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Ashana May sat in a waiting chair after yet another fight. The offender had broken her arm before she had thought to control him with her voice, and now she was waiting for the medical person to come and fix it for her.A nurse came in, clicking her tongue at the injury. She put her hand on May's arm, and after an uncomfortable feel of her bones grinding into place, May's arm was fixed. She brushed past the witch without a word, not even thanking her for saving her arm.

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Lilly closed her eyes, biting her lower lip so that she didn't make a niose exept for her soft breathes. She felt as though someone had shaken her until she finally had gave in and crumbled. But yet it suprised her more, that someone had acaully cared to get her out of the cage, and to get her away from the stuffy nightmare. She knew those people would be back sooner or later, and madder then ever to discover their trick had only become a pile of rice.

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Ashana The door slammed open as they burst through. "We need help!" Cob shouted, not seeing anyone in sight. "She's dying!" He could hear people rushing in. Cob was afraid that he'd made the injury worse, so he set her down gently on one of the cots, listening to Lilly's labored breathing.

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"What are you going on about death?" One women asked, as she strode out from one of the rooms. She paused from her steps for a moment, her eyes drifting over the girl, and more then that, the blood. "What happen?" She asked softly, walking over to stand beside of Cob. She reached out a hand and tenderly touched her backside to her wrist against Lilly's forhead. "Fever." She remarked in a mutter.

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Ashana "I... I don't really know," Cob said quickly, wanting Lilly to get help now. "Her shoulder... it's bleeding. She needs help," he repeated. "She already lost so much blood..." His voice choked. He barely knew this girl, and yet he had felt a strange connection to her the second he had seen her. "She was in a cage," he went on, "in the auditorium. I think she may be hurt in other places other than her shoulder." When he saw the way the nurse was loooking at him, he added, "I didn't stop to look. I just got her here as fast as I could."

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The nurse, Casey clicked her tounge onto the top of her mouth, her eyes traveling down to Lilly once more. She set down a clipboard onto a bed beside the one Lilly was laid out on. "She's been at this school for just about three weeks, and this is the tenth time she'd been in the clinic. Seems the other kids don't like her, because she's to skiddish." Casey said, as she started to set a slight pressure to the wound. Lilly had finally passed out, yet she still winced. "If you ask my opinion then by how many briuses and scars she's hiding then she was an abused child. Here hold this on her shoulder, I'll check for any other wounds. You said you found her in a cage...?"

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Ashana He took the wad of hospital gauze and pressed it lightly onto Lilly's shoulder, wincing when she half cried out. "Shhh," Cob murmered. "It's all going to be okay. Just hang in there..." He finally realized that Casey was waiting for him to answer. "Oh, the cage," Cob said, the memory making him shudder. "Lilly was in a... wolf form," he said slowly, "and she couldn't move." The gauze was almost soaked through with blood. He didn't know how Lilly could still have enough blood left to live.

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((Please don't do that....roleplay that my charcter had a reaction to something like how you said 'she cried out.' Though that part is kinda a good one but still lol XD))

"Last time she had burn marks on her skin." Casey said softly, touching her fingers around. "No broken bones at least. But I'm pretty sure her ankle is sprained bad enough. She should be alright..." She trailed off, as she gave the ankle a tight wrapped of gauze and bandages. "I've heard a few of the students talking once. It's called a soul-wolf, it's her only shape she can shift into." She went on talking. Lilly's lips parted in a whimpering moan as she shifted faintly and winced. "Here." Casey murmered, handing a box of bandages to the boy. "You do know how to wrap a wound, don't you?"

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Ashana ((Oops... Sorry!))

"Yeah," he replied. Cob had taken a CPR class last summer that included bandaging wounds. He took the bandages and set to work, carefully wrapping Lilly's shoulder tightly and hoping that he wasn't hurting her. Cob was a little green, but he didn't let his nausea stop him from helping Lilly. "What happened to make her ankle sprained?" He asked. He didn't think that he had done anything, and then realized that it probably happened when he had tried to get Lilly to walk.

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((Personaly, I like your roleplay style...(view spoiler)))

"I think someone struck her ankle." Casey simply said, while she washed her hands, and dried them. "Not a fan of blood I guesss." She added when she saw his skin color turn. She wet her lips, and set down a cup and a pill on one of the drawer tops, the pill resting on a napkin. "This'll help her with the pain when she wakes up. You can go sit in a chair if you'd like. But for the most part, she can leave whenever she feels up to it." Caset added, before vanishing through one of the doors.

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Ashana ((Sure! I've honestly never been a mod before, though, so I may not be very good at it...))
Cob crouched down next to Lilly's cot. He watched her as she lay, and was glad that she didn't ask him to leave. He didn't know if she even could; there was no way for him to find out if she was awake or not. After a few minutes of sitting in the same position, his legs started aching, and he drew up a chair to the cot. He leaned foreward and gently grasped the patient's hand, hoping that she would not flinch or take her hand away. He watched her, the way her beautiful white hair brightened the ugly yellow color of the hospital pillow, how her pale skin seemed to glow in the flouresent lights of the clinic. He had never seen anyone so otherworldly in his life.

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((Already added you as a mod. Trust me; it's not to hard.))

A faint groan escaped the lips of the slender girl. But it took her several long moments to relize she could feel a strange warmth agaist her own hand, the feeling of another person was forgien to her. She blinked her eyes partly open, but almost immedently closed them again. The lighting was to bright for some reason to her. Possibly just because she was just waking up, and she'd adjust soon enough.

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Ashana Cob was staring at Lilly's eyes when he saw them open a little. But before he could get his hopes up, they closed again, as if they had never even opened in the first place. He squeezed Lilly's hand, hoping that the touch of human skin would make her feel safe, and started counting the number of tiles on the ground. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen.

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Lilly took her own time adjusting to the lighting of the room, before her eyes eased open once more. She could hardly believe it when she saw that same boy, his gaze seemed to be elsewhere. She didn't really feel like stirring, so she just gave his hand a light squeeze back. "What are you still doing here...?" She whispered nearly to soft to be heard, but yet if you were paying attention you could notice the same question was written across her features.

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Ashana Cob felt pressure on his own hand. He turned his head to Lilly, lying on the cot, to find her eyes open and inquiring. The impossible blue color of her iris was deafening. He immeditely leaned closer to her when he heard her speak."I'm here for you," Cob said simply, honestly. He couldn't imagine leaving her for even a moment, not when she was hurt like that. It wounded him to hear her even think that she would. But then, she didn't know him all too well either.

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Lilly's pressed her lips together, feeling slightly strange until she relized that the strange feeling was the bandaging around one of her ankles, and around her injured shoulder. Her chest rose and fell in shallow breathes, though for the first time she slowly let herself relax. But why...? Why doese he care? She thought.

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Ashana "Do you feel any better?" Cob asked softly. Lilly looked so peaceful that he didn't want to disturb her, but he had to relay the messege that Casey said. "The nurse said that if you are, then you're allowed out of the clinic." He smiled faintly. "But if you don't feel completely well, then you can stay here longer." Cob suddenly noticed the pill and water by the cot. "Oh," he said, "And she also said to take a pill when you're ready. Do you want it now?"

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Lilly's lips parted in a sigh at the mention of the pill. He hates medicans, and hardly ever took them. But she figured it was better then having a shot, it was strange but she was afaid of needles. She pulled her hand away, and shifted to sit up, a strand of her white hair dancing over her face. Her eyes traced the boy, for once getting a good look at his white hair and chilly eyes.

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Ashana Cob noticed Lilly's discomfort. "It's for pain," he offered. "But I don't think that you have to take it if you don't want to." He didn't want her to do anything that she didn't want to do herself. Cob remembered that when he was little, his mother took him to the doctor for a flu shot. He didn't want it, and kept on screaming that he didn't, but the doctor shot it into him arm anyways, and he turned intangible from fright. That was when his mother realized that he was supernatural.

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"Good...I don't like medicans..." Lilly admitted softly. Her pale eyes shifted from him, to the window, that's curtain was rolled up neatly. Sunlight was shedding into the room brightly, making everything shine. Lilly bit her lower lip, relaxtion turning into troubled when she spotted a boy outside. She squealed when he tapped the window, vanishing fully from sight. "Hey, it's Wolf Girl!" The guy cried out, bursting out laughing when she did turn invisable.

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Ashana Cob let go of Lilly's hand and stood up. He walked angrily to the window and glared at the boy who made fun of Lilly. "Apologize," he growled, his eyes turning darker. The boy just laughed more, laughing at Cob, who looked far from anyone who could inflict damage. He set his hands on the window, scratching the glass and producing the ear-splitting sound on nails on a chalkboard. The boy rolled his eyes, and made the mistake of looking down at where the sound came from. In place of regular human nails there grew sharp, wolf- length death instruments. The boy paled and ran when he saw Cob smile.

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Lilly's powers refused to function with her. She was still invisable from where she was sitting. She drew her knees close to herself, finding herself just remembering the supposed 'pranks' that had been being pulled ever since she'd gotten here. She knew who was behind it all to, but she never had told anyone she knew. She wet her lips, shivering slightly at the thought back to that cage.

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Ashana "Hey," Cob murmured, sitting gently on the side of her cot. "It's alright. He's gone now." Cob reached out a hand to where he thought Lilly's head was. He felt a strand of white, and ran his hand down her hair again and again, a calming gesture, like his mother had done when he was younger. "I'm sorry," he said, apologizing for his reaction at the boy. "I shouldn't have frightened him like that. It's just, when I saw him laughing at you..." Cob trailed off.

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Lilly let his words seep through her mind for a moment. She wasn't really even paying attention when she leaned slightly into him, and rested her head against his shoulder. Even when she did relize it, she didn't feel the need to mvoe away from him. She felt somewhat...safer and relaxed with the boy right there. She dared herself not to speak, for once glad that no one could see her.

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Ashana Cob treasured the way that Lilly leaned into him so easily. She fitted perfectly against his side, as if they were made to be together. He moved his arm to rest upon her waist and marvled at the way the silence didn't feel awkward, but rather nice. Being with her felt... right.

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At last Lilly flashed into view, her pale eyes closed as she just remained where she was with Cob, her skin tingling with strange emotions from how his arm rested wrapped around her waist. She'd only met Cob, but yet she had already done what everyone thought was impossible, and eased her trust and faith from him. As long as he was there she was safe. From everything the world had to offer.

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Ashana Her gleaming white mane of hair grew more beautiful every time Cob saw it. He smoothed it with his hand, again and again, and felt so lucky to be able to feel how soft it was. He hated to ruin the moment, but he had to make sure she was alright. "Lilly," he murmured softly, "You feeling any better?" He placed his warm hand on her cold cheek. He thought that it was probably that temperature because on how many gallons of blood she had lost.

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Lilly's eyes blinked open as if she had just relized he'd spoken. "I should be fine." She replied softly, her pale cheeks turning into a bright pink coloration. Though she didn't exaucly relize how warm her blushing features had gotten in that moment.

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Ashana "That's good," Cob replied. He removed his hand from her cheek and slowly stood up, still holding on to Lilly's waist. "So," he grinned, "Do you think you're up for a walk?" He held his other hand out for her to take. "I promise that I won't let anything happen to you," he swore. "Or," he added, "We could do something else. Anything you want." Cob didn't want to be pushy. If Lilly didn't want to face the other students, he sure wasn't going to tell her that she should.

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"I could use a stretch." Lilly responded, taking the offered hand. For the first time, in a rather long time, a smile danced faintly over her lips. Her blush refused to fade away from her face, but instead grew deeper. She rose up to her feet, her white boots stained with dust and dirt.

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Ashana When Lilly stood next to him, Cob steadied his arm around her waist, in case she wasn't as fine as she said she was. He looked down at her foot apparel, which were covered with filth and, now that he looked closer, just a little bit of blood. "Here," he said, bending down, "Let me get that for you." He placed his hand on her boots and concentrated for a moment. Then he turned only the boot and its white stain intangible, forcing the gore to fall onto the ground beneath Lilly's feet.

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Lilly tilted her head just slightly to one side to watch him. "Must be a useful ability." she finally commented. She had never thought that her powers had been worth anything. Yes she could turn inviable, but she could hardly controle that. And as for her wolf form, she was weaker then most all together and slightly ashamed that she could be taken down so easily.

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Ashana Cob shrugged. "Only when I get pizza sauce all over my shirt." That was the extent that he ever really used his powers for. His mother hated to see anything that proved that he was more- or less, depending on how you think about it- than human, and so he only used his abilities for small things, like cleaning. Rescuing Lilly from the cage was the biggest use of magic that he had ever done. "Are you ready to face the outside world?" Cob asked, leading her to the clinic door and opening it just a crack in case she changed her mind.

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"People can say as they please." Lilly muttered, her eyes flickering from the window behind her, to over at the boy she was still a little closer to then she should have been. "It's not a first time for me, and I already know what people will say and do." She added more to herself then to him.

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Ashana "Good," he said, though he didn't mean it. He hated to think about how many times Lilly had been teased before, how hurt she had gotten. He shook the thought off, since it made him boil with anger, and he had been taught that anger got him nowhere. Cob pushed the door open all the way and he and Lilly stepped out of the homey clinic and into the disinfected world beyond.

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Lilly crossed her arms below her chest, each hand on an elbow. She bit her lower lip gently, as her gaze drifted around the oddly colored hall. She could always feel somethin would happen. Something always did. She someone ended up, an inch or maybe two closer to Cob. Though you could tell she didn't mean to. She was like a child scared the world outside of herself.

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Ashana Cob drew her even closer and smiled at her comfortingly. He smoothed her hair back and tilted her chin up. "Hey," he said, "everythig's fine."

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Lilly blinked at him, her cheeks turning from pink to red. Suddently she reached up to her tippy-toes and planted a soft kiss right on his cheek, before she lowered herself, and faded out from view, turning inviable.

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Ashana Cob touched his cheek in surprise, his cheeks burning as well. He felt a smile creep up onto his face, combining the blush and making his features even more striking. Without thinking, he ran his hand along the side of Lilly's face until he found her jaw, and tilted her head up. Before she could protest, he covered her mouth with his own.

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Lilly's figure shifted back into sight. She didn't seem like she ever would protest to what he'd done, by the way she was so relaxed with one hand softly resting against his chest. Her eyes were closed as their lips touched softly, and she could feel her heart skip a beat.

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Ashana Cob didn't want their kiss to ever end. It was sweet and smooth, and though it thought that Lilly was just as inexperianced as he was, he felt as if they had done it a million times before. It was as if he had met her before, in another life.

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Lilly's lips cuvred into a smile up against his lips. She stood out brilliantly against the dull walls and floors of the school walkways. She was almsot a glow against the darkness with her white hair and pale skin. She shifted just slightly, letting the kiss deepen by just a tint.

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Ashana Cob placed his other hand on her waist and drew her even closer to him. He pressed her against the wall and deepened their kiss. When he realized what he was doing, what was so uncharacteristic for him, he pulled back and pressed his forehead against hers. His breathing was labored.

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Lilly's eyes were still closed, and her lips were parted as she tried to steady each breathe. She was calm still, even though her back was pinned to the wall behind herself. She'd never kissed a boy before, or been kissing by a boy. But now that she had, she was slightly confused of the emotions brewing inside of herself.

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Ashana "I'm...sorry," Cob whispered heavily, lying. He wasn't sorry, not one bit, but Lilly seemed to be in some sort of pain and Cob felt like it was the right thing to do to apologize, even if he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again. And again, and again, until nothing was left of them but a pair of lips and the dust of the world.

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Lilly opened her eyes finally. "I'm not." She whispered, one of her hands finding his, and lacing their fingers together. She would sort out her emotions later. Right now, she just wanted to enjoy that moment; when lips touched lips and hearts beat as one again.

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Ashana Cob squeezed Lilly's fingers, still breathing heavily. He was so surprised to hear her say those words, and repeated them in his mind again and again: I'm not. She wasn't sorry that they kissed. He leaned down and kissed her again, heart beating rapidly in his chest.

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Lilly leaned forward, her lips pressing against his as she met him halfway. Her eyes were shining brighter then the stars that danced across the darkened skies in the night. She closed her eyes halfway when their lips met, but soon her eyes were shut completely. She could hear the sound of her heart beat against her chest, and she feared that she wasn't the only one who could hear it.

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Ashana Finally Cob pulled away. He didn't want to, but he felt like they were one of those couples who made out in the hallway all the time, and he wasn't a big fan of PDA. Suddenly, he thought about the term, 'couple'. Were he and Lilly a couple? Together? They had only known each other for a couple of hours. But Cob felt such a strong pull towards her that his heart was convinced that he had already known her for years. "Lilly," he breathed, "Will you go out with me?" It sounded so seventh-grade, and yet it was the only thing that came to mind that he could say. The meaning behind his question was clear: He was asking her to be his girlfriend.

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