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I totally agree, Aabra. In fact, I wrote a post dealing with "bestsellers" and how they are actually figured for various lists, including Amazon and the NY Times Bestseller List. It's not what people think.


message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (Paulaan) | 306 comments Why should GR list your best seller first, GR primary purpose is a book cataloging site and as such lists first the book that has been rated / shelved most not sold. Since people are here to catalog the books they have read and find more via reviews and discussion whether a book is a best seller or given away can have little influence.

message 3: by Patrick, Director, Author Marketing (new)

Patrick Brown | 276 comments Mod
Aabra wrote: "I think there has been entirely too much emphasis on "free books" and "giveaways" on this site recently. One person recently reported that his/her book had been downloaded as a freebie something l..."

I think there's some confusion here, as we don't have a bestseller list. All of the lists we have are based on either people adding the books to the list (which anyone can do) or just how many books were added by our members. Any time someone refers to a book as a "bestseller" on the book page or their author profile page or anywhere else, that's just them making that claim, not Goodreads.

As for the general tenor of giveaways vs. sales, the reason we stress giveaways so much is that we strongly believe that they help readers discover your book. We are not a sales site, so placing increased emphasis on that is not likely to be a priority of ours. We're a place for readers to discover books, not so much buy them.

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