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Ashana Cob slipped open the door to the auditorium and shut it silently behind him. His footsteps echoed in the empty theator,making his way across the long walkway to the stage. He knew that he could just turn himself invisible and not worry about getting caught, but he loved seeing his red converse on the seemingly new black stage.

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There was a sound like something clawing against a solid object, a whimper flooding through the air. It's been a harsh day for Lilly. She was laying in her wolf form, trapped in a cage that wasn't big enough for heto return to her human shape in. A padlock that needed a key was dangling with the cage. A few kids had acaully frightened and chased the poor girl around until they finally caught her and shoved her in the cage as a prank. But after that, they had never returned to let her out. She was stuck....

Ashana Cob heard a wimpering from behind the curtain. He was immediately on alert. "Who's there?" He called, worried. "Hello?" He drew back the curtain to find a small cage containing a beautiful wolf inside who seemed to be in pain. Cob sucked in a breath; he'd never seen anything so amazing and so miserable.

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Blood had soaked Lilly's snowy white shoulder. She slightly lifted her head, her pale blue eyes seeping through the boy for a moment. She was in such a tight ball, due to the limits of the cage, and blood was trickling down and pooling up inside of the metal bars and flooring. She couldn't help but figure he had just come to taunght her like everyone else was doing.

Ashana "Are you okay?" Cob whispered to the hurt wolf. He rounded her prison, trying to find a way to free her, when he saw her shoulder, which was stained crimson. "My god," he thought. "What kind of horrible creature would do this?"
There seemed to be no way that he could free her, since the cage was padlocked with no key in sight and he was not strong enough to twist the bars. Finally, an idea came to him: He could use his powers. He shimmered, now intangible, and slipped into the cage. He gathered the beatiful wolf in his arms, careful not to touch her shoulder, and turned her intangible too. Then he slipped back out of the cage and set the wolf gently on the stage.

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Lilly stumbled back as she was freed. She jaws parted in a whimper, lifting up the leg to her injured shoulder. But instead of limping off, she began to change forms. It was a swift process, but to colmplex to be described really. A soft moan escaped the new form of a lovely young girl, not much younger to the boy. She had a long mane of snowy white hair, that matched her snowy white dress, pants and sleeves. She looked tierd, and she just stayed where she was on her hands and knees.

Ashana Cob gasped when in place of the white wolf there now appeared a girl with the same color hair. He had turned around for a moment, to see what else was in the cage, and when he turned back the wolf was no longer there. The girl looked like she had run a marathon. "Hey," Cob whispered. "Are... are you alright?" It was a stupid question, but he just wanted to hear the girl speak.

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Lilly's eyes blinked open. She forced herself up to sit on her knees, those same pale blue eyes dancing across the boy. She almost looked afraid of him. Lilly had never been a fighter, and she knew with her shoulder still soaked in blood, she wouldn't be able to outrun anyone either, since it took her wolf form to do just that. "I...I think so." She muttered softly, her eyes flickering away from him, and toward the cage. A shiver ran down her spine.

Ashana The girl/wolf looked so afraid. Cob wanted to do something, anything, to comfort her. He realized that the cage was making her uncomfortable. He placed his hands on the hateful structure and concentrated, closing his eyes. When he reopened them again, the cage aws gone, instead leaving behined a white grain of rice. He picked it up and flicked it off the stage. "There," he said, turning back to the girl/wolf. "Is that better?"

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Lilly wet her lips carfully, avioding making direct eye contact. At least this time it had only been a cage, in the past kids had tied an elctronical collar on her throat. "Thanks..." She muttered softly, just not much of a talker. She was stiff to rise up to her feet, watching the boy scrape away the last of the rice. There was a soft creaking niose, and Lilly's eyes went wide, right before she vanished from sight. She stumbled back a little, and feel right on her bottom before she turned viable again. She released a sigh as she relized it was just a tree branch outside tapping a window.

Ashana Cob blinked. He thought that he was the only one who could turn invisible. "What... did you do?" He asked the girl/wolf, bewildered. He hoped that it wasn't because of him that she stumbled back. "Is something wrong?" He wanted to help her up, but was afraid that she would be afraid of him or would take it the wrong way. He held out a hand to her anyway, convincing himself that he couldn't scare her too much by only trying to help.

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Lilly watched him for a moment, before she gave him her her hand that didn't belong to her injured shoulder, which would be her left one. "I...I can't really controle it." She said softly, "It's like my power's only real defence. I'm of the weaker ones and sometimes it's the only thing that saves me. That's why everyone is always ganging up on me. Easy prey...."

Ashana "That's horrible," he said, pulling her up. It looked like it would be hard for her to walk, so he drew an arm lightly across her waist and settled her arm across his shoulders. Cob didn't know much about animal injuries, since he had never gotten hurt when he was in an animal form, but he thought that the extent of her injury must have been much more than only her shoulder, since she was able to shapeshift. "What's your name?" He asked her. He hated to keep calling her girl/wolf in his mind.

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"Lilly." Lilly said softly, shifting her wieght to a simpler position. By how she was carful of her injury, it didn't seem like this was the first time she'd suffered a deep gash like this. Acaully it was far from the first time. "And you...?" She finally asked, her vioce remaining no louder then a mutter.

Ashana He smiled. "Cob," he replied, slightly shy of his name. "It's actually October. My parents were sort of nuts about months," he said, smiling faintly. Cob didn't know if she was comfortable or not in the position he was holding her in. Lilly didn't seem like a very interactive person, or one who hugged often. "Is this okay?" He asked, gesturing with his head at his arm around her waist, and hers across his shoulders. "Are you uncomfortable?" He felt a strange urge to protect the wolf girl. If he had to, he would carry her in his arms to the nurse, or whatever a magic school had in place of a nurse's office.

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"It's fine." Lilly esured him, her eyes tracing along the strangrly colored stage floor. She lifted her free hand, and tucked a lengthy strand of her winter-colored hair behind her ear. "It can't be that bad of a name." She added, "Lots of people are named after months." Her pale eyes finally shifted up to study the boy, Con. She didn't really know what to say, seeing as she could feel aches going down her sides, and her shoulder was still gushing with blood.

Ashana Cob made a low noise in the back of his throat, sort of like a growl, when he saw that her shoulder was still bleeding. He didn't know what made him growl like that; he definetely didn't mean to. Lilly looked like she was about to faint. They hobbled off of the stage, but it was taking too long. Cob was afraid that Lilly would lose too much blood if he didn't get her some help soon. He wished that he had the power to heal people. "I'm going to pick you up," Cob said. "Okay?" He hoped that she would not protest. He would not carry her without her permission, even if it meant having her faint.

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"A...Alright." Lilly muttered, her pale skin already starting to go paler. She couldn't help it, her was stiff and more wounds then one were hidden from his view. For one thing, she didn't want to set so much pressure onto him by the condistion she was in. Though he might find she was a lighter wieght then she should have been, years of her step-father starving her had always taken a tole.

Ashana Cob picked her up gently, and started half-running, half-jogging across the auditorium. He didn't want to run, because the movement would hurt her, but he had to hurry. The theator was too long. Finally they reached the end of the walkway, and Cob pushed the door open with his foot. When he saw how much blood Lilly was leaving on the ground, he didn't care if it caused her to be more uncomfortable- he feared for her life. Cob made a mad dash to the clinic and hoped that someone would be in to save her. ((to the clinic!))

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fluffofdoom | 139 comments tetra made her way down the aisle of the auditorium towards the stage. she noticed a beautiful black grand piano and wanted to let her fingers dance across the keys. she sat down, slowly opened the cover and watched as the white and black of the keys peeped out and smiled. she placed her hands on the keys and started to play a beautiful melody that echoed through the room.

Rosie (sweg) Ria opened a door and stepped into the auditorium. She was just exploring a bit since her dorm hadn't been assigned yet. The room was huge and ornately decorated, like an old-time theatre. She saw a girl playing piano at the back and started to leave. She didn't want to bother this girl.

fluffofdoom | 139 comments tetra stopped midway through the piece. she noticed the girl and became a bit embarrassed. she felt uncomfortable when people listened to her play. she closed the piano and stood up.

Rosie (sweg) "Oh," Ria said, "Sorry, I dodn't mean to bother you... I'm just looking around the school."

fluffofdoom | 139 comments "its ok" tetra said. "i am too" she jumped of the stage and walked up the aisle.

Rosie (sweg) "Oh, ok." Ria smiled as the girl walked toward her. "I'm Ria."

fluffofdoom | 139 comments "tetra" she said looking down. she was somewhat shy and never really got close to anyone except for her brother and her cat luna. "um... would you like to explore the school together?" she asked hoping the girl would say yes. maybe she could make a real friend here. it would be nice

Rosie (sweg) Ria smiled. Thank goodness this girl had asked, she wasn't sure if she would have been brave enough. "Sure, where should we go?"

fluffofdoom | 139 comments "i don't know. you pick." she said. looking up at the girl. she gave a small smile and then looked back down at the ground

Rosie (sweg) "I need to go get set up in my dorm. Would you like to come with me? It'll only take a sec. My bags are in the hall."

fluffofdoom | 139 comments "um... ok" tetra said. "what dorm are you in... or want to be in?"

Rosie (sweg) "I'm in Light. What dorm are you in?"

fluffofdoom | 139 comments tetra looked up "i am too" she said almost excitedly. "come, ill show you the dorm." she said as she walked up the rest of the aisle.

Rosie (sweg) "Okay." Ria followed Tetra out and grabbed her bags as she went.

fluffofdoom | 139 comments ((to the light dorm))

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