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message 1: by V.A. (new)

V.A. Dold (VADoldToriAustin) | 3 comments I have started a online book tour company and I am looking for bloggers and website owners in all genres to review books, interview authors, or do guest blogs for these tours. Please visit me at I look forward to partnering with you.


message 2: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright That's a great opportunity. I don't have a blog but I'm an author so I'll definetly check out you tour company for my sequel.

message 3: by V.A. (new)

V.A. Dold (VADoldToriAustin) | 3 comments Hi Kenya, we will take very good care of you on tour. I will see you there :)

message 4: by V.A. (new)

V.A. Dold (VADoldToriAustin) | 3 comments Hi again,
I was reading the description of Fire Baptized, do you have an ARC? I would like to read it and possible review it.

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