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Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
A discussion thread for our April BoM, Angels and Demons. Spoilers are permitted.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Chapter 1-12 (I was confused so I read 12, that is how we are going to do it right? Next we read 13 - up to and including 24?)

(view spoiler)

message 3: by Barbara (last edited Apr 01, 2012 11:09PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
It was your proposal but that is how I interpret it. You suggested we read 12 chapters a day so that means up to and including number 12.

I just woke up (it is a little after 8 here) and have not read anything yet. Will read your comments when I have read it and respond.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
No problem :) I will only read the next 12 tonight and post tomorrow morning again etc.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I haven't read Flashforward and I have always been afraid of CERN. I am a lot closer to them and we get a lot of news about them and there has always been a lot of controversy and when I was much younger I got scared by all the controversy that was telling everybody that it was a dangerous research centre and that when it went wrong the least that would happen that it would blow up the whole of Europe. So it scared the hit out of me. Nowadays I am much better informed and although they do a lot of scary research it is also done safely and I would love to take a look. I am afraid however that for us mere mortals it is not in the cards.

I have always heard that it was invented by accident in the US either at a large company or university by linking several computers and stuff. I believe Dan Brown is taking some license to enhance the story just as he does with the airplane and getting to Switzerland in one hour. However I also believe that there are things we are not told by the govenrments because they believe it is better for us not to know. I do realise that makes me sound as a conspiracy buff but it is true at least with military secrets and I do believe there are other secrets out there. I don't believe the internet is one of them though.

Yeah I did turn my book several times and I am not happy with the symmetry. I mean it is perfectly symmetric but it also adds another letter in the beginning of the word. It is neccessary for the symmetry but still it bothers me.

I do already get the feeling that it is the same trick done again. Or actually the invention of the same trick that was done again in The Da Vince Code and The Lost Symbol, since this is the first book.
I liked the trick in the Da Vinci Code but it irritated me in the Lost Symbol. With trick I mean the same plot twists, the same puzzles, the same cliffhangers etc. etc. etc. It will be interesting to see if I am right.

message 6: by Lu (Sugar & Snark) (last edited Apr 02, 2012 04:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
CERN - Yea I think our chances of seeing it is slim :(
So strange we hadly ever hear about CERN here in the news. Or I have just been missing it :)

Illuminati - I wonder if it is just your copy? My copy's one looked fine?

I am lucky I havn't read any of the other books. I did watch Angels and Demons though, so if it is similar to the book, I know the bigger plot etc.

message 7: by Barbara (last edited Apr 02, 2012 07:41AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I don't think you have been missing it. It is just that it is nearer to us that we hear more about it. How often is Belgium or Germany in your news? I guess not often and with us it is almost every day. We hardly ever hear anything about Africa and what we hear is about major events and mostly the nortern countries like Marocco, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Tunesia. It is just proximity. It is also something that annoys me frequently and why I watch news on different channels. For example a couple of years ago there was a lot of flooding in South America and all we heard about was Suriname since that country was a former Dutch Colony. That there were deaths in Bolivia because of the same flooding never even made the news over here.

No I do believe it is. The "problem" is I had a course in university in reading ancient handwritings and one of the thing they teach you is to count pen strokes. When you count here you have 4 downward strokes for the ILL part of the word. It is necessary because if you don't than in the mirror image you haven't enough strokes for the a. You should have 15 strokes (i-1, l-1, l-1, u-2, m-3, i-1, n-2, a-2, t-1, i-1) and in the image you have 16 strokes. Count back from the u and you see what I mean.

Well, I read and saw The Da Vinci Code and loved it. I even have a special edition of the dvd with a Robert Langdon notebook. But then I read the Lost Symbol and even though it is a good book I didn't like it because it follows the same pattern step for step. I could even find replacements of the characters in The Da Vinci Code in The Lost Symbol and I am already being able to do some of that in Angels and Demons too. Also I didn't notice the cliffhangers in the Da Vinci Code but they were very irritating in The lost symbol because sometimes you changed view several times on one page. You started the page with Robert Langdon, then switched to the bad guy on about 1/3 of the page and at the end of the page you switched again to another view. And almost every time when you switched there was a cliffhanger of he didn't know that in two hours time he would... or she didn't notice the guy in the black coat that just entered the auditorium or he relaised that when you held to object a certain way it spelled a name he knew (I just made them up as examples but those kind of things). Since this book has 137 chapters I do expect the same kind of thing here and it has already happened.

If the Da Vinci Code is anything to go by and I think it is since the same people made the movie it will follow the book as closely as it can.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Ah I didn't think about counting pen strokes. I just read it :)

So far I don't mind the point of view switches. It hasn't been a problem.

Have you seen the movie?

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I am a pain in the ass with details like that. I am also always the girl who sees the shade of a cameraman or a watch in a historical drama on the tv or in movies. It can be annoying some times. I try not to notice them but when it is important in a book like this I am counting everything.

The switching points of view haven't yet been a problem as long as it doesn't get as bad as in the Lost Symbol, but I don't like cliffhangers like the one at the end of chapter 7: "He never suspected that later that night, in a country hundreds of miles away, the information would save his life." Or at then of chapter 11: "Langdon peered into the study and immediately felt his skin crawl. Holy mother of Jesus, he said to himself." and then of to chapter 12 with a different viewpoint and his own terrible cliffhanger before going to chapter 13 which (if the first few lines are an indication) give the answer to the cliffhanger at the end of chapter 11. Why not go on and tell the events of chapter 12 at a later date?

Not this one. I try not to see a movie based on a book before I have read the book. I like it better if I can form my own images in my mind while reading the book. If I have seen the movie I will use the characters from the movie in my mind. Also sometimes there are unnamed characters in a movie and I can't palce them if I see the movie first but if I have read the book I know what they are doing there and why they are in the movie.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Yea the cliffhangers are a bit silly lol. But I just quickly skim the next chapter if it falls out off our 12 :P Did that with 13 and tonight with 25!

We'll I think after we read this, its time you watched the movie, and I would like to watch it again :)

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
And here I was not reading the next chapter even though I wanted to because then there was the danger of getting ahead because I read so fast and/or more than you. And sneaky you just reading the next chapter :D
Well, I will read chapter 25 too when I read my chapters tomorrow morning.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Lol well I was only glancing at it :P

Chapter 13-24

I have nothing to discuss here, except that someone wrote at the bottom of page 100: I Love Cameron...
I hope he knows :P

message 13: by Barbara (last edited Apr 03, 2012 02:48AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I haven't even glanced, wasn't too curious and it was a good spot to end for the day.

Apparently your edition has a lot more pages than mine since I am only on page 89.

Maybe Cameron is married to someone else???

There is indeed not much to discuss. It was all explaining of the plot and setting the scene for what is to come. Although I did think that the containing the antimatter and creating it sounded very simple and I don't think it is in real life, but again that is artistic license and if Dan Brown didn't use it we wouldn't have a story.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
I have this edition: Angels and Demons (Robert Langdon, #1) by Dan Brown

Lol who knows!

Yea it did sound easy. But I'm just glad it is understandable and not over our heads :)

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
yeah that has more pages than mine, ah well what can you do :)

Do you have a library book or a second hand copy? I always hate it when there is writing in books. I never even wrote in my text books. It feels like sacriledge if I write in my books.

Probably because if it wasn't easy Dan Brown wouldn't understand it either :P

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
A second hand copy. Yea it is very strange that people write in it. Especially when it is a very good copy and then they go and do that lol

Nice hand writing I must say :P

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
BTW I have this edition: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
I like the different covers you get :)

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I always like to see what other covers a book has. Sometimes a cover is very in tune with the book and sometimes I just don't get it.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
Read the next twelve chapters and was not at all surptised when the non-complying swiss guard commander showed up since the law enforcement agencies didn't work with Langdon in the other two books either.

I loved the discussion about God on the space plane. Loved some of the comments and they made me think.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
I only read until chapter 32 last night and fell asleep lol
But I will catch those 4 chapters tonight :)

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I have that sometimes and then I wake up in the middle of the night and can't understand why I am holding a book in my hands.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
The worst is when it falls on you lol

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I know! I wear glasses so sometimes when it falls on me it hits my glasses and that really hurts.
Or this one time my mum found me in bed asleep and she was trying to be nice and take off my glasses and put my book away and turn out the light but when she wanted to take my book I woke up and screamed bloody murder because she scared me and by screaming I scared her and probably woke up the neighbours. he does turn out the light now but she never takes my book anymore.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Rofl so don't take away Barbara's books /check

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
They are mine, My Precious!

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
I understand!

When people ask Mark and I when we are having kids I just think of my pretty HP room with all my books in it. And all I think is, I don't want to share :P

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
When you do decide to have children you probably have to clear the room for a nursery. Or at least put a big lock on the door so you will not one day walk in and find your child colouring in all the pictures in the books.

I don't want to share either. My friends know they don't have to ask if they can borrow a book because they know I don't like doing that and get very nervous on the few occassions when I do. I am always afraid I won't get it back or if I do that the book might be damaged.

message 29: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmauk007) | 1070 comments I think thats one thing I love about my kindle, take it anywhere and can hide it anywhere. I do miss paper books though. Peole used to irritate me and my husband all the time about having kids, but we did it when it was right for us and not anyone else, after all they are not the ones who have to get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby.

Regarding the BOM: Although I read A&D some time ago, it has always remained one of the best books that I have ever read, and one of the very few books that would make my re-read shelf. I am a great lover of history and the amount of research that went into this book was truly amazing. I like the fact that although fictional alot is based on fact and that is what is so intriguing. It is far better than the Da Vinci Code in my opinion and far less controversial in its religious ideas, although I often wonder what is really hidden in the vaults under the vatican, and what would the walls tell us if they could. So much history and what a ride.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
That is exactly the time to have a child if you have children at all: when you want to. I hate people who think in the box. People who say you should get married and have children.
I rather think out of the box and live my life the way it makes me happy and so should everybody else. marry or don't, have children or don't and if you do have them early or late. You should do what makes you happy. You are the one who has to live with the consequences.

I think that whatever Robert Langdon book someone reads first will be the best they have read and they will like it a lot. But because the boosk are so similar the others will be a lot less interesting.

I used to have a friend who used to be a monk. He even had a lettre from Pope John Paul II to dismiss him from his monastery because he wanted to get married when he was about 50 years. He once had entry to certain of those vaults and he told me that the ones he saw were filled with controversial artwork. Artwork that contradicts the teachings of the Bible. He also went into a couple of vaults that were full of sexual art and some pieces were quite pornographic.
He was told that apparently through the milennia everything the Vatican confiscated or got into its posession one way or the other went into the vaults. If they could help it they didn't destroy it but stored it.
It appears that a lot of art pieces that the world thinks are lost might be in these vaults.
I would love to take a peak but even for clergy it is very hard to gain entrance there and my former friend only got access to the least controversial and least guarded vaults.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Hi Emma :)

Any thoughts on Chapter 36 - 48 Barbara?

message 32: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmauk007) | 1070 comments Thats really fascinating Barbara, but doesnt really surprise me. I read an article recently which quoted from a book that was published in 1970 that sheds some light on the size of the vaticans business operations. The book is entitled “The Vatican Empire”; it was written by Nino Lo Bello, a Roman Catholic journalist. By careful research the author was able to gather enough evidence to show that the Vatican has business holdings of truly astonishing dimensions. He says: “As one of the world’s largest shareholders, the Vatican holds securities frequently quoted as being worth $5.6 billion. The sum is probably an understatement, for the Vatican has invested in exchanges throughout the world, and even a conservative estimate of its portfolio tends to show that the figure is in excess of $5.6 billion.” Bear in mind the book as written over 30 years ago, so who knows what the amount is now. It also decribed the type of business ventures the vatican had been involved in for example:a Vatican-owned munitions plant “supplied arms for the Italian army” when it invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Just a few years before this, in 1929, the Vatican signed a concordat with the then ruler of Italy, Fascist dictator Mussolini. This concordat is known in history as the Lateran Treaty.

Among other things, this treaty granted payments to the Vatican for the papal states that the kingdom of Italy took over in the nineteenth century. The territory consisted of about 16,000 square miles within the borders of Italy. In compensation Mussolini gave the Vatican $90 million dollars. He also agreed to pay the salaries of the parish priests throughout Italy. To this day the Italian government, Lo Bello reports, is paying the salaries of more than 30,000 priests despite the fact that the Vatican could well afford to pay those salaries itself.

If you also think of the involvement of the Vatican with Nazism in the 1930's, when Cardinal Pacelli (who later became Pope Pius XII) signed a concordat in Rome between the Vatican and Nazi Germany. Von Papen signed the document as Hitler’s representative, and Pacelli there conferred on von Papen the high papal decoration of the Grand Cross of the Order of Pius. In his book Satan in Top Hat, Tibor Koeves writes of this, stating: “The Concordat was a great victory for Hitler. It gave him the first moral support he had received from the outer world, and this from the most exalted source.” The concordat required the Vatican to withdraw its support from Germany’s Catholic Center Party, thus sanctioning Hitler’s one-party “total state.” Further, its article 14 stated: “The appointments for archbishops, bishops, and the like will be issued only after the governor, installed by the Reich, has duly ascertained that no doubts exist with respect to general political considerations.” By the end of 1933 (proclaimed a “Holy Year” by Pope Pius XI), Vatican support had become a major factor in Hitler’s push for world domination.

They can hardly be said to represent Christ who said of Christians:“They are no part of the world”!—John 17:16.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
@ Emma: that is very interesting and some of it I knew already. I know the Cathelic church hasn't always been as clean as they should and still aren't but then again it has been in existence over 2000 years and it is hard to do everything right in so many years. I don't mean that as an excuse but more of an understanding. They have also done a lot of good things together with the bad.

@ Lu: chapters 37-48. What shall I say!? The Swiss guard is getting on my nerves. There is a bomb threat and still he refuses to clear the area. I remember in high school that someone announced he was going to call the school with a bombthreat and every one knew it was false but then when he called on the day and time that he had announced the school was still cleared. Better safe than sorry and that was before all the terrorist attacks and tighter security measures.
I understand he doesn't want to create a panic but what is better: people who are panicking and alive or people who are calm and dead? I am happy that he is finally started searching for the antimatter canister.

Finally we are on our way with Robert Langdon. We are going to solve some puzzles at least I hope so. That will mean that the cliffhangers will increase, but also that I will have to pay more attention to the book than I have done so far. I have to watch for clues now.

I do love the fact that Robert Langdon isn't as efficient as he is in the other two books. This is his first time that he is involved in something this big and it is only logical that he is a bit hesitant.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
@Barbara Sigh yea they are really acting slow!

Chapter 49 - 60

Things are getting hectic now!

message 35: by Barbara (last edited Apr 06, 2012 10:38AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
Yeah, but also wrong. I have issue with two things.

First I cannot believe that they took the page from Galileo's book out of the archive. They are both scientists and know better even if it isn't their field. I cannot believe it is now in Langdon's pocket. With my knowledge of ancient manuscripts and their description of the folio I know the paper should be disintegrating with this kind of treatment and would soon be of no use at all.

Second issue is that they are going to enter the Pantheon as tourists and pretend to be newlyweds. It is 7:50 in the evening!!!!!!! The bloody Pantheon is closed for tourists by this hour. I thought it was strange that they went so late because my experience is that historical buildings close around 6. So I checked on the internet and on the official site it says that they are open till 7:30. So they are 20 minutes too late. Ok I know the book was written in 2000, but I can't imagine that there has been a huge impact in opening hours in the intervening years. But lets say they can enter this church without trouble at this time, how are they going to enter the other ones?

But maybe I am fussing about minor things, but I still think it strange.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Oh yea I agree, why the hell would they take it outside? It would disintegrate so quickly :( I can see all my conservator friends cringing!

Hahahah I didn't even think about that! Yea odd that Dan Brown didn't think about it!

message 37: by Barbara (last edited Apr 06, 2012 10:46AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
Especially with he treatment they give it.
It is a piece of paper Langdon himself says melts in water and was only supposed to last for a 100 years and they take it outside in normal humidity in an inner breastpocket of a jacket. What the hell ...?????

Also the trust they all of a sudden get from the Swiss guard. They let them enter the Pantheon alone and they get a gun in the process??? Huh???? I don't know how it is in South Africa, but here the law enforcement guys and/or the protective service guys don't give away their guns, not without knowing you for a long time and knowing your credentials. An hour ago they were locked up by these same guards and now they get their guns. Strange!

Well we'll se how Dan Brown is going to solve the opening times issue. I can't imagine they don't find some clue to the other churches even though the statues have all been destroyed. The book would be a lot shorter if the didn't find some clues. And if they find the clues they will go to the churches.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Yea I agree Dan Brown really didn't think it through. I mean Langdon already memorized it, so why was it necessary?

Well in SA they wouldn't even help you, or be organized enough to...

But yea the Swiss guard changed their tune pretty quickly.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
Just read the next 12 chapters and I can't believe the put the body of the cardinal in the trunk of their car!!! Seems a bit disrespectfull.

Are you also looking up pictures of the places they go to on the internet? And if you do could you tell me where the gold medaillons are on the pyramids because I can't find them. I see medaillons which are white and have faces on them but no golden ones.
Also I looked up the statue of Habakkuk and the Angel and there is a clue there they missed or could have used. The angel is pointing down and the relief they are going to is on the ground. If they would be looking for a church wouldn't the angel have pointed at least horizontal or up.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
I can understand why. They can't let the public see.

I watched the movie, so just have those places in my head :P
No clue about the medallions!

Yea that makes sense! He could have used it.

Are you also rooting for the BBC reporter?

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
What public? they scanned the area before going outside.Ok the missed the reporter but still. Also couldn't they have left him there with a guard and picked him up later with a discreet car where they didn't have to fold him into the trunk. He could have been elected pope if he had lived and now he is in a trunk. It seems so undignified.

Sure, of course I knew that. I am looking up the locations just to know what they are seeing. I don't have all the locations and details in my mind.
Huh, I wonder if there is an explanantion for the medaillons. I think I'll google it later.

It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the sculpture. I first read it and then looked it up and so I knew they would be going to Saint Peter's Square and then I saw the angel pointing down and thought that made sense. Wonder why Dan Brown didn't use it? Well maybe it will be explained later on.

No, I think he is a creep. I am very much in favour of freedom of the press, but I also come from a country where we don't like intrusions into the private life and respect the privacy of our famous people. Nowadays she is to busy to do it often but especially in the early years of her marriage it wasn't a strange sight to see the wife of our Crown Prince shopping in the high streets with everybody else. Ok she had some bodyguards but she was left alone to do her shopping. And we also believe that not everything should be shown just because it is news. Like the dead body of Khadaffi last year. That is something that I believe should not be shown. Even though he was a dictator and probably deserved what he got, he is still a human being with people who love him and grieve for him. I can't say the world is a better place because we saw the video of him being dead.
This reporter and his camera woman feel like they will go to far to get their story and that is something that I strongly dislike. They say they have several frames of the dead body and I am sure they will broadcast it. Why not show other images and tell that that is a dead body that is being carried to the car. But that is just my opinion.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
Nah I think they did the right thing. They needed to move him before anyone realized what was going on.
True it is undignified, but I think they needed to do what they had to.

Let me know when you find the medallions!

Nah it is just that I want him to catch a break :) I can't remember them at all in the movie, but I feel they will play a important role in the book

message 43: by Barbara (last edited Apr 07, 2012 08:09AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
Ok, I still think they should have left him because of potential clues and stuff. But I can also understand why they didn't. I think we have to agree to disagree on this point. :)

I haven't been able to find them yet. There are several sites that discuss the book and talk about the medallions but none of them show where they are supposed ot be.

I checked IMDB and there isn't a named part for them. There are two unnamed British reporters on the cast list but I guess that they would have been named by their names in the book if they played a major part in the movie. I gues they had to cut something out.

And Lu, I hate to do it again even though you said you don't mind, but I requested another task in the Choose wisely challenge amost 4 hours ago. Could you give it to me so I can see if I have a book that fits and continue reading. The funny thing is I don't want to start a new book unless I know I can use it.

message 44: by Emma (new)

Emma (emmauk007) | 1070 comments Although I am not reading along with you guys, I feel as if I am with this discussion thread. I think its a good idea to discuss a book through its chapters. I know that not alll books would lend themselves to this idea, but with A&D it is so full of details that it is easy to do. Makes me want to read this book again.

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
You know you are always welcome to join in the discussion with any insights you may have.
And if you have a book that would lend itself to this kind of a discussion let me know. I am always willing to discuss books!

message 46: by Barbara (last edited Apr 07, 2012 11:59PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I read chapters 72-84 and I think I might have missed something important. How did we go from 20 churches in the Pope's office to 5 churches in the Archives? In the Pope's offive the guard tells Langdon that there are 20 churches on the middle line of the breath of the relief. There are still 20 churches on the list when he enters the archive but when Langdon is checking Bernini statues in the archive and finds the one he is after he however has a list with 5 churches. How did we eliminate 15 churches? Did I miss that step? What chapter deals with that? Could you tell me and I will reread that chapter.

O BTW I just remembered something else that is important to our reading schedule. My mum is coming on Tuesday and will be leaving again on Friday. I also have an interview planned and we need to go to the vet with Cicero who might need an operation because of her teeth and it is my birthday on Thursday. That means I will try to keep our reading schedule but if I don't you will know why. I will make comments about what I have read and will then always make sure to mention the chapters my comments are about.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
As far as I have it there was 15 close and 5 more on the line? Not sure which chapter, will check later for you :)

No problem! I'll just read something else the day you can't :)

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
In chapter 79 the guard tells Langdon that there are 20 churches, maybe more. The guard tells Olivetti two dozen or so. So lets assume the 20. They try to narrow it down with thinking about obelisks and stuff but can't. Langdon also asks if there are any churches directly on the line and all the guard says is that some are closer than others (direct quote).
In chapter 80 they go to the archive again and Langdon looks at the list in his hand and at that time it contains the names of 20 or so churches (direct quote).
Chapter 81 is in the pope's office about the broadcast. So no churches.
Chapter 82 is at CERN. Again no churches.
Chapter 83 is the Camerlengo and Vittoria on their way to the dead Pope. Well here there is a church but nothing to do with the churches on the list.
Chapter 84 is Langdon searching the archive for the listing of the sculpture and bitching about the archiving system the Vatican uses and then finding a sculpture that has been moved to one of the 5 churches on his list.
Did I miss anything? Am I being very blond? What happened to the other 15? Act of God????

There probably won't be any problem, since Angels and Demons is the first book I read on a day. So I probably will be able to make the 12 chapters since it is not that difficult to read so I can read it fairly fast, but I just wanted to give you a heads up if I didn't make it.

Lu (Sugar & Snark) | 11557 comments Mod
That is very very strange! I wonder if other people picked it up as well?

We should google it :)
But finish the book first because we might find a spoiler while getting it!

message 50: by Barbara (last edited Apr 09, 2012 12:42AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Barbara | 4426 comments Mod
I did and there are lots of sites with errors in the book. Some of which I had picked up but don't mind as much since it is a work of fiction and some artistic license is ok even if facts aren't completely correct or technology is doing things it can't in real life. None talk about the churches though. But when you start out with 20 churches and end with 5 you should explain what happened to the other 15.

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