈ Open the shelf from which you want a list generated. I would recommend a manageable
     shelf, not your entire 3,000 volume wish list! You know, like the fifty that you need to
     complete a challenge, etc. (There is a way to select two bookshelves at a time; however,
     to simplify all this, I’ll discuss that at the end.)

◈ Above the list of books, to the right, there are options: covers, table and print .
     Click on print . A new window will open.

◈ Click on the shelf settings link to alter the shelf settings panel, to include the columns
     that you wish to see in your list, and to remove those that you don’t.
For example; I would make sure that the author, title, average rating, and notes are Clicked On. I would decide on an individual basis whether or not to Click On “shelves” as I may have a lot tagged here. I would Click Off the cover box, and all the rest.
◈ Using your browser menu, Print this page. Retrieve your list.

◈ At this point you may choose to permanently save these settings, or to “X” - or exit from the
     screen without saving. If you save, this criteria will be the same the next time you look
     at this particular bookshelf.

Good Hunting!!!

Addendum for Selecting Two or More Shelves:
Let’s say I was to view & print two or more shelves. The two shelves I’m going to use for this example are my:
• disney♕princess-reading-challenge
• library-sj-dead-tree-version
◈ Select the first one. The title will appear to the right of My Books at the top of the screen.
◈ To select the next one, scroll down to the bottom of your list of shelves on that first page.
◈ Notice right above “add shelf”, in little tiny print is the words, “select multiple”
     (red arrow, Screen 1).

Screen 1

◈ When you click on that, little plus and minus signs appear. A minus sign indicates it has already
     been selected, as shown by the minus sign next to “disney♕princess-reading challenge”
     (green arrow, Screen 1).
◈ When both shelves are selected, follow the above directions.
Screen 2 shows what will be ready for me to print and take to the bookstore or library.

Screen 2

message 2: by binter (new)

binter | 3 comments Fantastic! Cannot thank you enough for this post. Have wanted to be able to do this many many times. Now I know how.

message 3: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 4476 comments Alief wrote: "Fantastic! Cannot thank you enough for this post. Have wanted to be able to do this many many times. Now I know how."

You are welcome, Alief! ☺

message 4: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 338 comments This is one I've been looking for too Lisa Kay - thanks!

message 5: by Lisa Kay (new)

Lisa Kay (LisaKayAliceMaria) | 4476 comments Sure, Carolyn! You're welcome. ☺

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