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message 1: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 11957 comments Mod
Before I Breathe by Jenelle Jack Pierre Jenelle Jack Pierre

Genre: Contemporary YA

Before I Breathe

Book Description

Kalena Moore is a Montgomery High student who isn’t into school. Isaiah Wilkins is a classmate that her friends think is trouble. Life becomes more interesting when Kalena starts dating Isaiah, but soon things spin quickly out of control and she gets pregnant. Then Kalena sees that there's another side to her boyfriend.

Determined to put her life back together, Kalena takes a path where there is no turning back.

With compelling characters and vivid storytelling, Before I Breathe is irresistible reading.

Be one of the first 10 people to sign up below in order to receive a free copy of this ebook to Read and Review! It would be appreciated if you could post your reviews on sites ie. Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Formats available: epub, pdf, text and mobi.

All reviews should be completed and posted within 4 weeks after you recieve your copy of the ebook.

Leave us your Name, email address and format required.

message 2: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 11957 comments Mod
I really want to read this, sent my info to you already Jenelle.

message 3: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (Titch) Oh I would love to read this. My email is and Mobi format plz x

message 4: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (Titch) Received with thanks x

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie (krdnte) | 5 comments I would love to read this!

I'm Kate at and I prefer mobi format.

message 6: by Tia N. (bookindulgence) (last edited Apr 19, 2012 08:25AM) (new)

Tia N. (bookindulgence) | 41 comments I'd like to read this book.


message 7: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 11957 comments Mod
sent in your requests.

message 8: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle Pierre (jenelle_pierre) | 15 comments I'll send you guys the book. Thanks for your interest!

message 9: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 45 comments I'd like a copy please epub is needed

message 10: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 11957 comments Mod
sent in your request Pat

message 11: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle Pierre (jenelle_pierre) | 15 comments My YA short story "Someone Else, Somewhere Else" is free at and Smashwords. It should be free on Amazon soon. Check it out n please leave a review.

message 12: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 45 comments thanks for lett me read this.

message 13: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (redroseann) I'm interested in reading and reviewing this book and will be pleased if you select me!
Mobi please

message 14: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 11957 comments Mod
sent in your request Rosa.

message 15: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (redroseann) thankie!

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