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The Flaw in the Fabric (A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls, #1)
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Leigh Anne Lindsey (Leigh_Anne) | 1 comments "Witty, Ghostly, Literary Tour de Force!" -- Robbi Sommers Bryant, #1 best-selling author (suspense) Robbi Sommers Bryant (The Beautiful Evil)

"Time Travel with a Twist. Chock Full of Mystery & Suspense!"
Jim Lindsey is a literary and brilliant new novelist. There aren't many authors out there that deal with death in a non-Christian way. Lindsey does so in a light-handed manner with no compulsion to believe this way or that. He just thinks about life and death from a different perspective. And, he has a knack for opening up the mind to what strange things can happen when time and space begin to unravel.

THe Flaw in the Fabric starts out with lost souls Octave and Angle who are neither dead nor alive. There couldn't be two more different brothers. In their previous life, they sawed their inherited house in half! Next thing you know, they come back to life not in their time but 160 years into the future. They're just as confused as Raymond Kidd is to find them in his basement.

Not long after he finds Octave and Angle, poor down-on-his-luck Raymond wakes up in the nineteenth century, back when they had been alive! Raymond discovers he is a merchant sea captain with a lovely wife and daughter. He is still attached to Kit, even though she is divorcing him back in the twenty-first century. Kit decides she wants him back and so wrangles Angle and Octave who have returned to life to help. Angle then falls in love with Kit and isn't so motivated to help with this endeavor.

As the tale unfolds you feel somewhat like an older Alice in a much darker Wonderland. What was up is now down, what was past is now present and what was dead is now alive. What was dead isn't really dead either. Bit by delirious bit, Raymond begins to lose his identity, gets thrown in jail and is drowned by a demon.

The author is masterful at sustaining suspense, creating mystery, and developing a dichotomy of two disparate worlds. Many a long night have I burned the midnight oil to finish this sweeping saga only to pick the book up again and reread to be sure I understood all the machinations. And if I forget,it's always on my Droid.

If you want clever and entertaining, then this is the book for you. I also highly recommend the companion poetry book in which the Lost Souls sing about what they've lost ([[ASIN:B006GI48OO Snapshots from the In Between, A Companion Volume of Verse for A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls]].) On his website (JimTLindsey) you'll find episodes of the audiobook that will be available soon on Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Lindsey's voice is melodious and deep; and his characters come alive because of the unique voices he gives them. Lindsey's book is both a joy to read and to hear.

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