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did anyone else feel like the ending was kinda rushed? *SPOILERS**
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So I still liked it, though I think the 2nd book was still the best. But does anyone else feel like the ending was kinda rushed? And that many other elements in the story were not fully discussed or explored.
Cal's death was not even that epic!!!
I think it should have been more dramatic (or maybe I watch too many movies - but hey that's just me). What about the Brannicks and their "kill all-Supes" motto? What about Torin - that's all he did? And the Eye - they were just extras ... And what about Archer's history: Why did Nick's parents kill Archer's parents in the 1st place? and What happened to Nick's parents after that?

So, I loved Cal from the first book. I read that one, I was like, 'Lawl, is it okay if I ship Sophie/Groundskeeper? And didn't get my hopes up for him to return in the other books.

Except he did, and continued to be the most awesome character ever. I adored him, and I have a little Team Cal flag in my bedroom. So after the surprise kiss at the end of the second book, I was thrilled and didn't think I would survive until the last book came out.

And then it did, and it was everything I thought it would be in some ways, and very disappointing in others. I'm still of the firm belief that Cal loved Sophie, no matter what he said (I mean, seriously, the worst thing Hell itself could come up with to terrify Cal was a vision of Sophie's life in danger--are you kidding? That was the WORST THING it could come up with). I thought Cal was freaking awesome, and even more awesome for wanting Sophie to be happy, even if she didn't pick him.

And then he died.
My friend joked that he would die. And I laughed then. But then he did die, in place of Sophie, saving her life, and I lost it. I was crying; more like sobbing, honestly. I was so upset.

And then it ended.

Seriously? I was mostly upset with the fact that basically no time was given to mourn Cal's death. Sophie has a couple sad thoughts, but...seriously? I was so upset. He deserved so much more than that. I didn't buy their crummy happy ending, because it was just so incomplete. I didn't even care about the loose ends for everything else because I felt such injustice to the way his death was treated. Ugh, when I went upstairs after I finished crying, and my mom asked me how the book was, I burst into tears all over again. It was like I had suffered the worst breakup ever; I wanted to eat ice cream to ease my pain! And it was like none of the other characters ever cared. I was so mad. Maybe it makes sense, since I heard a rumor that a spin off series is being planned (please, I beg, not about Cal and Elodie), but still. That was perhaps the worst ending to a series I've ever read; it was imcomplete and so lame, and disrespectful to the characters.

Ugh, I'm making myself all emotions. ;-;

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When I find good series I’m just so exited, I want more and more and more… I am so eager to find out what will be the end. And when the end has come, I’m so sad because I want more.
But I also think that the end of the book was rushed. So many things had been left unfinished. The first two books had been so … Wow. But the last was really disappointing. Maybe because I expected so much. It was something like bad men in the bed. He’ll take you to the edge of orgasm, but it’s just not enough to make you fall over the edge and in to the pleasure. Frustrating isn’t it.

this ending was incredibly rushed. it annoyed me soo much!

I CONCUR with you! I seriously hate the last book. I mean, how can you end such an epic series with such a mediocre ending. I really wish she focuses more on the Brannicks and the Eye. In the end of the day, we weren't even introduced to the key people in the Eye (except Archer but he doesn't really count).

And what she did to Cal! OMG!!! Please don't get me started on it. It's heartbreaking. How can you do that to him??

Torin is such an interesting character. I agree that he probably can do much more to the storyline if given a chance.

And (view spoiler)

This is probably one of the worst ending to a series ever (beside Faeriewalker series due to the REALLY suckish incomplete ending).

I agree the ending was just a case of "ok I told you it was 3 books and no matter what I'm ending it here" it was too convenient that Cal died, and she was left with Archer. Mum and Dad got back together and hex hall was saved yay :-/

Yeah it was defiantly rushed. one moment they were talking to each other then they were suddenly at the crater

yesaaaaaaahhh , it was so baddddd wisshh there was more archeeererrr .. is thats even how you spell his name

YES THE BOOK WAS RUSHED!!! I was expecting soooooooo much more (but i did love the series and hope she writes a book where she tells us WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON BETWEEN IZZY AND TORIN??? but i want it to be from Sophie's point of view because she is AWESOME and i love how sarcastic she is!!!) and i HATED that cal ended up dead in the book but then again i think cal actually saw it coming. looking back at when (SPOILER) they went to hell and Sophie heard a scream and thought it was hers, but cal told her to keep going and when they come out Jenna say that "so that's what the underworld does it shows you your most terrifying memories." or something like that and cal say "i don't think it only shows you your past ,i think it shows you the future too." then Sophie asks him what he saw and cal just says it "doesn't matter." so i think he saw himself die for Sophie and seeing as he is in love with her, he didn't tell her what he saw and what up with archer and the eye???? is he safe or not??? and NICK WAS BORN A DEMON HELLO WE NEED MORE INFO ON THAT!!!!! and what happened to Mrs casnoff's husband and her mother. the whole book was one huge cliff hanger!!!

I felt the same! Even my review said that this book was rushed. I'm not into dragging things out but after the last book, there was this build up to a showdown with the Casnoffs and when it FINALLY happened it was all "eh." I mean it was over so quickly. I wanted to find out more about the Casnoffs. I wanted some more words between them, some more explainations or something. It worked out too perfectly and happened too quick. The entire book seemed rushed and a little disorientated or something. Sooo not what I was expecting/hoping for the last book. And she said that she planned to have Sophie's story wrapped in this one? There's WAY more that needs to be talked about! All in all, I liked this book but it didn't meet my expectations and thus, was a letdown. :(

What will happen between Archer and Sophie? Sophie being the new leader?

Yes, I was so confused! I kept expecting to see Cal turn up again, because I hadn't even realized he'd died! And what about Archer's thing with the Eye? Are they still afer him? What's going to happen? Are Cal and Elodie going to be an item? Too many loose ends for the final book in a series! (If it is the final book, that is.)

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The sisters-plan-failing-cause-Sophie-is-bloody-powerful-but-she-killed-cal-but-hes-a-ghost-with-elodie-and-archers-a-good-guy-but-on-the-run-and-Jens-still-at-school-with-them-and-plot-that-we-all-saw-coming-with-Sophie-becoming-the-new-council-head was totally WAAAY too compressed in those last few pages....

(btw...can anyone answer something for me...WHEN THE HELL DID THEY HAVE TIME TO REFORM A NEW COUNCIL!?!)

I think she could have drawn it out much more. Explained everything in more detail, maybe gave it a little something special. Because personally, it was kinda a let down.

Ruthie wrote: "So I still liked it, though I think the 2nd book was still the best. But does anyone else feel like the ending was kinda rushed? And that many other elements in the story were not fully discussed o..."

I agree - I felt that the story lacked some drama and the ending was too neat - the second was definitely the best!

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Omigosh! You guys read my mind! Overall I thought the book was okay but it did seem like Rachel became impatient and tied everything together really fast. I didn't have much time to dwell on the chaos or Cal's death. The scene at the pit seemed rushed too. It's a shame too because Rachel Hawkins could have stretched the plot out a little more and could have made at least to more books in my opinoun. I heard that Rachel is considering writing a series about Torin and Izzy, which I think would be so cool. Oh that also reminds me! I can't believe she left us hanging with the whole Torin and Izzy thing because I really liked them and Rachel hinted through out the book that Torin likes Izzy and she may like him back. Anyways back on topic now I just hope that with what ever book Rachel next writes that she dosn't rush it because even though it's a pain to wait forever for a book to come out I would rather read a good well thought out book than a sloppy rushed book.

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Miriam Torin was a heck of a funny guy. I don't think Torin and Izzy like each other... yet. Torin can see the future so I'm assuming what he saw was Izzy ev ...more
Jun 16, 2012 07:22PM

Definitely! When I finished reading it I keep asking my friend if there's a fourth book.. What happened to The Eye???

I agree that the ending was rushed.

I agree I was so impatient for this book to come out and when it finally did I was quite disappointed. Im hoping that she maybe will continue the series to follow Sophie taking over the Council. Im crossing my fingers.

IT IS!!! i didn't even have time to feel sorry for Cal's dead

I agree with all the above. It felt like she just wanted to be done with it. I was really disapointed with Cal's death (I didn't even cry, which is very rare for me) and what up with they Eye? They never do anything! And what are the Brannicks gonna do now? They can't go killing stuff since Sophie's family! It just felt unfinished.

Ruthie wrote: "So I still liked it, though I think the 2nd book was still the best. But does anyone else feel like the ending was kinda rushed? And that many other elements in the story were not fully discussed o..."

I thought that the scene where they went into Hell could have been a great stopping point. Then she could have done another book about that journey. I think that a trip in and out of Hell would be a bit more difficult then it was portrayed.

Ruthie yeah, the trip into and out of Hell also felt kinda rushed -- it was too easy ...
May 09, 2012 06:28AM

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