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Lorraine Lorraine Mar 22, 2012 09:27AM
I just finished reading Safe Haven for the first time and I have a feeling I will be rereading it again very soon! The ending was crazy!!! I absolutely loved it.
My question is: Do you think Jo / Carly is a made up person by Katie / Erin or did Jo really come back to help Katie / Erin find her way into the family(in a supernatural way)?
The book is bit confusing but really great and has proved that Nicholas is ridiculously brilliant writer!

I don't really think she imagined it, I think that may be a little to psychological for a sparks novel but that's a very interesting point perhaps. I think it was really the ghost of carly with unfinished business to attend to and all she ever wanted out of life, it seems is to see her husband happy and she couldn't rest untill he was happy again.

The ending was well done, but if I had written it I guess I would have done it differently
I actually saw Jo more as a reappearing ghost or whatever that came to help Katie. During the course of the book, I kept asking myself why Katie did not introduce Jo to Alex and it was kind of hard for me to create a real image of Jo, although she appeared to be so real to Katie.

It definitely is a page-turner and as it was my first Sparks' novel, I really got into it and am so wager on reading all his other works.

I thought that Jo's spirit hung around until she was sure her family had a new Mom. I think that was evident since no one saw her but Katy.

It has been awhile since I read this so my memory is a bit faded but when the whole thing came that she was 'imagining' Jo I thought the story was going to turn to Katie being sick....

I believe she's Carly I really do and I about freaked when she wrote in the letter "...My friends call me Jo"

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Alexis I didn't like that she said her friends called her Jo but her husband didn't call her that same name or at least mention it.
Feb 23, 2013 11:52AM

I hated the ending with the Jo is Carly thing. Jo seemed so real. He didn't hint it enough that she was fictional, since she was so prominent in her life. It was the one point in the whole book that I completely disagreed with.

I LOVED Jo's character it drove me insane to find out that she wasn't really there. I think that Carly Jo came back (in a supernatural way) to bring them together because she knew that Alex loved her from the get-go. I do think, looking back, that I should have see it coming because you don't meet someone that is just live you to a tee, plus i think its kinda funny how she never talked about Jo, he best friend to her boyfriend, and its also kinda funny that she asked Alex EVERYTHING about his wife except her name

I just hate that about Nicholas Sparks.he leaves me wanting for more.I am a person who would like to see a proper ending to the story.Not conjuring up images to fit in his ambiguous endings.That is the reason why I stopped reading his books.

I thought of her as an guardian angel. 1) To watch over her own family until they adapt with her loss. 2) A spiritual guide for Katie to find her way.

This is one of my favorite books by him. However the ending was expected but disappointing. I just don't buy that she was imaginary, it just does not line up with the story. Katie seems to really bond with her, her hallucinating the whole idea sounds like a huge stretch.

I just don't get it. Someone told me that Jo was an imaginary character, but she seemed so real to appear in Katie's life. How could Katie imagine a girl who looked alike with Carly, but she hadn't never seen her before? I also wonder, maybe she was only a ghost? I'm totally confused.

Reagan Zhan Thank you. I will repeat reading it in future.
May 05, 2013 08:29AM

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