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Elisabeth | 5 comments Hi everyone - I'm giving away two copies of my book, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories, which is newly released in paperback! Here is the book description:

A collection of Western short stories that go beyond the standard action and adventure of the genre to focus on character and conflict. In the award-winning “Disturbing the Peace,” honorable mention in the 2010 Rope and Wire short story competition, a sheriff experiences a revelation about himself and his relationship with the people of his town, while in “The Outlaw’s Wife,” a country doctor worries that his young friend is falling for a married woman whose husband is rumored to be a wanted criminal. From the suspenseful “Cross My Heart” to the comedic romp of “A Rangeland Renaissance,” to a Western twist on star-crossed romance in the title story, “The Ranch Next Door,” these stories will appeal to a variety of readers, as well as established fans of the traditional Western.

"Wonderfully told short stories that will hold your attention until the last word...Foley injects a breath of fresh air into the Western genre." - Matthew Pizzolato, The Western Online

"[Disturbing the Peace] is an extremely well-written, engrossing character study of the main protagonist...It starts out almost as a standard western short story...but quickly becomes much more than that." ~ James J. Griffin, Western Author & Storyteller

The giveaway will run through April 20th - details here: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/sho...

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