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Kristi~Lost in My Own Head~ (derek1) | 209 comments Mod
District 5

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Hannah | 13 comments Mod
Lex woke up from the nap she had accidently taken. She looked out of her window and suddenly remembered. Today was the day of the Reaping.

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Hannah | 13 comments Mod
She walked to the small kitchen of her home, and found her twin sister, Aura, staring out the window.
"What's wrong?" Lex asked carefully. Aura has been known to snap at random times.

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Hayden was jolted awake by someone yelling his name. It was his mother. "Hayden, wake up!!!!!!! It's reaping day and you have to help me make breakfast before your father and brother get home." she yelled from the kitchen.

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Hannah | 13 comments Mod
Aura rolled her eyes. "What do you think is wrong? They're picking the tributes today!"
She sighed. Aura always worries about this. Lex is the one getting tesserae, not her. Lex has a really good chance of being picked. District 5 doesn't have that much poverty, and, unfortunately, her family is very poor. Her little brother is just ten, and Aura will not sign up, leaving Lex to do the dirty work.

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Hannah | 13 comments Mod
Lex didn't want to put up with Aura, not today. She stormed out of the house, slamming the fromt door behind her. Maybe she could go give Hayden a visit.

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Hayden dragged himself out of bed, washed his face, and got dressed. Then, he went to the kitchen. "Morning, mom "Hayden says giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning, my son "she replies flatly. Hayden starts helping with the food. Cutting up a loaf of bread and making oatmeal. Hayden's mind started to wander until he remembered one important thing : today was Reaping day.

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