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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley I am really liking Tess at the beginning of this book. It seems like she really has it together and knows what she wants, as opposed to her parents. They act like total kids...ugh! It seems like Tess is the parent in that household considering she gives a certain look and her parents obey...wow! Granted she loves her parents and gives them their due respect.

Can you imagine giving your parents a look and they just say ok and obey?? Me..never! I'd get a smack down, lol.

message 2: by Kara, Moderator (new)

Kara (KaraAyako) | 3630 comments I totally agree. I was so impressed that she turned out so well adjusted with parents like hers. I guess she didn't have much choice in the matter--someone needed to be the adult.

message 3: by Alia (new)

Alia (Alia22) | 31 comments at first I admired Tess and her courage to guide and stand up to her light minded parents. but then she started to get on my nerve ! I think sometimes she is very naive for a country girl but then..not so much . like she didn't refuse when Alec fed her strawberries & put flowers on her BOSOM ! but she refused to let him kiss her although she had it coming ! she didn't put him in his place , she just let him do what he want to do while she could like for instance got out of the carriage & walked sooner when they were going down the hill ! the thing going on between them is so weird , I dislike every character in the book so far but maybe that will change in the upcoming chapters. Also I found the author's style of exposing the plot & giving it away ruins the thrill. like for example he implied that they are not the real d'urburvilles at the beginning where he could've kept that fact for suspense . I was shocked to read that , I thought I understand it wrong that I kept reading this part. I felt disappointed -.-

message 4: by Kara, Moderator (new)

Kara (KaraAyako) | 3630 comments To me, it sounded like all of her time and energy was spent taking care of her family--maybe she didn't have time to learn the ways of the world. She's extremely naive, but maybe that's not her fault.

I kind of liked that Alec wasn't a real D'Urberville. I thought it was an interesting tidbit from the era that a family would "steal" a name like that.

message 5: by Alia (new)

Alia (Alia22) | 31 comments I guess you are right . but ain't all country girls are ?
it's not that I didn't like the idea of a not real d'urburvilles family , on the contrary! what I meant is that the author gave the fact to us easily just like for instance he is describing the scenery rather than an important part of the plot, he didnt let is think or suspect, therefore he eliminated the suspense factor .

message 6: by Kara, Moderator (new)

Kara (KaraAyako) | 3630 comments That makes sense. I kind of liked the device because we, the readers, knew more than Tess did which added a level of intrigue, but I can totally see what you mean.

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