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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
Within Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" there is an element of the Storyteller, as expressed through the (Farsi, Suri) Rumi's and others' poetry. We have already studied several poems including "Wolves", by Dead Prez, "Lamentation" and "We Jive Like This" by Siphiwe ka Ngwenya, "The End", by The Doors,"Life: Reason is Powerless to Love", "I Am Wind, You Are Fire" and "Who Are We?" by Rumi and "No Regrets", by Aesop Rock (later this week).

Poems can be said to be concisely, packed, interpretive short stories. Here is your chance to express ideas through poetry. The only difference is you must publish at least five-10 shorter poems or three-five longer poems.

1. All submissions must first be peer edited by at least three other scholars/people.
2. Final edits must come through me before publishing on this site.
3. Your name and P1, P2, P7 or P8 must accompany submissions.
4. Hard Copies are to be put in your Writing Folders.
5. Reminder, these fields only hold 8,000 characters, so be sure to create chapters or short submissions
6. Every scholar is required to publish a story/poems here or within the other Storytelling sections.
7. Deadlines: January 22, 2009
8. No profanity or extremely graphic, gory or personal materials.
9. NOTHING published without my prior approval.
10. All submissions will have a presentation element-perform your Spoken Word, Poem or Rap.

Have fun!!!

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Sanum | 19 comments so mr.carson im going to write a bunch of poems, but do they have to make one subject? Or can i make it just the subject of teen life. Because thats what i want. I mean do i have to portray it as a story, or can it just be a collection of poems with different subjects in general? and if we have to present am i supposed to present ALL my poems> or what?

And also you said you can;t have personal things but i have a poem i wanted to put in, i was just thinking about like about suicidal/emotional/emo teenagers and i wrote the poem, so i can't put that. Because i really want to write about in general just TEENAGE LiES. So its not directing towards any one person just generally. But its not like a story so is that ok?

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
It's your pages, you can write whatever you feel like expressing as long as it doesn't offend or contain profanity. Themes are open for poetry especially, and believe it or not, they are like little short short stories.

As far as performing, you will recite three of your favorite ones, or less if you create a really long one. Yes, to all those themes and topics mentioned above. There's flexibility here, so don't stress. Enjoy the freedom and go for it!

Just remember the Peer Editing stage plus the relay time getting those 2nd Drafts to me prior to final cut approval and postings.

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
Amazing job, Sanum!!! I know Hosseini's novel probably was NOT your inspirations for any of these, but after re-reading them, some connect to Amir and "Kite". Can you or anyone else make correlations?? Happy Holidays, and enjoy the publications!!

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Sanum | 19 comments Yes, Mr. Carson actually the poem i wrote , the darkness after reading it just now, i realize that it sort of feels like Amir. Because Amir wanted to be good again, as it said on page 2, when he said Rahim Khan said you can be good again.

The darkness poem is about being sinful, and no one knows about it. But i wonder what Amir did thats so sinful?!

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod
Andres' response to Rumi's poem "Reason is powerless in the Expression of Love"

Reason is powerless in the expression of
Love. Love alone is capable of revealing
the truth of Love and being a Lover. The
way of our prophets is the way of Truth.
If you want to live, die in Love; die in
Love if you want to remain alive.

Reason is always a part of any emotion, except for love. One could reason the actions of an angry man or a sad woman. Love can never be reasoned, if one was to love someone uncontrollably. There is no turning back. Only love can tell us what true love is, and how is to be in love. No one can ever figure out what love is without it. What Rumi said in his final line is that we cannot live without love. That is why one must die in love because there is not life without love. That is how we remain alive, as well, by having love.
Andres P7

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Sanum | 19 comments Sanum P8

Something’s Wrong

Something must be wrong with me
With all this hurt inside
Always bursting with anger
And never any pride
Something must be wrong with me
If my emotions run wild
All this confusion is making me
Feel like a lost child.

Inside Her

Look inside her, a girl left so broken
She’s been through so much
She tries not to cry
She tries not to die
Everyone’s angry
No one has love to show her
Everyone takes out their anger on her
She tries to smile and hide the tears
But what can she do?
Her life’s been thrown away
Countless times.

Loves Pain

The suns coming out too quick
It’s not even morning yet
Love’s running through my veins
Mixing with the blood inside
Giving me a feeling
It hurts so badly
Love’s a liquid
It rushes to my heart
And it hurts so badly
Feels like my icy heart
Is melting apart

This Life of Mine

Instead of “He loves me,
He loves me not”
I’m picking each pedal
Of this flower
“Love hurts me,
Love hurts me not,
Love hurts me”
Why does love
Feel like this?
Is this love I’m experiencing?
Or just another false alarm
To my heart rushing from
My brain
Back and forward
Every time I see you.
I get this weird feeling
Only I would know
These cuts bleed a lot
These tears plead a lot
These scars hurt a lot
This heart broke a lot
These days give a lot
These months take a lot
And these all say,
He loves me not.


I’m drowning in darkness
That is holding me tight
I’m scared
Cause I can’t find the light
It was there before
As bright as the sun
No longer morning
Nothing fun
But I’ve lost it for awhile, now.
From things I’ve done
Yet I don’t seem to care
What is happening to me?
As long as I hide it
And by keeping it to myself
So my pain doesn’t show
And the wider the smile
The less people know
I don’t want them to pity me
Or give me sympathy
All I need is to be who I was before
Rather than the girl
I look at today in the mirror
I yell, so desperately
But my screams are not heard
No one can hear me
When I cry and shout
I’m that far into the dark
I feel like
I’ve pushed everyone away
And my heart is hurting now
Cause I’ve let my past win
And my sins come back
I shouldn’t have done them
Because now I’m hiding my scars,
And hoping that
They won’t show
As I go into the light
I won’t leave the sign
Of the past
Cause to everyone else
I want to appear to be fine
Until then I’ll never be free
I’ll be here
Where I am never heard
In the Somber darkness.


She comes home
Checks her watch
Mom and dad are sitting home
Worried, mad, angry
Opens the door
Wow what a rage
Mom says, “Where have you been?”
Dad goes for the belt
She was sitting there
Tryna explain what had occurred
That she was at school
For extra help
“Why didn’t you call,” dad asks
Hitting her with the belt
“I have no phone,”
She replies
Little did she know
Her trust was no more
She spoke of the truth
But it just seemed like
An unknown stranger to them
She was done explaining herself
She was hurting everywhere
Inside and out
That’s when her emotions ran wild
She ran to her room
She felt all wrong
Like she was at fault
She was tired of life
And ended it all
Just so her parents
Wouldn’t do the job for her
She wanted to do something
to prevent her own


These invisible scars
That never goes away
These painful thoughts
Those just don’t fade
These sleepless nights
That never feel right
Those times we had
Those memories we made
What can I do?
That can keep my mind
Off of thinking of you


If only you could see yourself
The way I do
You wonder why I love
I’ve seen your imperfections
And your generosity
And the way I feel when I’m with you
It’s not just your looks
But the way you make me smile
The look in your eyes
When you stare into mine
The way you touch
The way you kiss
Your lips so soft against mine
Your beautiful way
The way you
I love you.

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Renee | 4 comments Renee Drummond p2

(Poem #1)
Basketball Diaries

Shoot that hoop Renee!
That’s what I hear from the stands as I play
But I stay focused with my eye on the ball,
Intimidated by the girls who stand six feet tall
Bop in
Bop out as my eyes just search
Who’s ready for the ball?
No one’s there so, I stand tall without any fear
Shot clock going, coach just controlling as the ref goes on patrolling
These are the stories from my basketball diaries.
Whether there part of the noisy celebration or even the quiet preparation

Not easily broken

Her youth and innocence is what most people want to hold on to
This isn’t for her innocence
She knows what she’s doing and she knows what she’s done
She hears people talk but she is
Long past their childish games
Her eyes can tell you so many stories,
Only if she permits them to
She’s been hurt one to many times and she accepts that kind of pain
No more
Even though she knows so much already about how the world works
She is still confused about how her heart works
This isn’t for her
It is for all of her experience
All of her innocence
Hurt, pain and frustration,
That can only be seen if you look closely

(Poem #3)

A whole bunch of nothing is the feeling in my heart
When an innocent criminal gets broken apart
A whole bunch of nothing is the feeling I get
When you know something there but you can’t feel it yet
A whole bunch of nothing is the feeling in my heart
When I know it’s right but everything falls apart
A whole bunch of nothing is the feeling that I get
When you want something so bad but you can’t get it yet
It’s the feeling of a whole bunch of nothing

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Lanier | 56 comments Mod

message 10: by Khalid (new)

Khalid | 7 comments Khalid Haynes P2

Tear drops of the ghetto(Poem 1)

An Empty refrigerator
Leaves an empty face
A lady getting robbed
But pulls out her mace
Roach raid sprayed all
Over the place
West side highway the
worst place to be
Where homeless people
are living next to the sea
The hidden scar
Never gets far
Living in the ghetto homeless
Crawling through the streets
Reaching out
They call...
Living in the ghetto
Breathing the polluted air
Damaging each other's
Insides and out sides
AIDS-diseases and poverty
Rejected by love ones
Living in the ghetto
Rejected by friends
Living in the ghetto
Rejected by the government
Living in the ghetto
Rage and anger builds
Inside and createing a war within the soul
Hate and Power
Comes in a Gun
Pull the trigger
Those are the tears of the ghetto

Life Without Music(Poem 2)
-Is it possible?
No music? Its like
Death to the ears
No sound-No rhythm
The world will be blank
Like a piece of paper
No music, Is it possible?
No soul-No Jazz
What happened to all the
Beats of Life
Dancing, jumping, shaking
To the music
Is no more
Take a look a good look
Everywhere you turn there is music
We need and life without music is a

The Impulse inside(Poem 3)
I’m money hungry
I need to get paid
I’m money hungry
I can’t get past this day
Working so hard but gaining nothing
It feels like, I’m causing pain and fronting
I’m hungry, money hungry
I need to get paid
I’m money hungry
Can I work here today??
Soon I’m going to be a successful guy
But now it's just….
Ride or die
My family needs the money
Where has it all gone???
Trying to prove to myself to my family
one day we won’t be money hungry again
The End

message 11: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nicoleespiritu) | 2 comments 10 poems- By: Nicole Espiritu

“My Dream”
My dream, I want to pursue
To be a nurse, to heal who?
The sick I want to cure,
‘Cause God gave me a heart so pure.
This is my goal, I want to attain.
To be a nurse is my aim.

“Just Like a Pencil”
I was formed like a pencil,
Made with good quality
And great purpose.
Though at times
Will experience and encounter
Painful sharpenings.
However I am given a chance
To erase and correct
My mistaken past.

I close my eyes and start to cry
I think of how to fly
I try my best to soar
But I’m missing more
Something’s holding me back
I couldn’t find the right track
So to God I prayed
To keep me safe from the preyed
I asked him to show me the way
And not leave me astray

2 Haikus:
Reach for those bright stars
Up above in that clear sky
Touch those dazzling lights
Nature is calling
Huge crunchy leaves are crumbling
Feel the wind coming

I feel it running down my wrist
I hear the sharp, stunning blade
Cutting through my veins
The next thing I know
… I’m dead.

I was okay
Until you came along.
There’s something
About you that proves me wrong.
You’ve proven to me
That it can lead us to love.
I never knew that my best friend
Would by my dearly love.

“My only Friend”
I slowly sat on the chair,
Thinking it’s not fair.
I didn’t know what to do,
She left me with who?
I was miserable
I had to live by
my own.
So hard, I cried
There’s no one by my side.
She had come to an end,
I’ve lost my only friend.

You were born for a reason
You are doing what you’re doing for a reason
You will die for a reason

“The Cat and the Mouse”
I saw a mouse in its hole
Waiting for the cat to go
when the mouse went
for the cheese,
The cat
like a breeze.

Walking home that night
There was not a single light
I felt like someone’s following me
So I looked back, but there was nobody
Got frightened and walked faster
Hearing the footsteps go louder
Slowly I turned around
And BOOM!!!
I heard a thunderous sound
All I saw was scattering RED
Everywhere it was spread
They wrested everything from me
I hoped they were never be

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Laureen | 2 comments Poems by:Laureen Garcia Period two.

Too much
I live a tough life only heard about love.
Never felt that touch to stop your heart,
and the kiss that made it start.
They eyes to gaze into,
never had any of that.
The deadly looks and smiles.
The way I'd run with you for miles.
So it's true, I've never been in love.
Is it really as it seems?
Or even more extreme?
I want to be in it, not to only dream.
Someone with perfect imperfections
not some angel that beams.
Is it too much to ask?

We are
We are writers at soul
a laughter at jokes
We are dreamers of hope
that we learn to cope.
We are criers at pain
and healers for broken veins.
We are who we are and that will always be

Life is?
Life is about the joy we can find
in all the hands in time.

Life is about loving
when we are surrounded by hate.

Life is about learning to make
the right decision in all our mistakes.

What she feels
She feels lost to a world of which she does not belong.
Everything she does just feels all wrong.
She feels misplaced in a world
where she can't communicate her distress.
They just don't get it.
They just don't tap in.

Keep up
Don't let anything bring you down
or you’ll end up with a frown.
It won’t let you go far
like the speed of car.
Always keep a smile
it will bring you to many miles.

Summer nights have laughed away
laying under the stars that hung
the breeze that stole reality
from the place we lay among.
December makes three long years
love is dead and comes along pain
the first snow fell at midnight
has turned to heavy rain.

So much for the trust
it'll be a forgotten lust
hoping the memories don't turn to dust
Didn't wanna have to go
but she adapts herself with the new flow
knowing she has grown
all she doesn’t know

Always Together Forever
Remember the laughter
forget the tears
we'll always be together
with nothing to fear.
Cherish the moment
take the pictures in time
we have nothing to lose
not even a single dime.
We'll always be friends
till the very end.

What's it
What's it like to dream so big?
It's knowing that you have to let it happen
What's it like to laugh so hard?
It's knowing that's how the pain has vanished
What's it like to believe in faith?
It's knowing that some things are meant to be born.
What's it like to fall in love?
It's knowing that...

Life's Too Short
Life's too short to think twice
so at the moment think quick; do it; let it happen; don't regret it.
Life's too short to waste time
so spend it wisely live it up to the fullest and enjoy.
Life's like the speed on light.

message 13: by Kyle (last edited Jan 13, 2009 12:42PM) (new)

Kyle | 3 comments The Incredible, # 23

There “it” goes again,
# 23 bringing it down the court.
He never stops! Never learned the word

A really quick crossover, makes it a breeze.
Makes it seem like the defender has broken knees.
Then a magical thing will happen just wait and see,
In the air! Guess who? It’s # 23.
Gets so high like he’s walking through the sky,
a fired-up phoenix,
at home his wife screams “that’s my guy!”

Just look and see the crowd is cheering on their feet.
The other coach is speechless on his knees.
Announcers say “There “it” goes again, that’s the guy,
23 gets so high it looks like he flies.”

As it is the end of the show,
Just hear the crowd! Chanting “Go 23, Go 23, Go!”

Jet Life
They dip through the air,
these jets are real-live Blue Angels.
Not models for children to stare.

The pilot’s feel oh so big and buff,
guess the blue on the outside makes them feel tough.
But why shouldn’t they? Sixteen years of school.
For them that’s even too much.
Go back home kids are a treat,
tell daddy the people they meet, things they eat.
It’s OK to feel wobbly, their not used to being on their feet.

Give their wives a greet,
Have something to eat,
Then back to the patted leather blue seats.

message 14: by Kyle (new)

Kyle | 3 comments The Daily Grind

He starts out his day,
just as the rest.
Starts out feeling like he never went to bed.

Stressed out all day so you can see his dilemma.
It’s really depressing working for someone all day.
Maybe, he doesn’t get enough pay.
Maybe, if he had a wife, and a better life.
Things wouldn’t be so hard.

But until then
all he can do is go home,
Get up and
start his daily grind

message 15: by Maria (new)

Maria | 4 comments A POEM OF MYSELF

I celebrate myself, I sing myself
I move seeing the perfection of God
Understanding the equality of nature

I walk admiring the beauty of nature
Listening to Mother Nature’s cry for equality

Dancing through the roses and daisies
Breathing the fresh scent of equality

Not knowing how it smells
But feeling it in me, igniting a sense of love in me
Knowing that from soil we came and so we shall go

I walk, cry, laugh, rejoice, and become sorrowfull and say
“What is the difference between me and a child?”

Once I asked myself walking down the street
“What is life and the essence of life?”

Some say Life is when you have a good time
But I don’t believe so
Take a walk around the world
Explore cultures and religions and you’ll know the meaning of Life.

Isolate yourself and listen to the voice in you
Listen to the voice of nature
And you will understand my fantasy.

I celebrate myself, I sing myself
Learning from my flaws and knowing I have achieved something

And you’ll understand the essence of Life
Open your mind and go wild
Then you’ll learn the respect of nature

message 16: by Aziza (last edited Jan 21, 2009 07:26PM) (new)

Aziza | 3 comments 9 Poems By: Aziza Arafat, Period:2.

“Distance between us”

There’s a distance between us,
Love and wish that it weren’t true,
For every day when I awake,
I yearn to be with you.

There’s a distance between us,
Love, caring though you’re always in my heart
and every night
Beneath the silver starlight
I always wait for you.

There’s a distance between us,
That you are in my thoughts,
In my heart,
Tonight I pray for the day,
We’ll never be apart.
“Don’t you know?”

Don’t you know what peace is?
Go somewhere to see war,
Don’t you know what love is?
Go away from your mother,
Don’t you know what caring is?
Go away form your lover,
Don’t you know what honesty is?
Go away with the plunder,

“Sand Dune”

When I was one and fifteen
I was crossing the desert,
Saw a boy sitting near the sand dune;
Not crying, but looking upset
His eyes were red, you can tell
He does not sleep for many days,
What is he doing in the middle of
the desert?
I asked my self,
When I was one and fifteen
Did not understand many things.

When I was one and fifteen
I Saw a boy, revenge in his eyes
Hunger in his face,
Looking over and over
To the sand dune and across the desert
When I was one and fifteen
I questioned myself
Why was he in the middle of the desert,
Middle of nowhere
Then I really asked myself
Why the middle of sand dunes?
One on his right and one on his left.

When I was one and fifteen
Felt mercy, went close to the boy,
My eyes met his
He wanted to say something,
Trying hard to speak, but couldn’t
When I was one and fifteen
I asked myself
What sorrow he has?
Why couldn’t he speak?
Suddenly tears come from
His eyes, then I realized
What he wanted to say.
His parents were buried
Under sand dune.

Like every other day,
It was a sunny morning.
It rose
from the west.
I almost got saved
From the sin.
But, I did not;
There was a religious
Symposium in my mosque.
My family went,
Whole family went in to pray.
To got blessed from god
But, me!
Yes! Went with a friend,
He told me, he was
Going on new mission.
I was interested, so I went
A new mission! A new experience
But I was sweating, and scared
Scared because if I got
caught on this mission,
It would shame my whole family.
Mission accomplished.
Went home, couldn’t sleep
Cried a lot.
Questioned myself, why did I went?
my family got blessed,
I sinned.

“We wear the mask”

We wear the mark
That shows our pride.
It makes us unique,
and distinguishes us from others.
With masks, we can not hide
our selves.

World would be one state
without a mask.
There wouldn’t be any
uniqueness in the world.
Sometimes it makes
us embarrassed,
Still we are proud of
Our masks,
because, we also accomplished a lot.

We wear them
We take care of it,
We fight to keep our masks.
We want to be unique.
We want to be known.
That’s why we can not loose them.


You have your beauty
Your intelligence and grace,
Good friends and your good health,
What more do you need?

If you need more, then
Go home and stand in front of a mirror,
Compare yourself with
A man who can’t see,
A man who doesn’t have legs,
A man who doesn’t have arms,
A man who can’t hear,
A man who is dependent on others.

Surely, you will wake up.
From the long sleep that you have been in.

“To me he seems like a god”

Oh my love
Where are you?
Day after day I looked
for you.
You never come
You never showed up
One day you will realize
How much I love you
You will come to me
But, that day you will
Not find me
I will go far away
From where I can not
Come back

“How can I compare you?”

How can I compare you with
It blossoms then withers.
But your beauty is forever,
How can I compare you with
the river.
It ends with the ocean.
But your joviality has no end,
How can I compare you with
the sunshine.
It gives light to the trees,
But you give encouragement to human beings.
How can I compare you with
It needs dew for its beauty,
But your beauty doesn’t need any validation.

“Peace or War”

He commanded me
Brought me peace.
Kill all that you see.
I stopped and thought,
How would I?
Then I told myself,
It should be in your heart.
Not in killing others or
Invading others.

message 17: by Keith (new)

Keith | 2 comments Keith Davis
P1 story

“I told you not to sleep on the top bunk didn’t I!?” my mom said, while checking my face.
This is the morning after the incident occurred. I had slept on the top bunk of my bed and fell off. The reason why my mom did not want me to sleep there was because I am too little. My mom always has my back but I always listened to her for some reason. “Now I am going to take you back of what happen that dreadful night.”
DUMP! I came crashing down from the top bunk. The funny thing is that I did not feel it anything when I fell. I just got back up and went to bed on the bottom bunk.
When I woke up my head was throbbing.
“OUCH!” the pain was excruciating.
I went to the bathroom to see I had a big lump on my head. I looked like a monster. That is when my parents notice me and they were worried. My mom was angry with me too. She put an ice pack on my head.
“Hold it here and don’t take it off!” she yelled sounding worried.
“Leave him alone everybody makes mistakes”, my dad said to my mom with a loud voice.
If it wasn’t for my dad I would have been in even more trouble. He always defends me from my mom.
“Ha” Came from behind my parents.
My sister was rolling on the floor dying of laughter. She was so evil at times. She started pointing at me.
My anger had built up and finally I screamed.
“Leave me along you ugly pig!” I whelped out.
The thing that dawned on me is that she just ignored me and continues to make fun of me. She would have kept on if it wasn’t for my mom telling her to stop with a firm voice. My mom was always like that. She was a tough and mean at times but a very caring parent.
For the rest of the week I did not want to go out because I knew people would have been snapping on me. I was so tight for that week. Time felt like the days were going 10 times slower than usual. I learned a great lesson that day. Always listen to your parents because they have the best interest.

message 18: by Diamond (new)

Diamond | 1 comments Because Your Beautiful
Because you're beautiful
No matter what, you do
Because you're beautiful
The sun rises
Every day
Because you're beautiful
The mist shrouds a
Dreamy day
Because you're beautiful
A blossom blooms and holds
Its scent
Because you're beautiful
Songs sung in your heart
Are meant
Because you're beautiful
Reflections shine
And glint
Because you're beautiful
Poems are written
Heaven sent
Because you’re are beautiful
This is all that needs
to be said

Dreams Of Your Smile
And While Thinking Of You
Thinks That Life Is WorthWhile
So Whenever You're Lonley
Remember It's True
Is Thinking Of You

I am the words spread large across a page
The story hidden between each line
The bodies tangled together as one
The legs intertwined
The voice held hostage.
The love sacred and out of sight.
A lily bloomed by light.
The hands of a clock erasing time.
A thought capturing an intelligent mind.
The water flowing endlessly
A rock bent out of shape.
The biggest mistake.
The difference between life and fate.
The creation stored inside A woman’s wound.
The hottest days in June A bird humming a tune.
I am poetry

Sometimes u believe something that's 2goodbe true
Then they hurt u
Sometimes ya soul is the only thing holding u up
Cuz sometimes it’s the only thing with luck
And sometimes you hurt ya self
Cuz u believe those hidden words
And sometimes u don't believe ur good enough
And sometimes he loves u more than u love ur self
And sometimes u believe way too much
But sometimes you BELIVE its not good enough!

My reflection
Your eyes
My reflection
Our lives
My reflections in your eyes
So I look at them
And take a step forward
Then take another look
And see my reflections in your eyes
But I don't wanna look too close
So I’ll just blink twice and make it though
Cuz they all made it rough
But you've got me cuffed
And u must have that touch

You Are……
Ur my light
Ur My Star
Ur the person I cherish
Ur an angel sent to look over me
Ur my advisor
Ur my inspiration to do good in life
U motivate me though it’s not visible to the eye
Ur touch keeps me warm
Ur smile keeps me happy
Ur simply my EVERYTHING!

Soul mate
Soul mate?
Is it someone you think you will spend your whole life with?
Or someone you wish to spend your life with?
With or without that special someone you will always have those
Memories that first kiss, argument, make up, anniversary
But most of all
That first “I love you”
Though those great and hard times that person will always be there
When ever you’re down that are there to lift you back up
When you feel as if there is no reason to be happy they will be there
To put a smile back on your face
Though thick and thin you will always have that soul mate….

The one u love is the one u hang on to
Tho mistakes r made u shud b able to stick it thru
Love her/him with all ur might
Nvr go down without a fight
Give her a rose nd express ur feelings
Let him b the 1 u think about
Look into his eyes nd without a doubt
Tell him ur the 1 for him
Tell her u think of her all throughout ur day
U smile wen she comes ur way
Butterflies in ur stomach nd all u want is that kiss
The 1 where u feel ur alone the 1 where all ur problems dissappear
She hugs u nd u hope she knows she doesn't have to fear
I cud go on nd on but I'll just end here! <3

message 19: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 4 comments "There's No Fun in Christmas"

It's not all about the cool
presents and toys
or the mistletoe and boys
We’ve lost sight in what's
right and replaced it with
what's "tight"

"High school"

It's all about the "cliques"
These chicks fight about nothing
just to hear their own voices
Amazing how far someone would go
just to be considered cool
If your not being yourself you are
nothing more than another


What a stupid idea that was
it was meant to be a joke
Going faster and faster
trying to stop
Impact with the wall was
it all happened so fast

"You're bleeding" my friend said
I wanted to scream my head
I felt like someone hit me in the head
with a sledge hammer
I wasn't even supposed to be outside

Didn't realize how bad it was
I looked in the mirror
Busted lip, cuts on my face
Great way to start the school year.

"Being a Kid"

Never being informed
always told it was for your
own good
The world looks so different
From a Childs eyes
They don't see the pain and lies,
they are being fed
Being misled
Why does everything have to be sugarcoated?


Buying what you don't need
Designer this Designer that
to achieve dress to impress
while you can hardly afford the rent
The bills are pilling up
Oh, by the way
The IRS is calling

message 20: by Leon (new)

Leon | 1 comments
It was the last day of basketball tryouts. I had a positive attitude, thinking I would make the team. When we got to the gym the coach separated us into teams of 6. My team had the last game he the coach gave specific assignments. It was my teams turn to play I had butterflies in my stomach, nervous thinking about how bad it would be if I did not make the team. As we played he blurted out commands “Leon play defense, slide your feet.” Our game was close, but we lost. I didn’t play to the best of my potential, because I was nervous and was playing bad. We got another chance to play, but I still was playing bad because I was nervous my team lost again. I lost hope of making the team. If I wouldn’t have been nervous I would have done better and played to my full potential. Later he took us to his class room and began to shout out the names of the players that had made the cut. He had called 12 of the 15 players that would make the cut; my name had not been called yet. The coach then said “leon” a burst of happiness penetrated my system. I was so happy.

message 21: by Sutapa (new)

Sutapa | 4 comments Period 8

"Best Friend"

You are the best friend that I can have

You listen to me and give me advice, advice that comes
Straight from the bottom of your heart.

You are there for me when I need you the most.

You cheer me up when I am down.

If I’m about to cry you make me smile.

You are my best friend and I can
Not lie.

You are my best friend in the whole wide world

And I couldn't ask God

For anymore.

We are going to grow old

And things will change

But our friendship

Will forever remain.

I'll make new friends

But that won't change

Because you

Will always be

My best friend.

You and I will never be apart

Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

For our friendship is way too strong

To let it go
Just like that.

I swear to God
That I don't want it to change.

I know that our friendship will never die.

You will always

Be my best friend.

"Do You Know?"

Do you know you touch my heart,

Do you know how I feel

When you touch my heart,
Can you hear me cry inside?

At your silent embrace
Do you see the fear

I keep hidden away,

Can you feel

The pain I never show?

I can't help but smile
You don’t even know

The warmth you bring me
I can't bring myself to share the love
You can't see the hope in my soul.

Do you know you touch my heart?
I love you for being in my life
Do you feel the way I do?

"Falling In Love"

Falling in love with you
Was one of the hardest things

I've ever done.

Some people find that strange
But then again

They haven’t been fighting

Their heart for years

When I’m talking to you,

I wait for the numbness

That refuses to come.

The day you left
My heart screamed a protest

Was it real?

I ask myself this question

Again, and again

Everything is harder

From knowing that

You love me too.

How do I know?

The look in your eyes,

The phrases you choose,
And the smiles you give me.

We're best friends, but
I think, I’m in love with you

I can't tell you my feelings;
I can't hear you tell me yours.
You're the one I want

But it can’t be.


Life is a journey

That takes us down many paths

Both good and bad

Hard and easy

But as we travel, we learn and grow.

We me meet friends

Who come and go

And from them

We learn more about


We notice our

Strengths and weaknesses

From the eyes of others.

Life is joy

Life is pain

Life is hard.


The hardest part of any friendship

Is saying goodbye

And even though I wished

I could make you stay

I just want you to know and never forget

That I will miss you

Like I have no one else, but you.

So follow your heart and

Never give up!

Dreams and wishes do come true

So never give up

And never ever lose faith

This is just goodbye

For now because I know that

One day we will meet again.

message 22: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylarprice) | 2 comments Kayla Price P8


I want to be your everything
I want to be your everything and more
I want to be the hand that
You hold
And to whom all your secrets
Are told

I want to be the person you can be real to
I want to be the girl your not afraid to cry to
I want to be your sanity, your soul, your life
I want to be your wife

We can be together every single day
We can be forever baby
We can be at the alter hand in hand
We can be on our honeymoon lying in the sand
It will happen if you do one thing
If you just give me your heart

I would be the person you could be real to
I would be the woman your not afraid to cry to
I would be your sanity, your soul, your life
Baby I just need you heart
Give me it all I don’t deserve just a part

Red Roses Red Roses

Red roses red roses
Why are you so red?
Why do you hide behind the sapphire sky?
You stay in the dirt
And people flirt

Red roses red roses
With your beautiful red petals
And your emerald green stem
Oh, why do people pick them?

Red roses red roses
Shining in the bright yellow sky
Hoping the dark sapphire sky
Won’t come back to say hi
Why do people give you away?

Red roses red roses
You must escape the lover’s hand


LOVE everlasting

LOVE as warm as a furnace

LOVE what brings people together

LOVE an emotional rollercoaster

LOVE happiness

LOVE a security blanket protecting you from hate

LOVE leaves you breathless

LOVE keeps you strong

LOVE as sensitive as skin

LOVE as fragile as a flower

LOVE where the heart is


Christmas is a time to love and give

Christmas is a time to lift your spirit and live

Christmas is a time to say hooray!

When you think you hear the bells on Santa’s sleigh

On Christmas you get presents

Everyone has fun even peasants

On Christmas be nice to everyone

Even the homeless deserve to have fun


Fireworks are like the sound of a race starting

Like an explosion

Then bursting colors

Like a crowd clapping and cheering in enjoyment

Fireworks are like a romantic 4th of July

Like a spur of the moment vacation

Like the perfect ending to a perfect night

message 23: by John (new)

John | 1 comments John-P8
Dark and Light

Forever in battle, Darkness and light
within one person, without causing a fright
no way to run, no way to fight
ending one’s life in the blink of an eye
or giving that person a reason to try
for ever in you as well as me
in battle these two shall always be

Eternal problem

what comes after
darkness, a field of vast memories
Waiting to go to a better place
or nothing at all, what comes after death
a question that will hinder humanity for all eternity

The true killer

Nature is kind and beautiful
but like life, it’s ending
cars, planes, trucks and carbon dioxide
natures true enemies
All these things create a killer
global warming, it’s ending life little by little
Crazy weather, hardly any snow
I wonder how long we have left to go

What’s inside of you

what defines it
Music as your mind becomes one with the beat
Dance as your body moves to the symphony of the world
Art as your feelings are thrown onto a canvas
Acting as you push yourself to become another person in hopes of an applaud
What defines your soul
that is something you and only you can decide

Tough times

a bond shared between two
Something that takes days to achieve
but can takes seconds to end
Over time your heart will mend
and soon you will find love again


what you own, I think not
this is all you really got
your mind your body your soul
everything else is just for show
Everything you think you own
are things that you want or think you need
But in the end the things that you need or own
are you’re my your body and your soul

True happiness

something that humans will never have
In a person’s life there is always anger and hatred
things that will always be there to block the door
the door to a truly happy life
To be truly happy one must learn to forgive and forget
to let go of all regret


Watching, waiting
anticipating, hoping for the worst
Waitng for the beat of the heart to come to an end
hoping it won’t start again
Sitting there until the end
waiting for death and despair to finally come
Watch out beware for if you don’t
your done


the unknown
A vast sea of unwritten history
the future is what, it is life beyond us
it’s whatever people make it to be
That includes you and me


The sea
an ocean of life that belongs to all
so many fish it’s like an undersea mall
Adventures wait for whoever sails in the sea
while they look upon it’s mass beauty
a never ending sea that has been there
Throughout history

message 24: by Seamus (new)

Seamus | 6 comments Seamus Hughes P2

Generosity-- my downfall,
My weakness.
Am I too nice?
Do I give too much?
Generosity—my flaw,
My disadvantage.

All people have flaws.
Some may have habits,
Some could be unappealing
And some may have glasses
How come people can be
So shallow?
Why can't they look behind those
Little imperfections?
And see what is on the inside?
What is on the inside?

Parents, brother, sister
Respect them all, they
Be there for you
Don't treat your brother and
Sister badly,
They will
be your
Best friends
If you lose them it is hard
And it takes a long time to grieve.
You need to know what it feels like
To lose a sister
To feel the pain I still feel today.

The Holidays, a time to spend
With loved ones
The Holidays,
The time for giving
The Holidays,
The time to get together
And forget your troubles,
The Holidays.

New Years Eve
The year usually
Ends with a bang,
You have a party
With all of your
Friends and family
You remember all your
Of the past year.
The accomplishments
Of this year were amazing.
The world (has) changed,
A vampire won the hearts
Of teenage girls everywhere
And I made many
New friends. The year
Ended with a bang
Matter what happened.

They Don’t Understand
Children… spoiled by their parents
Given everything they want and still don't appreciate it.
They beg for material things and when they get them
They don't understand how lucky they are
There are children who would give anything just to be in a warm house
They don't understand

Dogs, man's best friend
A companion,
There to listen to
Even if no one else will
They are fun, playful animals
They will comfort you when you're sad
They will play with you if you're bored
They are like little humans.
Dogs, man's best friend
A companion.

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