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People wonder why I force myself to finish every book!

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Keysersozed *Vaguely Spoilery FYI*

I have this thing where I finish every book I start no matter how bad it is or how much I'm not enjoying it.

In the case of Michael Vey I realised pretty quickly that it was meant for a much, much younger audience. I'm guessing almost pre-teen. It was cliché after cliché all done so badly that I doubted anyone but an eleven year old who hadn't read widely would be able to stand it.

As usual I complained to my DH about having to finish a bad book and he said, "Don't bother." I said, "I have to, it's my rule."

And boy am I glad I did!

That last few chapters - now that's what I'm talking about!

THAT is wanted I wanted to see.

Powered kids coming together, using their different powers to tackle different problems!

I got Heroes Season 1 chills!

For me, the first three quarters were so bad I’ll never read Michael Vey again but I will get the second one hoping it keeps up the action, originality and character development shown in the finale of book one!

Did anyone else have a similar experience?

Does anyone else have a similar book finishing rule?

MizziQ Well I definitely only put down a select few books. (This wasn't one of them. XD) I really loved this book though it is very different as I'm 13. I did however see all the clich'es but I really couldn't care less. It's like those fan service animes. They can be just junk but it was what I wanted to read. If it was a different set of cliche'es I would have thought differently but I'm a sucker for the matter how cheezy. :) Anywho, awesome book, and the last part was totally the most interesting, though I enjoyed all of it. :) Glad you finished it!

Keysersozed Glas you enjoyed it Kara! Reading back my comment I really sound a little jaded but I think it's just age...

Antionette Keysersozed wrote: "Glas you enjoyed it Kara! Reading back my comment I really sound a little jaded but I think it's just age..." No, your comment was fine. When reading Michael Vey, you can't look for a serious thought provoking book. I am always intrigued with how adults can write for teens... This book was pure entertainment and it really heated up at the end. The 2nd book...meh...but I will continue the series as it had me in stitches a lot. (supposed to be about 7 books)..I love Ostin!

Aurora I agree that the book did have a fair number of cliched moments, especially in the general plot of the first two parts. I've seen done enough times the "kid with weird power meets other kid with weird powers and then they do research on it and alert the villains who kidnap them." Plus, there are several lines within the book itself that are definitely overused, and the writing style is not what I would expect from the perspective of a fourteen year old boy. That being said, I did not find it as aggravating to read as I take it you did, Keysersozed. I can definitely see where you're coming from entirely in terms of your critique of the book, though. And I completely agree that the last part of the book was the best to read.

I read the second one, and I think it got better in terms of cliches, although it definitely hikes up the weird factor. The third one I found had a weaker plot, but it was still enjoyable. I'll continue reading the series.

For your last question, no, I don't have a policy on finishing books. If I don't like a book or can't get into it, I stop reading it. There are so many other really great books out there that I don't feel I should waste my time reading one I don't like. The only times I'll push through that is if it's a book that I have heard rave reviews about and want to know what all the hype is about, or if it's an assignment for school. I actually added a shelf on Goodreads for me to put a book I never finished reading on that won't count it as read, to-read, or currently reading. It has 35 books on it right now if you want a scope of what I'm talking about. That's just my opinion on reading, though, and if you want to read every book you start, go ahead. It's interesting to see other people's perspectives on reading books.

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