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What do you like about your title?

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Teenbuzz The Fault in Our StarsIt is a mix of funny, clever, sad, amusing story that kept me engaged. Hazel Grace and Augustus meet at a cancer youth survivor support group and their funny and witty comments (as well behaviors ) connect them. Through their journey, dealing with the disease, falling in love, searching for the end of An Imperial Affliction, you'll laugh , maybe cry, then laugh some more.

Rosmei Book of a Thousand DaysI like how brave and determied the main female character (Dashti)is.

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Love John Green!

Veronica My Favorite book title is Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass. I love this title because it automatically catches your attention and it has a nice ring to it. Also it seems to give the impression that this book has the answer to the meaning of life.

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